Muhammad Ali

Hello Everyone,

My name is Muhammad Ali and I am a 3rd year student enrolled in the Beedie School of Business at SFU. I am running to become the At-Large Representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society Board of Directors. My journey started from Fraser International College at SFU Burnaby. I transferred to SFU in spring of 2012 and since then I have been working with different student bodies to gain an understanding of how to better engage the community at SFU.

At Fraser International College, I had the privilege of gaining considerable leadership experience by starting off as a volunteer for several community-based projects and later being involved as a student leader to further improve those initiatives. This experience gave me a chance to help students who were new to Canadian culture and the university. It also gave me a sense of responsibility which enhanced my leadership skills. Along side volunteering in the college I was one of the pioneer members in founding Pakistan Student Association at SFU. Starting this organization back in 2011 seemed to be hard at first but now we have over 250 members and the club has been one of the most active student bodies on campus for several semesters in a row. Even though, I have helped organize several social events and Pub Nights at the SFSS Highland Pub and Convocation Mall in the past, I plan on hosting more events at all of our campuses in the future so that we not only help students relieve their stress from school but also increase our presence in the school life of an average student.

While Build SFU is a great project (for improving student life at SFU in the long run), I feel that SFU is still far away from having the sense of community and culture that other universities in Canada enjoy, primarily because of our comparative shorter period of existence and my number one focus will be to target this issue. I will try, to the best of my abilities, to bring students from different cultures and backgrounds together and promote a sense of belonging and community at SFU. However, I would like to achieve this by thorough consultations with the student body. If I get elected, I would love to hear from all SFU students about the changes they want and I will make sure that I put it through to the executive and board agenda to help implement the changes. If you are interested in working with me to make Simon Fraser University a better place for all of us, please do join my campaign and help me be your voice. I look forward to be your next At-Large representative at the SFSS Board of Directors!

Thank you,

Muhammad Ali 


Gurtej Arora

Too long, didn’t read: I’m Gurtej Arora, and if elected as your member-at-large, I would be here to20130225_141845 help you, the students.

Hi, my name is Gurtej Arora. You may remember me from groups such as Community Care: SFU, and…well, that’s about it. I’ve volunteered with various organizations over the past few years, including the YMCA, and I’ve worked with so many diverse people. I’ve volunteered in food and clothing drives, marathons, and charity events where I’ve gained the experience necessary to work with different people, on different situations, for the greatest outcome possible. I feel helping your community, and the people around you, is one of the most important actions you can undertake.

Quite recently, I started the aforementioned Community Care: SFU Club (new members accepted!) to help the homeless, and with it came a lot of organizational issues, that have been dealt with. This is just one example of why I would be successful as your member-at-large.  I can muddle through the complications and issues, and do what needs to be done. It’s not about bureaucracy, or paperwork, or how much profit you come out with in the end. It’s about making sure the foundation of the SFSS, the students, is satisfied with what’s being done, and what services are provided to them.

One of the fundamental platforms I’m running on is helping students become aware of what the SFSS can do for them, and how it can improve their campus and academic life. I’d also like to improve on those services, and expand them, as to what the students need. Which is why I would constantly be available for any student to contact me, at any time. I’ve included my phone number and email address, in the hope that if you feel you have a problem with your school, you can tell me about it. I don’t promise I can change it, but I can promise I’ll bring it to the attention of people who can.

My platform is as follows:

–       Expanding on the services provided by the SFSS, and bringing them to the attention of students who may not have otherwise utilized them. This would be done through surveys to find what exactly students would like done, and the execution would include whatever could fit under the budget. The SFSS consists of students, with the same problems and constraints that you feel, and is here to help.

–       Bringing more attention to referendums and policies that effect the student body, through the website and a mandatory hard copy, to be added to as needed.

–       Transparency, on the issue of finances and policies. Students should be aware of what their membership fee is going towards. This would also be done through the website, with more in-depth financial statements.

“My fellow students, ask not what you can do for the SFSS, ask what the SFSS can do for you” –John F. Kennedy/Gurtej Arora

p. 604.727.0884

e. garora@outlook.com

Clayton Gray

My name is Clay J. Gray; I am a third year criminology student who is also minoring in political Clay-2science. I currently sit as a student representative with the First Nations Student Association, the student run organization aimed at supporting the Aboriginal community on campus. I also initiated a wrestling program with an off campus organization, the Urban Native Youth Association, where I continue as a volunteer.

My platform has four very simple and obtainable goals:

•If elected, I will lobby for a five-year freeze on student U-pass fees. Many students depend on the U-pass for an affordable means for transportation, with key word being affordable. With U-pass fees projected to rise over the next three years it is our responsibility to ensure future SFU students have the same access to reasonably priced transportation as we do today.
•Although the dining halls have experienced significant improvements, students’ meal options should not be limited to Chartwells. If elected, I will campaign for a change in the meal plan to allow flex dollars to be spent at other on campus restaurants.
•Like many students I struggle to find reliable Wi-Fi throughout the entire campus. If elected, I promise to work with SFU to create a campus that has a strong and secure wireless signal everywhere.
•SFU claims to be a radical university aimed at engaging the world. Yet, unlike many other post secondary institutions, SFU fails to engage with its own students by ignoring the importance of constituency group representation in the student society. Several other post-secondary institutions in British Columbia provide a platform for the voice of these groups and it is time for SFU to connect with them as well. If elected, I will advocate for the creation of constituency group seats within the SFSS board of directors.

Zied Masmoudi

I’m Zied Masmoudi and I am here to facilitate connection. Coming to SFU and participating in 563425_10151557792348436_681049868_ncampus life has enriched my life with knowledge, new friends, and an appreciation for the diversity of cultures that make up our unique student community. Truly, in this respect, we are blessed with an abundance of intelligence, creativity, and innovative thinking. We are here for this short time together – I want to be a leader who can call upon our collective spirit to co-create not only comfortable and supportive condition in which to live and learn, but experiences that we will treasure as we move forward and build our futures.

I am a firm believer in fun. One of the things I’ve noticed is how the mountain-top comes alive when we have a special event. When we come together to celebrate, our day to day concerns evaporate, allowing us to unwind and let go in the midst of our crazy, busy schedules. But in fact, recreation is more than just fun. While we are enjoying ourselves, we are also forming new relationships, seeing each other in a different light, and promoting team-work. As we all know, laughter is the best stress-reliever. I am committed to finding opportunities to bring us together.

Issues that we all face such as the rising cost of tuition, access to student loans and transit passes, to name but a few, mean that life is not always fun. In fact, it can be downright depressing. One of the main functions of the student society is to ensure that your concerns are represented across the board – student to student, to University administration, and beyond, to local, regional, and national governments – and that solutions are found that allow University education to remain accessible and manageable. In this, it is my intention to pay close attention to student concerns so that I can best determine how unite us so that we become a force to be reckoned with.

So who am I and what makes me qualified to work with you as an “At-Large Representative”? First and most simply, I am a student here at SFU studying Political Economy. I think you will agree that the knowledge I gain in my studies can be directly applied to the position. In addition, I have a long history working with Scouts & Guides in my home country, Tunisia. Last year, I was leader of the Arab Students Association and created fun and educational events which allowed students to learn about, enjoy, and appreciate my culture. Finally, I aspire to take an active role in positive change and make significant contributions to the world that we live in. This is but the beginning of our lives. What we do now lays the foundation of our future.

Zied Masmoudi
e-mail/facebook: zmasmoud@sfu.ca


Saurabh Bangar

My name is Saurabh Bangar and I am a first-year business student enrolled in the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. As a student who has just recently become a part of the SFU community, I say with great confidence that I have the necessary traits to be an effective At-Large Representative for SFSS. This can be supported by the desire I have for building a stronger university culture through the experience I have gained from various fields.

In the past, I have served as Executive Director for Queen Elizabeth Model United Nations (QE MUN). As the role of Executive Director for QE MUN, I have organized a Model United Nations conference for secondary school students across the Lower Mainland. One of the greatest aspects of being Executive Director was developing firm management skills and working along with many students from various secondary schools. Furthermore, I have volunteered with the Surrey Youth Council (SYC) and I Am Game Youth Committee. For both committees I contributed in organizing a large number of community events for the youth. Through SYC I was appointed as Band Manager for many of the bands performing at the largest youth held event in Surrey, Youth Fest. I developed a solid set of communication skills through providing aid and meeting many homeless citizens when volunteering in areas such as, Downtown Eastside in Vancouver. Being part of many other organizations and leadership conferences I have developed a strong set of interpersonal leadership traits. I assure the students of SFU that I am capable of easily adapting to different environments, due to the experience I have and the people that I have worked with from many backgrounds.

As a young experienced student and proud community activist I understand the necessities that students deserve. I wish to serve the students of SFU by building a stronger gateway between the university and the undergraduates. In my perspective SFU deserves the best and I have the abilities as well as the skills to help the school make it to the top. I believe, if chosen as At-Large Representative, it will be an honor and privilege to serve for SFSS and the SFU community.