Notice of Referenda



Nominations: From Wednesday, October 22 at 8:30am to Wednesday, November 5 at 12pm
Campaign Period: From Wednesday, November 5 at 12pm to Wednesday, November 18 at 11:59pm

Online voting takes place from November 19-20

No postions are available on the Board of Directors

Election Rules and Regulations

Referendum Campaign Registration forms are available at the SFSS General Office (MBC 2250). The form will be available online during the nomination period. Campaign budgets may not exceed $300. All petitions for referenda must be submitted to the Board of Directors. To submit a petition, contact Chardaye Bueckert, SFSS

The general election and referenda are governed by the Society Constitution, By-Laws, and the Electoral and Referenda Policy (R-17). These documents are available via 

For more information, please contact Chief Electoral Officer Stephanie Munez at

WANTED: IEC Commissioners



The Simon Fraser Student Society seeks students for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC):

Four (4) Commissioners

These commissioners are responsible for assisting the Chief Electoral Officer in administering the Society’s referenda for the Fall 2014 semester and will be paid a stipend.

Those interested must be able to serve from October 15th to November 30th, 2014.
Please submit your cover letter and resume to Stephanie Munez – Chief Electoral Officer at

Application deadline: October 12th 2014 noon (12pm)

Successful candidates must be available on October 14 for an interview.

For more information, visit:

Voting Numbers

Chardaye Bueckert: 835
Brandon Chapman: 812
Alexander Morris: 151
Marnie Slater: 79

VP Student Services
Zied Masmoudi: 952
Rahul Rajanala: 582

VP Finance
Adam Potvin: 1036
Nomin Gantulga: 498

VP Student Life
Kayode Fatoba: 620
Patrick Popa: 561
Blossom Malhan: 443
Adhar Sharma: 164

VP External Relations
Darwin Binesh: 854
Kathleen Yang: 765

VP University Relations
Moe Kopahi: 663
Sarah Flodr: 581
Clay J, Gray: 466

At-Large Representatives
Rebecca Langmead: 748
Jeremy Pearce: 569
Baqar Hassan: 475
Amir Ali: 344
Humna Ahmad: 287
Michael Carbonnier: 145

Faculty of Applied Sciences
Ben Rogers: 136 Yes 45 No

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Brady Wallace: 488 Yes 158 No

Faculty of Business
Shadnam Khan: 190
Akashdeep Brar: 63

Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology
Shirin Escarcha: 181 Yes  33 No

Faculty of Education
Katie Bell: 30
Gloria Mellesmoen: 19

Faculty of Environment
Tesicca Truong: 86 Yes 13 No

Faculty of Health Sciences
Ayla Kooner: 111 Yes 22 No

Faculty of Science
Deepak Sharma: 287
Betty Ly: 140
Monty Grewal: 49

Health Plan Question #1
Yes: 1586
No: 603

Health Plan Question #2
Yes: 1033
No: 1071

Society of Arts and Social Sciences Question
Yes: 707
No: 55


Unofficial Results

The following are the results of the 2014 SFSS General Election

These results remain unofficial until ratification by the SFSS Board of Directors


President: Chardaye Bueckert

VP Student Services: Zied Masmoudi

VP Finance: Adam Potvin

VP Student Life: Kayode Fatoba

VP External Relations: Darwin Binesh

VP University Relations: Moe Kopahi


At-Large Representative #1: Rebecca Langmead

At-Large Representative #2: Jeremy Pearce

Faculty of Applied Sciences Representative: Ben Rogers

Faculty of Arts Representative: Brady Wallace

Faculty of Business Representative: Shadnam Khan

Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Representative: Shirin Escarcha

Faculty of Education Representative: Katie Bell

Faculty of Environment Representative: Tesicca Truong

Faculty of Health Sciences Representative: Ayla Kooner

Faculty of Science Representative: Deepak Sharma

Referenda Questions

Health Plan Question 1: Passes

Health Plan Question 2: Fails

Society of Arts and Social Sciences Question: Passes

It’s Time to Vote!

Voting for the SFSS 2014 General Elections has opened!
The following positions are open for voting:
Executive Positions:
VP Student Services
VP External Relations
VP Student Life
VP Finance
VP University Relations
Non Executive Positions:
Faculty of Applied Sciences Representative
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative
Faculty of Business Representative
Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Representative
Faculty of Education Representative
Faculty of Environment Representative
Faculty of Health Sciences Representative
Faculty of Science Representative
At-Large Representatives (2)
In addition, there are 3 referenda questions on the ballot:
  • SFSS Extended Health and Dental Plan (2 questions)
  • Establishment of the Society of Arts and Social Sciences*

*Only students registered in a program or currently in a course in the Faculty of Social Sciences may vote on this question

All SFU Undergraduates are eligible to vote for the executives, at-large, and Health Plan referenda.

Each student may also vote for their Faculty Representative. You are recognized as a member of a faculty if:

  • You are registered in at least one course in the faculty this semester; OR
  • You have declared a Major, Minor, or Honours in the faculty and are registered in at least one course at SFU this semester.
  • This means that you may be able to vote for more than one faculty representative.

Voting Links: