Arr Farah

Hi, my name is Arr Farah, I am currently a third year Political Science Major and Philosophy Minor. I want to serve as your next Representative of the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I am the current 3rd year representative in the Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS). In my time here at SFU I have been involved with SASS, attended numerous community events, have engaged with clubs as well as supporting on-campus initiatives. I have been actively engaging with the SFU community since the beginning of my journey here and have interacted with many students who actively seek an improved life on campus; I am standing in elections because I seek the same thing.Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.51.07 AM

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is the largest faculty at SFU, with nearly half of the student population. The Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) is a student organization intended to represent the diverse needs of arts students and to support departments in achieving their goals. I want to build on top of the work of past arts reps and build closer relationship with SASS and DSU’s, because they are vital in communicating with Arts students at the grassroots level. My goals are to improve communication between Arts students, facilitate their engagement, and work with the Board so we may apply this mandate to every student, not just the Arts faculty.

If elected to be the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative I will work on the following:

  • Work with the faculty to establish the upcoming FASS mentorship program by maintaining a good relationship with the Student Engagement Coordinator, student services and career services.
  • Support DSU’s by opening up lines of communication with one another and SASS, by the effective utilization of current resources and the creation of an online FASS network. This will help to ensure that DSU’s can share best practices, coordinate projects and events in collaboration, and mentor one another.
  • Work to improve the events, projects and initiatives of DSU’s by increasing my work with said DSU’s as well as, helping them connect to the faculty staff, who are trained professionals with the time, expertise and recourses to help. In doing such work, I will gain a better understanding of the diverse needs and goals of arts students, to better represent them.
  • To ensure that more undergraduate students are informed, by advocating the board to allocate more funding to the communications office, which will aid in the effective distribution of current and future society media tools and increase output.
  • To do my job as a board member in regards to the BUILD SFU project, so that it moves on to the construction phase as soon as possible. The SFSS have been given the mandate to see out the project and that mandate has not changed. 

Arpit TotejaScreen shot 2015-03-13 at 12.48.25 PM

My name is Arpit Toteja, I am a Psychology student at Simon Fraser University, and I believe I embody school spirit! I am running as the Faculty Representative of Arts and Social Sciences in the 2015 SFSS General Elections. Being in third year and quite involved within the community, I am aware of the challenges faced by students at SFU, especially the students in Arts and Social Sciences. Having transferred from Engineering to Psychology in my second year, I have experienced the best and worst of both faculties. I have been involved with SFSS in events such as Spring Sendoff, Fall Kickoff, Spring Jam, and various other occasions on campus. I have been heavily involved with non­SFU events like Main Street Car Free Festival and Main Street Waterslide, through which I gained the experience to bring the social community together. Through my discussions with students from various departments in the faculty, I have set some goals to work towards if I am elected as the representative of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:

  1. The lack of co­op opportunities for students in Arts and Social Sciences is an insufficient utilization of opportunity and skill present in all students in the faculty. To develop and engage these skills better, I believe that more co­op opportunities should be introduced to the students. Employers should be introduced to students via fairs and workshops where they have a chance to experience the capability and aptitude present in students. This also gives the students the necessary experience and skills to work towards better employment opportunities in the future. In co­operation with the VP External candidate from School Spirit, I would like to introduce Vendor Relationship Management, wherein SFSS will actively support Department Student Unions (DSUs) in linking them to external organizations for increased funding, resources, and connectivity.
  2. Interfaculty events are something that should be organized regularly to allow students from various faculties to develop networks and friends for a lifetime. The students of Arts and Social Sciences often complain about the derogatory treatment they receive from students of other faculties due to the shortage of employment opportunities available to students upon graduating. I believe that if students are allowed to form strong networks by organizing interfaculty events at SFU, it may help them in providing the necessary link to their success chain. As the representative of Arts and Social Sciences, I will utilize all resources available to increase events which bring students from different faculties and backgrounds together. Events based on ideas like language exchange, culture exchange, etc., where students from different majors come together to showcase diversity are small steps towards a connected, united and indivisible SFU.
  3. Arts and Social Sciences being a vast faculty with a lot of disciplines requires major intra­faculty organization. Creating an intra­faculty website for Arts and Social Sciences which provides a platform for the 22 FASS DSUs to communicate, integrates the FASS Magazine, and helps provide a base for organizing events more easily, efficiently, and effectively. Many jobs based in Arts or Social Sciences incorporate several disciplines from within the faculty; for example, a psychologist is required to have knowledge of Linguistic concepts, Cognitive Science, and other departments within Social Sciences. The insubstantial popularity of the FASS Facebook group which is supposed to be one of the platforms for students to connect, exemplifies the need for an active platform for student networking.

Parsa KianiScreen shot 2015-03-16 at 12.37.58 PM

To my fellow Arts and Social Science students:

My name is Parsa Kiani and I am currently in my 2nd year of Arts program and I am intending to declare Psychology as my major field of study. From the time that I started studying at Simon Fraser University, I have been trying to get involve and help with a variety of events and Initiatives which would serve students in the best way possible. One of the SFSS initiatives that I was involved with is Build SFU, the largest student-led project in SFU history that is comprised of Student Union Building (SUB) and Stadium. While working at Build SFU as an outreach worker I gained some valuable knowledge about student’s experience and their concern about their programs, classrooms, facilities, etc. Considering the scale of faculty of Arts and Social Science, arts students’ role is crucial in terms of influence in governance of the university. Priority in my campaign is the improvement of communication within Organization under SFSS and faculties. In addition, my involvement with SFU Iranian Club has provided me with an opportunity to learn more about recognizing diverse interests of students in different programs including Arts and Social Sciences. I am also looking forward to get involve with the SASS (Society of Arts and Social Science) if elected and reflect their interests and concerns with student society.

My 3 goals as FASS representative are:

  1. Establishing extensive student engagement through effective communication between DSUs, student clubs, student committees, etc.

  2. Recognizing the diversity of concerns and interests within FASS and incorporating them in SFSS motions and bylaws.

  3. Supporting and advocating student-led initiatives and events on campuses.