Curtis Pooghkay

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Hi, I’m Curtis Pooghkay and I am a 4th year criminology major with a focus on police studies. I am running for the Student At-Large Representative position. My experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Serving as the current Vice-President of Student Life with the Society of Arts and Social Sciences.

  • Being the event lead for 90s pub night, arts week 2015 and Arts Formal 2015.

  • Being involved in the planning of Sass Frosh 2014 and was a team captain.

  • I have been an SFU orientation leader and involved in the new student outreach program at SFU.

  • Serving as a volunteer for the 2014 Spring Send-off concert.

  • I have been involved in the SFSS advocacy committee and have taken part in some of the advocacy initiatives to date.

My platform consists of the following (6) key points:

  • Advocate for new space on campus without same old problems. Students need support in areas that a student union building and stadium provide. It, upon completion, will provide community, engage students and much more. If elected I will continue supporting the project in its entirety.

  • The creation of a student group incubator. Such open space would provide infrastructure to foster creativity among student groups so they may collaborate, share resources, exchange ideas, and support each other. Having the Society create such space is my goal.

  • Advocate for allocating more funding to student organizations. These organizations often struggle with the financial resources they are given each year. They often do not have enough funds to complete all their goals even after demonstrating their ability to manage their funds responsibly.

  • Advocate on behalf of Greek Letter Organizations to remove barriers to participation that ensure that their contribution to the society is recognized in all capacities and lay down the ground work for recognition from the society. To explore the possibilities from receiving non-monetary resources such as booking rooms, tables and advertising space to help facilitate the growth of Greek Letter Organizations on campus.

  • Strengthen event continuity on campus, which is established by hiring a professional to give the students the student life initiatives they want to see, and empowering them to better execute their own projects. If given the opportunity and with the consensus of the board of directors an Events Coordinator position can be created to ensure continuity.

  • Effectively recruit and manage volunteers for the Society and its events with a volunteer program. Volunteers are the life-blood of the organization and such a program alleviates many logistical issues, and facilitates student involvement. It needs to be easier for students pursue their passions through the Society and I want to see the SFSS put such a program in place.

I am a candidate running from the perspective of an active student, who has seen the need for the aforementioned points on my platform. This has enabled me to think critically and pursue goals that are important to students.  The essence of leadership is making other people want to lead. Leadership is about facilitating the engagement of other individuals and empowering them to lead and take on initiatives. I view being on the board of directors as being a person who works for the students and makes decisions based on their behalf to benefit the student population as a whole.

You can contact me at Cpooghka@sfu.ca if you have any questions.

Shubhal GoelScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.58.20 PM

My name is Shubhal Goel and I am in my 3rd year of University studying Communications. I am running for the position of AT-Large Representative. Ever since my 1st year at SFU I have been enthusiastically participating in extracurricular activities most of which have been volunteer work in various clubs.
On the academic front, I have been diligent in my studies and have managed to maintain academic excellence in my chosen field.
If I am elected for the SFSS, I plan to work towards the welfare of the students by being an actual part of the student society and getting to know their problems and working towards the solutions for it.

1. I will work towards encouraging the activities of the DSUs, which enable the students to get to know each other better and interact with the other members of the same department and increase social and networking skills.
2. I will work towards facilitating the availability of computers, laptops, chargers and other technological aids, which are usually not available during peak hours, which makes it inconvenient for a lot of the students.
3. I will work with IT services of SFSS to provide new platform where employers can post job openings for prospective employees and also shed light on housing problems.

One of the main reasons behind running these elections is to incorporate transparency in the SFSS. Transparency in form of working, duties, services and information about the society to the general public and vice versa. Also, to incorporate a transparent relationship between the student community and the student governing body to help build and maintain a cordial sustainable working method.
This word not only means the engagement of community in SFSS AGM and GSM, but also SFSS’ role in promoting the interests of the community by organizing events and ensuring that the student clubs reap the best results out of their campaigns and activities. As an At-large Representative, I will try to provide platforms that provide a fair chance to all the members to get involved in SFSS events and spread awareness and integrate the community on a large scale.
Empowering the student clubs will encourage sustainability and DSUs with better chances of growth through availability of funds and government grants and aids available to the students for upgrades. Also, to build a sustainable relationship of the student society with the external community, not only opens up great avenues for widening their social skills, but also provides first hand practical experience of the “real world”.

Do vote, as your vote makes a difference.

Jon TarasScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.12.47 AM

My name is Jon Taras and I am a first year Engineering student. I am running for the position of At-Large representative. My time in Engineering has shown me that any dedicated group can accomplish big things. I was in Royal Canadian Air Cadets for five years. During that time, I was able to work with amazing people and I learned how to be an effective leader through delegation and communication. I am an active member of the SFU Acoustic Engineering Club; I gained considerable experience handling room bookings and other important tasks while organizing the Acoustics Festival.

My platform consists of two simple goals for which I will advocate:

  • Fix the funding for the SFSS Food Bank. The Emergency Food Bank Certificate Program is an important resource for those who use it, but it does not receive enough funding.

  • Encourage more involvement in democratic activities from the student body. Currently less than 10% of eligible students vote when requested to do so.

Shipra Sharma Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.00.52 PM

My name is Shipra Sharma and I believe I have school spirit! I’m running for the At-Large Representative position. I am currently in my third year pursuing a joint major in Communications and Interactive Arts and Technology, and a Business minor at Beedie School of Business.Over the past two years I have been actively involved within SFU community in various projects and clubs.


Getting elected as Barbara Rae (BRae) house representative in Residence Hall Association (RHA) gave me an opportunity to run events for BRae and other residence-wide events. This way I have been able to engage students within SFU residence community. Since a portion of their fee goes to RHA, I make sure that I run fun-filled events where students can come out and enjoy. I advocated for a reduction in laundry cost in residence in the SGM based on surveying the community. As the marketing, promotions and sales officer for SFU’s Got Talent this term, I got the chance to provide a bigger platform to students as well as encourage them to showcase their talents. I am currently the VP marketing of the Indian Student Federation club where I have been successful in developing cultural events such as Diwali and Holi festivals attended by over 300 plus people. My involvement with the UNICEF SFU led me to work towards human development goals, enshrined within the Charter of the United Nations. Working with this club made me realize how much SFSS needs to explicitly state their values for the community to gain more trust in them.

Mission: Develop an engaged, transparent and accountable foundation for sustainable community building.


My involvement in student-led initiatives has helped me gain valuable experience which I plan to use to develop the society by engaging the community to the best of my abilities and bring forth the concerns of the students to the board. I will be their voice, and I plan to advocate Open Door policy so that I can help remove the barrier between students and the SFSS.

My vision is: More the people involved, better the community becomes; which leads to more benefit of the students. Since a part of student tuition fees goes to SFSS, I want to make sure that their money is utilized in providing them the best possible resources and help in dealing with all kinds of issues.

I believe in having Transparency, Engagement and Sustainability, which is why I got involved with the movement of School Spirit so that i can do the following initiatives,

  • Integrate the community in large scale events.

  • Increase funding to clubs and DSUs by developing sponsorship workshops with external  relations.

  • Recording and streaming SFSS meetings. Involve both online and satellite communities in the voting process.

  • Make SFU students more aware of the participation and involvement opportunities with SFSS.  Empower student groups to continually grow their events and initiatives

 I hope to bring change and that is only possible with your support. I will transfer the skills I learnt and use my experience in fulfilling the goals to help make SFSS a better close-knit community.

Let me be your voice; I will get the work done.