• Cody Leung

Hi everyone! My name is Cody Leung and I am a 2nd year student studying Statistics. I am running for the position of the At-Large Representative on the SFSS Board of Directors. I have been finding ways to engage in the community at Simon Fraser University. This year, I would like to take a step forward and get involved by helping the SFSS administration. Throughout my time at SFU, I have been working in different positions to gain experience and improve myself, including:

  • House Chair at SFU Residence Hall Association
  • Fairs Coordinator at SFU Volunteer Services
  • Participant in leadership programs at SFU such as Passport to Leadership 1 & 2
  • Current executive in SFU Chess Club
  • Volunteer for various events, such as Fairs Week, Fall Kickoff Concert and 50th anniversary celebration

If elected, I would do my best to improve the SFU community and try to achieve goals in different areas, including but not limited to:

  • Increasing the variety of summer intersession courses
  • Improving the SFSS club portal and system in general
  • Providing better management of student funds
  • Raising awareness to increase student engagement and participation
  • Organising events to raise awareness for the cultural differences at SFU
  • Providing more opportunities for students to get involved with SFSS
  • Assisting in planning large scale events for entertainment


  • Robert Hanson

Hello fellow SFU Students,

My name is Robert Hanson and I am a third-year arts and social science Student here at SFU with a Major in Political Science and a Minor in Labour Studies. Since September 2016 I have had the privilege of being an employee of the SFSS food and Beverage Services in both the Highland Pub and the Higher Grounds Café, I am also serving as the vice-president of the SFU NDP club.  The position I am seeking to serve in is the At-large representative position for the SFSS.  The Three main pillars of my campaign are as follows:

1) Save The Highland

As an employee of the SFSS food and beverage services for the past 7 months I have seen first hand important the Highland pub is to the SFU community on Burnaby Mountain. From Pub nights, to campus club events, to students meeting each other for a drink after class. I feel that the current board has mismanaged the Highland pub but telling the Food and Beverage manager to lose less money and cut the Highland pubs hours of operation. The purpose of the Highland pub should not be to make money, but rather be a service for all students to enjoy. The fact that SFU has a student run pub differentiates us from other universities, and I worry that the current board does not realize how important the highland pub truly is to the SFU Community.  IF elected I will be a voice advocating for expanding the highland pubs hours of operation, increase the number of pub nights, and the preservation of the highland pub so students can enjoy that space for generations to come.

2) Stand with laid off cafeteria workers

As some of you may already know, the university has just announced that the employees working at Mackenzie Café, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Triple O’s, and the Dining Hall have been given their notice of termination effective at the end of semester. While these employees will probably be rehired they will experience a wage loss and a loss to benefits if this takes place. If elected I will pressure the university to not terminate these employees and ensure that they do not experience wage losses, benefit losses, or a loss of their union. #Standwithuniteherelocal40

3) Expand the food bank

$75 per semester is not a enough money to feed one’s self. I have seen first hand fellow SFU students sleeping in the Rotunda when I walk to my car at 2AM after working a Pub Night at the Highland.  The fact that there are students who are part of our community living in poverty is unacceptable. If elected I will be a voice on the board for the impoverished and the Marginalized in our community, and I will lobby for rapid poverty reduction on throughout the University


Robert Hanson




  • Dedarul M. Chisty

By way of introduction, my name is Dedarul M. Chisty, and I am running to be one of your next At – Large Representatives. As a third year, international student from Bangladesh, participating in volunteer initiatives at SFU has always been a priority for me. These experiences have allowed me to interact with the student body, and have helped me realize the large impact that the SFSS has on the life of each SFU student. With this knowledge, I aim to further help students from all faculties make their university experience a truly memorable one. My experiences at SFU have been the following –

  • Elected Undergraduate Student Senator representing SFU Undergraduate Students
  • Vice – President Finance for the Bangladeshi Students’ Alliance
  • Guidance Advisor at Fraser International College
  • Logistics volunteer for International Student Services.

My Goals as your Representative will be to work towards the following:

  • Involvement – My SFU experience would not have been as enriching as it is, without my high-level of involvement in the SFU community. My goal is to raise awareness of the activities and leadership positions already available at SFU, and to work with the Clubs, DSU’s and other departments in SFU to advocate for more opportunities to be provided.
  • Safety – An issue often brought up but also neglected, is campus safety, another priority to all students attending SFU. I plan to work with the SFSS to further develop our Sexual Assist Support and Prevention Services, and to also have a stricter Sexual Assault Policy in place.
  • Community – While the SFU community has strengthened, efforts should be made to ensure that it is continuously improved. More specifically, with many students commuting to the SFU campuses, some individuals have felt that it is challenging to partake in the SFU community. Therefore, I plan to work with the Clubs and DSU’s, to create more accessible community events and opportunities for students to interact with one another, and to meet new peers on campus. SFU is rich in culture and diversity, and students should have the opportunity to share this with others. This will lead to a campus environment where no student feels isolated, or unaccepted.

Thank you for reading my platform, and taking the time to make an educated vote.


  • Raajan Garcha (Brighter SFU)

Hello SFU friends!

My name is Raajan Garcha, and I am running to be your next At-Large Representative for the Simon Fraser Student Society. Currently serving on the Board of Directors as the Health Sciences Representative, I would like to expand on my role of acting as a liaison between the Health Sciences faculty and the SFSS to the rest of the students at SFU, so that I can engage with students of all other faculties as well.

I have a good understanding of not only how the SFSS operates, but also how important it is to hear student concerns and advocate for effective changes, making me a very strong candidate for this position. I am running with the rest of my team, Brighter SFU, which is a group of very dedicated and experienced individuals.

If elected, my goals are to:


  • Working with Faculty Representatives to promote unity and social connectedness between and within faculties.
  • Providing a diversity of accessible events at the Surrey and Vancouver campuses through the Surrey Campus Committee and Vancouver Campus Committee to bring together our satellite campuses.
  • Holding workshops or information sessions targeted to new SFU students to inform them about the countless number of opportunities available to them, so that they can expand their university experience.
  • Directly working with students and addressing and voicing the concerns of our FSU’s, DSU’s, and clubs, as well as advocating for increased funding for these student groups.


  • Continue advocating for the development of a safety plan to protect SFU students from the recent tank-farm expansion. Currently, no safety plan exists to protect students in the case of an extreme emergency, such as potential fires and chemical spills.
  • Educating students and promoting sexual well-being through campaigns promoting consent-culture, as well as adopting SFU’s Sexual Assault Policy to all SFSS spaces.
  • Promoting the importance of mental health by holding monthly de-stressing activities and educating students about the various resources available to students regarding mental wellness.


  • Continue on the work that has been started on the Open-Educational Resources program to promote the adoption of this program by an increasing number of instructors.
  • Advocate for keeping classrooms open in Surrey for extended hours during exam times.
  • Encourage the allocation of parts of the SFSS budget to provide SFSS bursaries to students heavily involved throughout SFU, and offer meaningful internship opportunities with the SFSS.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my platform. I encourage all students to read the platforms of all other candidates and make an informed decision. Your love and support has gotten me this far, and I hope to continue to receive your support. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to learn more about the multiple initiatives that I was involved with throughout my current term, please do not hesitate to email me at raajang@sfu.ca.

Have a lovely day,

Raajan Garcha



  • Jaskarn Randhawa (Brighter SFU)

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” –– Abraham Lincoln

Hello SFU,

My name is Jaskarn Randhawa and I am a second-year student pursuing a Business major and a Communications minor. I am running to serve as your 2017/2018 SFSS At-Large Representative to initiate positive changes within the organization and university, so that you and future generations of SFU students can have a better experience. During my time here at SFU I’ve been engaged and met great people and built many strong experiences. My experiences at SFU have included the following:

  • Elected Student Senator representing SFU undergraduates
  • Simon Fraser Student Society SCC Officer
  • Internal Coordinator at Beedie’s Urban Development Program
  • Volunteer for Fall 2016 Kickoff Concert
  • 2016 Case Camp Case Competition Competitor
  • Various other student clubs, events, and initiatives involvement

If elected, I would like to focus on important issues that students are facing and may be resolved with the attention of the SFSS. This includes, but not limited to the following points:

  • Advocate for extended study space and campus expansion at SFU Surrey and Vancouver
  1. Utilize the space expansion fund to create more space study and lounge space on the other campuses.
  2. Work with the Surrey Campus and Vancouver Campus committee to develop a new strategy for expansion
  • Improve student mental health and well being
    1. Host more events targeting mental health, continue and support more health initiatives.
    2. Partner up and advocate with other groups that target mental health (ex. hi five, pursuit of happiness, health and counselling SFU) to create a larger combined effort
  • Implement zero tolerance standards for sexual assault/violence on campus
    1. Adopt the SFU policy in all SFSS spaces
    2. Work with the university on a case by case basis to ensure that students are receiving the aid that they need
  • Enhancing the SFU student academic experience
    1. Increase our bursary contributions
    2. Advocate for extended hours for classrooms for students to study in

Thank you for caring about student’s interests, taking the time to read my platform, and making an informed vote.

If you have any questions/comments, please contact me at jaskarnr@sfu.ca.

#VoteRandhawa                           Vote March.27-30                       #VoteBrighterSFU