• Mudiwa BK Bwakura
  • Paul Hans
  • Alam Khehra
  • Jaggy Kullar
  • Moein Sharifi Moghaddam


Mudiwa BK Bwakura

Picture of Mudiwa Bwakura

Picture of Mudiwa Bwakura

My name is Mudiwa Newton Bwakura and I am running to be one of your next At-Large Representatives. I am a fourth year student from Zimbabwe, with a wide range of volunteer experience with not the not only the SFSS but with other non-profit organizations here in Vancouver but also in my home country. In my four years here I have developed an understanding of not only how the SFSS operates but how there have been certain issues that have either been neglected or have not received the attention that students have called for. With this understanding I hope to help as many students as possible in making their university experience as memorable as mine has been.

Key Platform Points

1. Safer Campus

One of my top priorities will be the safety of students. I believe that students need to feel comfortable on their campuses so that they can enjoy their university experience. I will strive to support and facilitate as many initiatives as I can that make student safety a top priority. My main focus on this point will be continuing the work that the current SFSS board has initiated with regards to developing Sexual Assault Support and Prevention services.

2. Better Transparency and Communication

Students need to know where their dollars are going and, what they’re being used for. On this point I plan to ensure that campus events, workshops and other services are properly advertised on the various platforms that students frequent. Not only will this demonstrate the society’s commitment to transparency but its drive to better the student experience. I will also advocate for outreach hours as opposed to office hours on all three campuses. This step, when coupled with the enhanced SFSS social media presence will allow the student body to better understand the services available to them.

3. Greater Support for Student Led Initiatives

Although many student groups and individuals have taken the initiative to host events, there is a portion of the student body that doesn’t know the procedures that are in place for hosting on campus events. I plan to keep the momentum going with regards to outreach and facilitate event, advocacy and initiative efforts by my fellow students.

To summarize, if elected, I plan to help return the Simon Fraser Student Society to its advocacy roots, with particular emphasis on the issues of transparency and safety. Thank you for taking the time to read through my platform.

if you get the chance, check out the CONNECTED facebook page to see the rest of the amazing people on the slate



Paul Hans

Picture of Paul Hans

Picture of Paul Hans

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” —Max DePree

Please allow me to serve you.

Hello SFU, my name is Paul Hans and I am a 4th year student pursuing a Microbiology and Biochemistry (MBB) and Business joint major. I wish to be your SFSS At-Large Student representative to implement changes within the organization and university. My experiences at SFU have included the following:

  • Elected Student Senator representing SFU undergraduates.
  • Senate Representative on the SFSS Advocacy committee.
  • Student Senator on the Senate Committee of University Priorities.
  • Health Peer educator with SFU Health and Counseling.
  • Co-creator of the Science Peer Mentorship Program and Peer Mentor.

If elected I would like to focus on key issues that are ongoing or lacking within the SFSS and are affecting students as a whole. Those include, but are not limited to, the following:

1)   Increase funding for the food bank because $75 dollars a semester is just not enough. However, I would like to increase this funding not through student dollars but through sponsorships from retailers by giving students discounts and funding from the university administration.

2)   Continue work on the Advocacy committee by lobbying government about student issues such as student debt, needs based grants, student housing crisis, and a possible tuition freeze on domestic and international tuition increases. Also, working along-side other groups on campus to support marginalized populations and protect student interests.

3)   Advocate for extended hours for the Fraser Library and more study space at SFU Surrey. Currently, the library is closed on Sundays and if anyone has been to SFU Surrey you will know space there is limited. I will advocate for opening the library on Sundays, offering extended hours and also creating more study spaces on the upper floors which are not being utilized efficiently.

4)   Create a greater sense of community within SFU, its satellite campuses, and student groups. I will accomplish this through working along side the Surrey Campus Committee and looking into the development of a Vancouver Campus Committee. Initiatives will include hosting more events at satellite campuses and making Burnaby events/programs more accessible.

5)   Improve student health and well-being by organizing an annual SFU Health week. Working alongside SFU Health and Counselling I will look to establish an SFU Health week to be able to hear student concerns and issues and promote well-being. Also, I will helping to establish a sexual assault support center on campus by working alongside the Women’s Centre, and Out on Campus.

 6)   Sit on the Governance Committee to implement Governance reform within the SFSS in order to increase efficiency, separate operational and governance duties between employees and the Board of Directions, and to increase transparency and accountability within the organization.

Thank you for caring about student governance, reading my platform, and making an educated decision.

If you have any questions/comments please contact me at pshans@sfu.ca or at 778-881-6370

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Alam Khehra


Hey there!

My name is Alam Khehra and I’m a second year student in the Faculty of Science pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology. I am running to be the SFSS At-Large Representative so I can connect and engage with the student body and help create more events and opportunities to collectively build a better undergraduate experience.

I have been involved in multiple philanthropic events within and outside of SFU. Being the co-founder of one SFSS club and an executive of another has allowed me to gain perspective of what it’s like to lead a team. Being acquainted with students from different faculties has showed me that there is a huge lack of communication within departments, the students, and the SFSS. I hope to bridge that gap so we all have an exceptional undergraduate experience.

If I am elected, I will:

1) Increase the presence of SFSS events and opportunities in the Surrey and Vancouver campus. Being a Surrey based student, I have noticed a lack of initiation is taken to engage the students from these two campuses. Every student pays a fee for the SFSS, yet a lot of students on these smaller campuses don’t even know what the SFSS is. That is not okay. I would like to begin by hosting more events, and then progress onto having SFSS office space on all campuses’.

2) Inform the younger students of the opportunities offered at SFU. SFU is full with a wide variety of opportunities that help the students develop their academic, and extracurricular skills. However, there is very little initiative taken to involve first year students. By the time students begin to discover about these opportunities, they become too discouraged to join. I hope to build a University transition program in which the SFSS board of director hosts one big event and multiple workshops for incoming first year students; this is done to ease their academic and social transition from secondary school to post-secondary school.

3) Get increased number of voters and candidates for the next election term. A very low percentage of the entire 26,000 undergraduate students end up voting. A greater turnout is needed so that the board of directors is a true representation of the entire undergraduate population. In order to increase the turnout for elections, the board of directors need to advertise the elections 3-4 weeks before the actual campaigning period begins. Similarly, when each candidate promotes themselves during campaign period, the directors should be talking to students, going around to classrooms, and putting up posters to inform the students about SFSS and the upcoming elections. Finally, it is essential that more than one candidate runs for each position and no position goes unopposed, as this can lead to false representation.

Thank you reading my platform and I encourage students to read the #BridgeTheGap slate platform and make an informed vote.

Feel free to contact me at alams@sfu.ca


Jaggy Kullar

Hello everyone, my name is Jaggy Kullar and this year I am running in the SFSS general elections for the position of At-Large representative. I am a second year student studying International Studies and Philosophy hoping to get elected into this position to better our community at SFU. I am actively involved in social life at SFU being one of six founders of the newest Greek letter organization. I currently sit on the executive board as Membership Development Officer overseeing recruitment and sisterhood. Through this position I have connected with other Greek Letter Organizations, the Women’s Center, as well as the SFSS while also participating in many philanthropic events outside of campus. I am also currently an active member of the Student Philanthropy Initiative club, and the Bhangra club.

The most important aspect of the At-Large position, in my opinion, is simply listening. That means listening to concerns raised by students, clubs, organizations, DSUs and faculty representatives. It means listening to these concerns and actually acting upon them to make a difference. To me, sitting on the board means connecting, engaging and building with students to help aid in addressing academic, financial, social, and health related issues at SFU.


Connect: by creating and hosting events for all students where they can socialize, connect, and network. I feel this is one thing that the University’s campuses lack especially Burnaby and Vancouver. I hope to bridge that gap by holding social events that are popular amongst the student body. Furthermore, with the help of the faculty representatives and the events and promotions committee, I will engage as many students as possible to connect them to greater opportunities.

Engage: by directly communicating with DSUs about faculty specific needs and concerns raised by students. Listening to students is what the At-Large position is all about. By doing this, and engaging with students I can ensure things like more nominations for elections, and a much larger voter turnout compared to previous years.

Build: by working with SFU’s clubs and organizations to help them grow and expand to their full potential. Many clubs are based at certain campuses and fail to expand to others because of lack of resources and the inability to effectively promote and gain interest. I will help smaller organizations and clubs, or those just starting out to gain momentum at all three campuses.

No matter who we are, at SFU we are a community, and I want the best for our student body, whether that be financially, academically or socially. I am here to Bridge the Gap between not only an average undergraduate experiences to an extraordinary undergraduate experience, but also to bridge the gap between the students and the SFSS in terms of communication and engagement.

I appreciate the time you have taken out to read my platform and encourage you to vote in the upcoming elections. You can contact me at jkullar@sfu.ca or jagvirkullar@hotmail.com for any questions, concerns, or comments.

Thank You,

Jaggy Kullar

Moein Sharifi Moghaddam

Picture of Moein Sharifi Moghaddam

Picture of Moein Sharifi Moghaddam

Hello Everybody, my name is Moein Sharifi. I am currently a third year Political Science student intending to also complete a major in Computer Science. I am seeking your support in my campaign, running for one of the at-large representative positions in the board of directors of Simon Fraser Student Society (March 22-24th). Since my first year at SFU, I have been actively working to enhance social life and student engagement through student led initiatives. If elected, I will work to provide more support for students in time of emergency, to increase social life experience and to raise awareness among students about the services SFSS offers.


In the last two years, I have been an active member of SFU Iranian club. I am currently serving as the VP sports event organizer at the Iranian club. I have been successful in development of sport-related activities such as volleyball tournaments and cultural events such as Persian New Year or Nowruz. During my time at Iranian Club, I learned about the students’ cultural diversity at SFU, helping me to recognize the areas where improvement is needed to help students to experience a better social life.


1. Assisting clubs and DSU to fulfill any need they might have (operationally, communicative, or whatever it may be) when it comes to hosting events.

2. Increase awareness about the services already offered to students.

3. Advocate on better on campus study experience, such as but not limited to more study spaces being available on all campuses, increased hours of library and other study rooms during exam period, and de-stressing activities.

4. I would also like to work with the Board to allow students of surrey and Burnaby campus to choose which recreational facility they can use.

5. I will advocate on projects such as the Men’s center, increase in foodbank resources, a crisis line and etc.

I understand that the board only has one year to fulfill their requirement, and these are the items I have confidence I can deliver.

Thank you for your support,

Moein Sharifi