Ben Rogers

My name is Ben Rogers and I’m currently in my second year of Engineering Physics. I have had many different job titles in many different workplaces from different regions which have allowed me to give a useful insight to help in solving problems. In addition, I have developed excellent leadership skills from spending 3 years in the Air Training Corps in the UK and as a result, I have plenty of expertise in diffusing situations, constructive criticism and using initiative to analyse every situation uniquely. Using these skills, I aim to introduce students to the notion that the Applied Sciences are more than just textbooks, caffeine and arduous equations and hopefully, they will feel more included in university life along the way. This will be implemented in 3 ways:

  • I will push to allocate more funding for the Department Student Unions to aid in the development of extra-curricular projects to compliment lecture material.
  • I will create more events where students of the faculty as a whole can come together and know each other as well as meet with their respective student unions.
  • I will compile a list of past midterms from various classes to help other students study for them

The Faculty of Applied Science has around 2000 students split between the Burnaby and Surrey campuses. At every single SFSS Board of Directors meeting, I will act and vote in accordance with the preferences of all of these students. Some may be concerned that since I’m the only one running for this position, I can do as I please and ignore the students I represent. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. I am obligated to act in the best interests of the students in the faculty to enrich their university experience and get them more involved in how everything is run. This is where you, students of the faculty and the SFSS, come into play. As I am only one man, I do not have the collective intelligence and creativity of the entire faculty and will need your help if you want to see a change in the way things are run both inside the faculty and in the SFSS. As a result, voting is still of the utmost importance and if you have concerns about the faculty or the SFSS in general, please send an email to bjr2@sfu.ca.

In conclusion, I may be the only guy running, BUT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Thank you.

Ben Rogers