• Mason Taykandy

Who am I?

Hello to all you wonderful Simon Fraser Student Society members! My name is Mason Taykandy, and I am running for the position of Representative for the Arts and Social Sciences Faculty. I am 5’7” of love, humor, empathy, strength, and charisma. Furthermore, I’m a volunteer at a child care center, a taxpayer, conveyor of the truth.

As the candidate for representative for the Arts and Social Sciences Faculty in the Simon Fraser Student Society, I am advocating:


  • Regarding improved wifi signal strength, I intend to propose the motion at every board meeting until it’s passed because this is the most prominent complaint I’ve heard from students attending SFU. Wifi signal strength would primarily be improved in the academic quadrangle and the gym.


  • A total overhaul SFU’s social media accounts in order to be more in touch with student needs and suggestions, which in turn leads to a sense of patriotism amongst the students!


  • Based on feedback from peers and acquaintances who attend SFU, there’s a certain sense of excitement from partaking or witnessing events in convocation, as well as obtaining free food or beverages. So, I intend to forward the motion to increase the frequency of interactive events in convocation, as well as the frequency of free food or beverages throughout the school!

Throughout my term, my main priority would be to adhere to the suggestions of the undergraduate student body of SFU. If you see me walking around campus, talk to me!


Mason “Your Favorite Candidate” Taykandy


  • Jackson Freedman (Brighter SFU)

Greetings SFSS,

My name is Jackson Freedman and I’m pursuing the position of Arts and Social Sciences representative in the upcoming SFSS general election. The Arts and Social Sciences faculty (FASS) is the largest and most diverse on campus, and as such, often present some of the most complex and varied issues to the SFSS board. Having been a student of this faculty for almost 3 years now, I’ve had the opportunity to get more involved and gain a greater, more nuanced understanding of how FASS operates behind the scenes. Having served as the department representative, SFSS Council representative, and now Vice-President of the Political Science Student Union, I’ve been able to work with students, professors and others within FASS to improve communication between DSU’s, host exciting trips and events for FASS students, and stand up for their concerns. I believe this experience renders me uniquely qualified for this position, and I hope to build on my past accomplishments at a level which can positively impact all Arts students.

Within the Arts department, I aim to advance the relationship between the SFSS and the FASS by empowering groups and individuals within FASS to build community. In order to accomplish this, I aim to:

  1. Strengthen the relationship between the FASS Student Engagement Coordinator and the SFSS board. Brian Fox – the current coordinator – is an extremely proficient and useful resource within the Faculty who I have had the opportunity to work with in the past. I hope to forward the efforts made by Brian and FASS in general with respect to modernizing and updating the mandates of our DSU’s;
  2. Forward the efforts of the previous two Arts representatives and work to develop a comprehensive online FASS network. This network will act to ensure that DSU’s remain connected to a central online communications hub, that FASS volunteers get recognition for their volunteer work, and that students have a place to access all DSU information in one place;
  3. Individually reach out to executives of all DSU’s within the FASS community and provide any and all assistance possible with respect to event planning, communication, marketing, and student engagement in general.

My experience as a student has not been limited by my role within the FASS community. If elected, I aim to contribute to other areas of the university community as well. Board members are tasked with chairing committees and participating in SFSS Committee meetings. I currently sit on the SFSS Events Committee, and aim to expand my role within that body. In addition, I strongly believe student engagement is the lifeline of the SFSS and as such, I would like to pursue the position of Chair on the Strategic Engagement Committee.