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Hi everyone,

My name is Corbett Gildersleve and I am the current President of the Computing Science Student Society, a SFU-ZU Dual Degree Program student, and a mentor in the TechConnect Program.  Last year, I was fairly apathetic towards getting involved with any extra curricular activities as I was too engrossed with both schoolwork and a part time job to stay afloat. However, that all changed last year when I decided to run for CSSS President on a whim and as a result, this turned out to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve done during my academic career. Being elected into this role required learning about budgeting, scheduling, delegation, team building, large scale event planning, and effective communication (all within a very VERY short period of time!) I won’t lie, there were some extremely stressful times but after some personal reflection, I concluded that these things were fantastic achievements and I’m surprised I didn’t start this truly exhilarating work sooner!

To be more specific, the CSSS has accomplished so much in a short period of time. In conjunction with the CSSS Executives, we’ve managed to throw large scale hackathons (Doom Hack), introduce non-CMPT students to the world of Linux, edited our Constitution and By-Laws, and executed a complete overhaul of the CSSS common room to appeal to our constituents. All of these accomplishments were completed whilst also reworking the way financial data was tracked in the CSSS and remaining in the black the entire time. For me, problem solving and time management are now second nature and I have the CSSS to thank for rewarding me with these life changing skills. After this year in the CSSS, I feel that I am ready to dive further into the world of the Simon Fraser Student Society by running for the Applied Sciences Representative position.

To prepare for this, I’ve recently been working with Ben Rogers (current App Sci Rep) on faculty-wide projects such as the 2015 Faculty of Applied Sciences Formal Event at the Croatian Cultural Centre and the proposed Faculty of Applied Sciences Student Union (FASSU). In addition, Ben has devoted time to outlining the App Sci Rep role and what I can expect during a year on the SFSS Board of Directors. With all this in mind, I’ve decided to address the following concerns in my election platform:

With regards to DSU/Clubs, I will:
– Improve Surrey DSUs by advocating for more room booking flexibility, more funding, and more events.
– Assist my DSUs with events and projects and provide input and clarification where necessary
– Help the SFU Programming Club attract a larger membership
– Help WICS/WEG promote their causes
– Attend as many DSU meetings as my light academic schedule allows

With regards to the SFSS, I will:
– Get the FASSU Constitution & By-Laws on the Fall 2015 Referendum
– Keep the proposed Student Development Fund (SDF) alive
– Advocate for App Sci DSU/Club issues at the Board level
– Hold office hours in high-traffic areas such as the Applied Sciences Building, DSU common rooms, and areas in the Surrey campus

With regards to at-large students in the faculty, I will:
– Organize the annual FAS Formal with the help of dedicated volunteers and learning from the mistakes of previous years
– Begin Frosh Week planning to ensure first years feel welcomed to both SFU and the faculty

If you have any questions about my platform or want to chat over coffee, feel free to send me an email at cgilders@sfu.ca.

Thank you for reading.

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My name is Noura Seifelnasr. I’m a second year Mechatronic Systems Engineering student @ SFU and I am the first lady running to be the next faculty of applied science representative for the fiscal year 2015/2016. since my first year I have been involved in various clubs and activities in the community including the Residence Housing Association, Women in Computer Science club ( organized mentor lunch, networking nights and hackathon in collaboration with Microsoft), Women in Engineering club, SFSS concert marketing, Opfair and All in one fair, Passport to Leadership program. Through my involvement in the community and being the RHA councilor in the SFSS council meetings, I became acquainted with how this organization work which will not only help to effectively address all the concerns of the students in FAS but also to actively take part in the decision making process as a member of the SFSS board.

I have worked on some projects to implement if elected but I will definitely be open for any suggestions or concerns from my fellow engineers and computer scientists in the faculty of applied science:

(1) Finalize  the establishment of the Faculty of Applied Science Faculty Student Union FSU:

– Establishing a FAS FSU will create more funding for the faculty through which I will be able to create more faculty wide events including organizing a faculty wide frosh week program and use the funding to subsidize the frosh week so its free and accessible for all the students from all departments in Surrey and Burnaby so students get the chance to know each other and form study groups or work on projects together.

– Also by establishing a FSU, I will be able to hold monthly meeting to gather all the DSUs from all the departments together so we get to know what is happening in each department and also I plan to work with the VP Student Life and communications office as well as FARM to develop an integrated communication medium for the community.

 (2) Advocate for an accessible database to connect alumni students and students on

Co-op with current undergraduate students to elaborate on their experiences and advice their fellow undergraduate SFU students. Such mean of communication will help to connect the students and guide them to the right career as well as to assist the students in their search for job either as co-op or as full time post graduation job.

(3) Communicate:

-In terms of getting feedback from students on the events held in general and regarding the FAS formal specifically.

– Introducing students to the SFSS organization so they are aware of what are their rights and how they can use the resources available for them.

-Initializing a mechanism to provide proper documentation and procedure manual to help make it easier for students to understand the event organizing process of their respective DSUs, if a proper system of documentation is established it will create a more convenient way for students to get started and actively get involved in their student societies as it will be easier to understand the structure of the organization and responsibilities of the positions.

Thanks so much for your time!

If you have any questions about my projects, should I get elected, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at nseifeln@sfu.ca

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This Candidate withdrew on March 23rd 2015

Hello, my name is Raham SaberiNiaki, I am an Engineering Science student at SFU and am running to be the next Applied Science Representative.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. I promise it will be short and to the point.

Why do I want to run?

  • Been on the SFSS board before for the same position and am very familiar with the role and the responsibilities it entails.

  • To see the Build SFU project break ground.

  • To bring more unity and synchronicity to the FAS DSUs

  • To provide as much possible funding to these DSUs, as well as the FAS clubs, through the SFSS or outside sources.

  • advocate for a safe work space where these clubs can congregate and make greatness happen.

  • To organize the absolute best FAS formal you’ve ever been to!

Am I qualified ?

in short yes, but if you’re not convinced here’s a list of things I’ve done during my time previously at the SFSS .

During my last term as the Applied Science rep (I):

  • Was an Integral part of the first, and second SFSS concerts at Convocation Mall as the productions and operations manager. The highly successful 2013 Fall kick-off was the first of its kind at SFU which paved the way for future large-scale events.

  • Was heavily involved with the initial consultation/planning of the SUB and successfully advocated for a dedicated workshop space, where student could store and work on various projects.( we need space to build things)

  • On more than one occasion secured extra funding for the MSESS from the SFSS in order to support their projects.

  • Spent many hours rewriting, and perfecting the constitution for the Faulty of Applied Science Student Union (FASSU) while consulting with, and seeking help from limited recourses available at SFU.

  • Oversaw the operations of all four FAS DSUs (ESSS,CSSS,MSESS,SSSS) and ensured they received  every avenue of support from the SFSS.

  • Organized an extremely successful 2014 FAS formal with minimal reliance on busy volunteers in a very short period of time.

Still not convinced?  then consider this. I started my term with the SFSS while battling ongoing health issues, issues that became increasingly worse and forced me to take time away from SFU after my term had ended. However, during my term, when things got tough, I didn’t resign from my position as I had a responsibility, not just to myself, but to many others in the SFU community, to get through it and finish the various projects I was a part of.

With that said, I want to focus on three main goals if elected :

1)  Acquiring more funding for FAS clubs – why ? because they need the support and have been very vocal about it. Some of these clubs operate with a very low budget and compete in competitions which have no spending limits. Despite this huge disadvantage they still manage to do exceptionally well. The way I see it, these clubs represent SFU on a national and international level. If they manage to perform better with my help, then all of FAS wins. Think about the companies that organize these events, and hire students upon graduation.

2) Establishing FASSU – Ensure the FASSU constitution is finished, put through a successful referendum and established before my term is finished. This was extremely close to being done during my previous term at the SFSS, but unfortunately fell short due to logistical issues. Since then three other faculty student unions have been established, while FASSU has seen minimal progress. This is unacceptable to me.

3) Build SFU – This project is the single largest, most important project in SFU’s history. Most students complain about the lack of community at SFU, yet many fail to realize the SUB will abolish this problem entirely. The logistics of this project need to be better suited to the majority of students, including those situated at the Surrey campus.  A large majority of the Surrey students are enrolled in FAS; therefore I will advocate on their behalf when it comes to the Build SFU project.

Thanks again for taking the time to read through my platform, if you have any comments or questions I encourage you to contact me at rsaberin@sfu.ca to discuss anything mentioned here.

I need your precious votes in order to achieve the goals I’ve talked about. So please vote for me and help me make a positive change for FAS students. I believe, the best feeling in the word is using your skills to enable others.