• Erwin Kwok
  • Blossom Malhan

Erwin Kwok

Picture of Erwin Kwok

Picture of Erwin Kwok

Hello SFSS! My name is Erwin Kwok and I am running for FASS representative on the SFSS Board of Directors. FASS representatives balance the interests of FASS members with that of the collective student society needs. This is a daunting task, and requires: Experience, work efficiency, and commitment.

There are many deserving causes, and I am currently involved in promoting awareness for mental health issues via the Hi-Five Initiative, and becoming involved with SFU’s student housing crisis. Regardless of membership influenced board priorities, such as establishing a sexual assault support centre or negotiating tuition costs, the food bank is the first step towards systematic revisions to provide a social safety net for students. My experiences at SFU includes:

  • Research assistant to the SFSS Researcher involving Policy Governance training and data collection
  • Member of both SFSS Advocacy and Events Committees
  • Director of Human Resources for SFSS Fall Kickoff 2015 concert
  • FASS Peer Mentorship
  • SFSS Council DSU representative

In the following outline of my platform, I outline my goals, their rationales, and commitments to their resolution.

Supporting students and community: Needs-based budgeting

  • Budget allocations will be reassessed on need rather than arbitrary assignment in pursuit of fairness and equality.
  • Food and Beverage Service (FBS) as recent as the 2014/2015 year has been running deficits (losses) of $436,344. Management has been tasked to look into this. It is critical that future board members address this growing issue.
  • Efficient funding mechanism: The completion of this priority benefits all students from any Faculty Student Union, as more funding that is distributed back to the students means student activity fee dollars are being better utilized.

Better communication: Improving SFSS accessibility

  • An appalling lack of membership participation is evident for the SFSS. Although we cannot force students to participate, we can certainly remove barriers/challenges where present. A major contributor is the lack of information pertaining to SFSS procedures and processes.
  • I will support the SFSS implementation of a Policy Governance model to improve service quality and efficiency.
  • I will streamline communications between Arts DSUs and refine SASS to achieve their role as one of the Board and DSU intermediaries. Constituencies such as SUDS will also be directly contacted to address their accessibility needs.
  • Students need information. Students seeking to get engaged should not have to read countless pages of documentation and experience difficulty in searching for the aforementioned.

Review of programs: Food bank restructuring

  • The food bank provides funding for groceries for students in need. This is not just a charitable cause; this is a human rights issue. No human should be subject to deprivation of sustenance needs.
  • Students cannot be expected to contribute to the society and be engaged or participate if they suffer from security issues.
  • As a pilot restructuring project, feedback from changes to the food bank can be used to aid other programs and initiatives such as anti-oppression and mental health awareness.

Thanks for informing yourself. Vote Erwin Kwok for FASS rep! Contact me via erwink@sfu.ca or 604-729-8866 for questions/credentials!





Blossom Malhan

Picture of Blossom Malhan

Picture of Blossom Malhan

Hello SFU! My name is Blossom Malhan and I am running to be your next Arts and Social Sciences Representative. In my past four years at SFU, I have been heavily involved with the FASS community as well as have had the pleasure of volunteering for the university at large. Along with my relevant experiences listed below, I believe I am the right candidate for this position because I have a wellrounded understanding of my faculty and the university as a separate entity from the student society.

Relevant SFU Experience

FASS Experience: First Year Learning Communities Mentor, FASS Welcome day leader, SASS VP student life, SASS Representative on SFSS Council, and Terry Fox Run – FASS Team Captain.

At-large SFU Experience: Surrey Campus Committee Officer and Chief Officer, SFU 50th Anniversary Ambassador, volunteer for Surrey Open House, Convocation and Relay for life.

SFU Employment: Bookstore, Department of French – Lab Technician and Surrey Administration’s Events Assistant.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is packed with an abundant amount of opportunities and resources. We have so much that I don’t even need to promise you anything new. In fact, check your inbox; there is most likely an email from your department listing various different seminars, research and job opportunities. Check your social media because there is a high chance that you came across a departmental event or a journal that would love to hear from you and showcase your work.

So why then are we still so disconnected? The problem is not that we don’t have enough resources. The problem is that we aren’t organized enough to use them wisely. If elected as your next Arts Rep, I will focus on organization and collaboration within our faculty to improve the Arts experience.


  • Compiling all opportunities and information on one platform such as a page on the SASS website or encouraging the whole faculty to pick one database (myInvolvement, what’s on SFU and etc.) and continuously use it to promote the Arts.
  • Look into a storage space for equipment that can be re-used by SASS and all Arts DSUs resulting in sharing aka bonding and saving on costs.


  • Working with DSUs to figure out if their membership prefers to collaborate on events such as frosh, career week and journals or do they find comfort in carrying out their own independent and departmental specific initiatives.
  • Information gathered can help with finding and allocating time, sponsorships and volunteers.

Along with my above-mentioned goals, I will also encourage the board to advocate for sexual assault prevention and support services center at SFU. Many students at SFU and in the lower mainland have taken on the initiative to not only prevent but also educate their peers on this issue. To be engaged, we must first feel safe on campus and that will be my main goal aside from my responsibilities as an Arts Rep. Last but not least, please spread the word about our two referendum questions and come out and vote!

Thank you! #VoteConnected