• Hanieh Zahiremami

  • Sina Khalili

Hey-hey beautiful engineers (including mech) , and computer scientists!

As you can see by the head shot and title, I’m Sina Khalili (of C-137), and I’m running for the position of Applied Science rep in this year.

“But wait, Sina, do you have any sort of leadership experience?” I hear you scream at your computer display.

Why yes I do! I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with the CSSS as an executive as well as I’m also an SFU Senator! As well as an avid volunteer in all things Simon Fraser (e.x. SFU 50th anniversary, the Peak).

Now enough humblebragin’

What can I do for you?

I have a few expected goals:

  • Advocate on behalf of the clubs of Applied Sciences
  • Secure considerable funding for Applied Science events
  • Facilitate creating, planning, and executing events in Applied Science
  • Make sure the needs of both campuses are met and their issues are heard
  • Hold office hours for suggestions
  • Try to connect our alumni with students looking for co-op

Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear goals like those above, I always feel like nothing is really being said. So for those like me, I have a few physically tangible goals to bring to you:

  • Common room upgrades (microwave!), and purchasing new (utensils) making sure that coffee never runs out (may you never get tired!)
  • Bring a small number of more powerful computers to CSIL (for example, for e-sports or intensive machine learning)
  • Increase past midterms and finals for students to study up to date
  • Advocate for the creation of SFU teams to compete in national competitions (e.x. acm)

Also I have no illusions that we’re a hive mind as a faculty – and I probably don’t know what you all want  but don’t worry, dear reader, as I’m completely open to suggestions so drop me a text (or for a good email me) at khalili@sfu.ca

Thank you greatly for the read, and I’ll catch y’all on the flip side, and if you see me in the halls, feel free to say hi!



  • Jeffrey Leung (Brighter SFU)

My name is Jeffrey Leung, and I am running for the position of Faculty of Applied Sciences Representative on the Board of Directors at the Simon Fraser Student Society.

Over the past several years, my active involvement in numerous SFU and FAS organizations has led me to discover an interest in the SFSS, its policies, and the well-being of the students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. I believe my passion, commitment, and accountability make me an excellent candidate for the position. I’m incredibly excited at the opportunity to represent you in the SFSS Board of Directors.

In the coming year, accountability and transparency will be one of my primary focuses. Communication with the general student body is vital in order to ensure that students have a more comprehensive understanding of the SFSS and its decisions, and have a way to voice their opinions. I will push for initiatives to improve digital outreach and presence and open up more channels for students to express their concerns and opinions. Students at SFU deserve to have open conversations about their concerns and interests and I am committed to improving this.

Another of my primary focuses will be cross-campus engagement. As a Software Systems student approximately half of my classes have been held at the Surrey campus, and as such I am aware that the Surrey and Vancouver campuses require more work to be better connected with the Burnaby campus and its events. If elected, I will actively encourage student involvement and push for greater communication with the students at the Vancouver and Surrey campuses for their opinion on how best to improve their student life and campus, and then advocate for a robust and effective implementation of those improvements.

In order to better advocate for these issues, I will be joining the Advocacy Committee and the Surrey Campus Committee as part of my initiatives, and I invite you to join me on these committees so we can work together on improving the services offered by the society and the well-being of all students.

I humbly ask for your support during the upcoming elections so that I can represent you and your interests to the best of my abilities on the Board of Directors. Every vote counts! #VoteBrighterSFU

Please do not hesitate to contact me now or, if I am elected, anytime during my term at jyl52@sfu.ca if you have any questions or would like to discuss an issue which you find to be important.

Above all else, at the end of the day I will be held accountable to you, the students of SFU, and that is what I am counting on.


  • Ekjot Billing (Ideal)

My name is Ekjot Billing and I am running to be the next Applied Science Representative at SFSS. I am a third-year Computing Science student who is passionate about how innovation can affect the way we engage with one another.

As a student of Applied sciences, I have faced various issues over the years which formulate the basis of my agenda.

If elected, I will work to address the following issues.

  • The issue of irregularity between interface of course planning and enrollment, which is faced by a lot of students.
  • I will help organise more workshops/hackathons so that students can get more hands-on experience and can engage more at campus.
  • Coordinate with student services to address the cross-campus lab access issues.
  • Advocate for more equitable funding for DSUs and clubs by coordinating with VP Finance and other board members of SFSS.

I believe that with your support we can overcome these issues and bring a positive change.

If you have any questions about my platform, please feel free to contact me at ebilling@sfu.ca.