Humna Ahmad

Hello everyone, my name is Humna Ahmad. I am running as a Representative At Large for SFSS 2014 elections. I’m currently a 4th year business student concentrating in Accounting and Human Resources. If elected, I will be using this opportunity to bring together the SFU community regardless of what faculty or club you are part of. I have gained vast experience over the years by working for various NGO’s such as AIESEC and Surrey Crime Prevention Society. Below is a short list of things among others, I want to accomplish for SFSS.

  • Create more bursaries for students. As long as a student is in good academic standing, he/she should be eligible for the bursary.
  • Create better relationship between students, student groups, student union etc. Thus students are not just aware of the opportunities that exist but it also gives a chance for various student groups to work together towards a common goal.
  • More events are needed to bring together the SFU student population. With three campuses and sometimes a long transit commute, students often do not get the chance to see each other and may even feel isolated at school.
  • Investigate the possibility of allowing students to use tutorial rooms for group study when they are not otherwise booked.Most importantly, I will be using students’ fees efficiently and effectively for the student population at SFU. Feel free to contact me at humnaa@sfu.ca

Amir Ali

As a 4th year science student currently studying biology, I have experience in many facets of SFU life that allows me to have a well-rounded view of the needs of students. With this, I feel I am an appropriate choice for the At-Large representative. I have lived in residence and been a commuter student as well. While I am currently a full time Burnaby student I spent my first two years at Surrey campus and I can appreciate the different perspective that the satellite campuses have. I understand the complications involved in the life of a coop student and the struggles of working two jobs while taking classes. I am an ally of the Women’s Center, a former executive of the Surrey Campus Committee, former elected member of the events and granting committees and have hosted events for the advocacy committee. I have invested an extraordinary amount of time into the SFU community over the years and I am prepared to contribute meaningful change.

If elected I would increase outreach towards clubs, DSUs, and FSUs to have a greater collective presence. As it stands there is no effective, easily accessed and comprehensive calendar for the University’s engagement and social opportunities. After last year’s excess spending on massive projects I would like to refocus the goals of the society towards increasing awareness and encouraging participation in the SFSS. Regularly engaging the student body through more sustainable and casually accessible activities has proven successful at SFU Surrey and therefore can be easily emulated at Burnaby.

Over the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to examine the SFSS from both an inside and outside perspective. From Staff relations during the lockout to infighting that has occurred over the years, one of the greatest weaknesses of the society appears to be poor communication training among the elected Board. Accountability and transparency between members of the board is just as important as it is between the board and the membership. I have seen promising, well designed initiatives fail more due to poor communication than anything else. Furthermore, the society is currently garnering attention with massive events that give the organization a seemingly larger campus presence. However without more diverse, regularly scheduled, smaller events I believe the society is still just spinning its wheels.

Michael Carbonnier

Hi, my name is Michael Carbonnier. I am a fourth year Criminology student at SFU. I am running for the student at large position. I transferred to SFU in the summer of 2012. As an undergraduate, I have been fairly involved in student life by joining various clubs. I am a member of SASS as well as I am an exec with the SFU Outdoors Club. I believe that I have the necessary skills and requirements for this position. Having been previously employed in the customer service sector, I have developed strong communication and teamwork skills. I believe I can effectively communicate and represent the needs of students to the various communities within the SFSS. During my time at SFU I have noticed that student life is lacking. Partially, the reason has to do with finances, as well as there is this philosophy that SFU is known as a commuter school. If I get elected I advocate for more social events around campus. If you actually want to see a change on campus then VOTE for me, because a VOTE for me is a VOTE for YOU!

My Platform consists of three simple things:

  • One of the ways to increase campus life is by holding special events for SFU students. If I get elected I will work with the SFSS and various DSU’s in holding more public events.
  • Clubs are great ways for people to connect with each other and form new friendships. If I get elected, I want to make it easier for student clubs to be created. I plan to do this by reducing the amount of time it takes for a club’s application process to be approved.
  • One thing that I noticed while at SFU is the fact that we do not have many cultural events. If I get elected, I plan to break down barriers and connect students with the SFSS, as well as work with various clubs around campus and promote more cultural events.

Baqar Hassan

ACE 2014

Accountability, Community, Excellence.

We are a group of motivated individuals who have a shared vision to collectively strive:

  1. To hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in all of our dealings as elected representatives of SFU’s undergraduate student body.
  2. To continue to build a strong sense of community on campus by hosting the highest calibre events possible for our students and supporting student-led initiatives that align with the vision of building
  3. To set the example for student societies across North America, by exceeding the standard and providing excellence in all aspects of the Simon Fraser Student Society’s mandate as listed in the Constitution.

My name is Baqar Hassan and I am a 3rd year student enrolled in the Beedie School of Business at SFU. I am running to become the At-Large Representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society Board of Directors. I transferred from FIC to SFU in Spring of 2013 and since then I have been working with different student bodies to gain an understanding of how to better engage the community at SFU and also have searched for opportunities of leadership to help the development of the community through various means including:

  • Active club engagement as an executive of Pakistan Student Association.
  • Participating in leadership and mentorship programs offered at Fraser International College such as Peer Education, FIC Awareness Campaign Leader and Orientation Leader.
  • Working for SFU Residence and Housing as Community Advisor.
  • Being part of the marketing team for Fall Kick-off Concert.
  • Marketing and Promotions Officer for Simon Fraser Spring Send-off.
  • Currently I am a member of The SFSS Stipends Appeal Committee.
  • Attend Events Committee meetings and have helped them in various projects. During this time, I have gained a greater sense of community and am ready to be your voice. I intend to be an unbiased student representative who can look out for the best interests of all SFU students.In this position, I aim to accomplish the following goals:
  • Make SFU a better community by increasing student participation in the decision making process. This will make students feel valued and let them know that their ideas and feedback matter. It will also assist in generating new ideas and also improve motivation among the students.
  • Be a strong voice for International students by sharing their ideas and exchanging views with one another and help bring out innovative methods for a stronger connection to our multicultural community. Having had first-hand experience in this particular area, I consider myself as the best choice.
  • Assist in planning large scale events such as concerts for students’ entertainment, and to help remove the barriers from other student groups hosting such events. I feel that recreational activities is as important as education especially among the international student body who are away from home and need an active community to keep them socially involved and reduce homesickness. Students enjoy music, movies and games. It also helps them relieve stress from their daily study routine.
  • Explore the opportunities of extending some of SFSS benefits to FIC students.
  • Support other FARM members to Build stronger relations and connections with DSU’s. Flow of information between student groups and the board of directors is essential for mutual success towards a positive student experience.
  • Use communication skills and business background to assist SFSS Executives and staff with obtaining sponsors for Build SFU, and other society projects in general.
  • My experience of being involved in and working with the international community and SFU Residence also make me a great candidate to be their voice on The SFSS Board and liaise with these groups as the Society’s Representative.

To summarize, I have been involved at SFU since the day I joined. This has given me insight into the kind of activities enjoyed by students and exposure to a multitude of activities. Being an international student has given me an edge and has shown me the different needs within our very multi-cultural student population. Those of you who have witnessed my leadership know that I am passionate and dedicated. To those who haven’t, I hope you will consider supporting me so I can work for you.

Being a strong team player I know that my skills will be put to great use if I’m elected for this position as strong leadership and self-confidence are required for success and I posses these qualities for sure. My brief yet active role in student affairs and event management is sufficed to win your trust for future ventures. I know that I alone cannot achieve the set targets and need your support and belief in me and my team, and in return I won’t let you down.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve student life at SFU, ideas or questions about my campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me at bhassan@sfu.ca or https://www.facebook.com/baqarqasimali.hassan. For more information, check out my Facebook campaign by searching https://bit.ly/ACE_BAQAR .

Rebecca Langmead

humza khan presidentMy name is Rebecca Langmead and I am a fourth year History and English student. Over my past four years I have had the amazing opportunity to represent our university as a varsity athlete on the Women’s Basketball team. Being an athlete as instilled me with the tools necessary to lead; I am a goal oriented person who has learned that through perseverance anything can be accomplished. Since I was a young child I have been an athlete, being constantly immersed into a team atmosphere has given me a different perspective regarding the impact that working as a group can have. I want to bring a team atmosphere to SFU through the connection and inclusion of different groups throughout our three campuses. Being a student at a university that houses thousands of students can be isolating and overwhelming. I want to help make changes on campus to ensure that students have a healthy and inviting community to grow in, a community that offers them a solid foundation based on support. I would not have been able to become the person I am without the people I have surrounded myself around and I want each student to have that experience.

  • I will work to strengthen the voice of our students and provide them with the resources necessary to make change on campus.
  • I will break down the doors separating the SFSS from the students it serves.
  • I will advocate for improvements in our athletic and recreation facilities.
  • I will connect our student-athletes with our general student population.

Jeremy Pearce

ACE 2014

Accountability, Community, Excellence.

We are a group of motivated individuals who have a shared vision to collectively strive:

  1. To hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in all of our dealings as elected representatives of SFU’s undergraduate student body.
  2. To continue to build a strong sense of community on campus by hosting the highest calibre events possible for our students and supporting student-led initiatives that align with the vision of building
  3. To set the example for student societies across North America, by exceeding the standard and providing excellence in all aspects of the Simon Fraser Student Society’s mandate as listed in the Constitution.

humza khan president
My name is Jeremy Pearce and I am a fourth year criminology student who is also minoring in legal studies. Throughout my four years at SFU I have been provided incredible opportunities, each of which I have worked incredibly hard to obtain. I was a four year student athlete on the school’s varsity football team while also maintaining one of the teams highest GPA’s and being employed by the school’s Forensic Entomology Lab. I also volunteer my time as a Big Brother, a Special Olympics coach, and founded my own community outreach program to represent SFU athletics. In just under 1 years’ time this program has fundraised over $17,000 for local charities including Big Brothers, a local battered woman’s shelter, BC Special Olympics, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and the POCOMO Youth Services. I have also organized two on campus blood drives this past year and have been the keynote speaker at two events; An evening of inspiration at the Red Robinson Show Theatre and the spring orientation for international students here at SFU. The topic of both speeches? Overcoming adversity with leadership and motivation.

My passion is social development in the community but I don’t expect all of yours to be as well. My platform is simple. I want to enable you to achieve your goals.

Some of my interests include:

Student Life:

As an individual that has held numerous on campus events I can’t help but blame the university administration for pushing many campus engaging events off the hill. A university that claims to engage the world fails to engage with its own campus and community.

Why does it cost $200 to rent a BBQ to fundraise for a non-profit while also engaging the campus community? Fundraising events engage our campus while supporting your group. I am going to make it easier for your group to achieve their financial goals while also engaging the students that call SFU home. I am going to give you a reason to attend SFU Clan games other than simply school spirit. I promise you as an ex-athlete my passion for SFU is deeper than most. I will work diligently to improve the community here on campus through avenues that interest every student.

Education: Far too many students graduate from SFU and then find themselves unable to find the meaningful employment that they’ve worked so hard to obtain. Why has the cost of graduation risen yet the value of my degree diminished? In order to be successful you must now do more. My goal is to have bi-weekly seminars with industry leaders from each and every faculty. These seminars will be free of charge and provide an opportunity for students to network while also learning about volunteer and internship opportunities with local businesses and non-profits.

Additionally, I will actively advocate for more SFU professors to join the Open Textbook movement providing flexible and affordable access to textbooks by making available 40 openly-licensed textbooks for popular 1st and 2nd year classes available for free online.

Simply, if elected, my goals are to help you fulfill your goals. I have several ideas for changes and events that I’d like to implement but if I can help you, the motivated student, achieve your goals, my goal is complete. This is your school, this is your experience. If elected as the
At-Large Representative I will spend the next 12 months making SFU a better school through accountability, community, and a commitment to excellence.