Raham SaberiNiaki

Hello Engineers and Computer Scientists. My name is Raham SaberiNiaki and I am running to be the next Applied Science representative at the Simon Fraser Student Society. I have been involved with the ESSS as a First Year Representative for the past two semesters . During this time, I have had the pleasure of working with various executive members of the ESSS in organizing and operating a number of different  events. I have also been fortunate enough to work with the CSSS, and Moe Kopahi, the current SFSS Applied Science representative, on organizing the much anticipated 2013 FAS formal.
Why do I want to become an Applied Science rep ?  To make sure your voice is being heard by the people in charge , and all of our time at SFU is the best it can possibly be.
During my time as the Applied Science representative I will mainly focus on two goals:
1-Mentorship programs:
Engineering and Computing Science are both difficult programs. I believe many first year student in either of these programs falter because they are unable to adjust quickly enough to University life. Many of these students are too scared, too embarrassed or simply don’t know who to ask for help.  I believe a solid mentorship program, where the frosh are able to freely talk to senior students and ask them for guidance, will be able to help many of these students get back on track and excel in their studies. These programs will not only help the junior student; They will also give senior students an opportunity to learn and discover leadership skills before going out into the workforce after graduation.
2-Extracurricular activity:
University life should consist of more than just going to class and writing midterms. I believe involvement with various team design/build groups will give undergraduates a way to express themselves while they obtain valuable skills not taught in any of their courses. This is a great way to gain hands on experience in a mainly theoretical teaching environment. I know that a few members of the ESSS have looked into starting such clubs. These clubs will need funding to operate along with a safe area for conducting their work. I will fight for an Applied Science workshop in the new Student Union building where each and every one of these teams will be able to work in a space solely dedicated to their cause.
I would like to take on the responsibilities of representing the Engineering science and Computer Science students at the SFSS. If elected, I will be able to attain funding for various activities and clubs from the SFSS by working closely with ESSS and CSSS executives and SFSS board members.

In closing, I am the only person running for this position but I do need all of your votes, so please support me as your next Applied Science representative. Please feel free to email me with any questions, concerns or suggestions at rsaberin@sfu.ca. I am always open to suggestions from my peers.

The easiest way to remember my name is Graham minus the g = Raham.

Thank you.
Raham SaberiNiaki.