Brandon Chapman

My prior involvement with SFSS clubs and interactions with the SFSS board of directors have Brandon Chapmantaught me a great deal about how the organization is run and this will make me an asset to the society as a whole.
My Relevant Experience:
1) Community Advisor in Residence in 2010/2011 and currently a Programming Coordinator in SFU Residence
2) JDC West Captain with Stefanie Klein in the 2010/2011 Academic Year
3) Previously worked full time with Research in Motion & the Canadian Forces

My Goals:

1) Be an active voice for my fellow Beedie students in board meetings and on campus.
2) Work with the SFSS board of directors to promote more relevant events on campus that interest the likes of Beedie students.
3) Help the Business Administration Student Society to connect with Beedie students and the the greater SFU community.

About Me:

I was born in New Westminster, raised in the Okanagan and have spend time all over Canada studying & working. I have a serious passion for EDM, adventure and pushing limits.

LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brandon-chapman/36/543/b43

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me at bwc6@sfu.ca or at facebook.com/votebchapman.



Fatehjeet Nagra

Dear fellow Business students,
I am a first year Business student at Simon Fraser University. Being actively involved in high school, I want to continue to do that in university. By volunteering with City of Surrey, Fraser health, and various other organizations, I have gathered skills and experience that will help guide me and make me efficient in my work as Business representative.
I’m not going to make any false and vague promises, but what I can say is that I will be readily available to answer any questions at any time and actively voice the concern of all business students.
For any other questions and concerns please contact me at fnagra@sfu.ca. Thanks for the support!