• Alan Lee
  • Prashant Verma

Alan Lee

My name is Alan, I have been the President of the Software Systems Student Society for the last 3 years and have worked with students and faculty on a number of issues. I’m looking to equally represent all applied sciences students whether they are from
the Surrey, Burnaby, or Vancouver campuses.

What I am running for:
– Continuing to work with and engage students to explore the idea of FASSU
– Giving a stronger voice to Surrey while still working with Burnaby clubs and student unions
– Advocate on behalf of FAS students to the faculty concerning the ongoing enrollment issues
– Continue the governance reform work that the last board started

I am looking forward to representing all of the students in applied sciences, thank you.

Prashant Verma

Picture of Prashant Verma

Picture of Prashant Verma

Hey There,

Thank you for taking the time to inquire more about my platform and how I can best serve you and the students of SFU. My Name is Prashant Verma and I am running to be your Applied Science Representative within the SFSS. I am currently in my second year at SFU and I am very passionate for advocating for our student body, and to #BridgeTheGap between an average undergraduate experience to an exceptional one.

Though this may be my first time running for this position, I am in no way ignorant of the problems faced by FAS students and the procedures protocols of the SFSS. As for my leadership skills, I am the founder and acting President of a club under the SFSS and a senior Executive in another. I was also formally part of the Navy Cadets, which has given me an astounding experience in developing key leadership skills and an ability to effectively resolve problems. As for my experience out if the school, I was part of a work experience program at BEP Engineering, where I was able to work with and observe seasoned engineers and programmers for several weeks on various projects. The experience opened my eyes to the world of applied sciences and my potential within it.

If elected, I vow too;


Create new and improved methods of connecting members of the FAS to other departments and programs, both within the faculty and outside of it. I believe there lacks a motivation for applied science students to find ways to make meaningful connections with others faculty members and student unions. This may be crucial for a successful career in the future, and providing an exceptional university experience.


Engagement is key to building strong relationship between the members and who represents them. Though I will be communicating with members face to face, this approach is not always feasible due to limits of exposure and time. Hence I will be implementing a mobile platform whether via an application

or website, that will inform all faculty members of upcoming events and raise any personal concerns directly with the SFSS office and myself.


Build academic support systems for new and experienced FAS students by implementing enhanced workshops in which students needing assistance with assignments and class material can easily be helped by TAs and qualified students. This is key for the success of our members as it’s a well- known fact, that the Faculty of Applied Science contains some of the most challenging programs within the university. This will dramatically result in a boost of performance and reduced anxiety within students who become overwhelmed by the programs.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my platform and considering me for the Faculty Rep position. All of the issues above, I take very seriously to the heart and will be fight to resolve them regardless of my position. If you still have further questions about my platform feel free to contact me at pva8@sfu.ca.