• Pritesh Pachchigar 

Pritesh Pachchigar

Picture of Pritesh Pachchigar

Picture of Pritesh Pachchigar

Hello Friends!

My name is Pritesh Pachchigar and I am running to serve as your next Business Faculty Representative for the Simon Fraser Student Society. During the four years of my undergrad at Simon Fraser University, I engaged in a large number of areas throughout the school. The following are my past and present experiences, which will allow you to get to know me better, and build the confidence to trust that I am the best candidate for this position.

Simon Fraser University Work Experience:

  • 2013: SFU University Advancement Team
  • 2015 – Present: SFU Bookstore

Volunteer Involvement:

  • Director of Finance for Enactus Simon Fraser University (Other roles: Program Manager – founding member, External Relations Manager)
  • National’s Presenter for Enactus Simon Fraser University (Semi-Finalist)
  • 2013 Peak Case Competition Competitor and various other case competition involvement
  • Business Administration Student Society – Business Mentorship Program
  • Mentor and Team Leader; 2013-Present
  • Vancouver Model United Nations Co-Chair (Crisis-committee)
  • Student Ambassador Silver Recipient
  • 2013 SFU Open House volunteer – Business Student Representative
  • 2014 SFU Open House volunteer – Business Student Representative
  • SFU Faculty Cup Co-founder
  • Participated and held various positions with: Accounting Student
  • Association, Management Information System Association, Business
  • Administration Student Society, Business Frosh, work alongside the SFSS

My involvement at Simon Fraser University has allowed me to grasp a strong understanding of the different aspects of university engagement. After four years of experience and knowledge that I have gained, I decided that I would like to make a larger impact by representing the voices of students through getting involved in student governance. As the Business representative, I will focus on the following points to ensure growth and support of the Beedie School of Business:

  • Support the executives of the Business Administration Student Society to ensure they meet their planned objectives and will further provide appropriate support through the SFSS
  • Advocate for greater funding for our business student clubs, yearly maintenance costs, and room bookings
  • Help continue in building a strong sense of community in our faculty by creating an on campus social event that brings together students from all campuses, clubs, and other experiences
  • Be an active voice for all business students on the SFSS board
  • Continue to support the formation of our Departmental Student Unions through increase funding and focusing on having more authority in our faculty governance

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read my platform and considering me as a candidate for this position. Once again, I do have a strong experience and knowledge base to ensure that the voices of Beedie students are heard. I greatly believe that being connected together as a faculty will allow us to grow and make a larger difference in the community. I hope that you share my vision, and it would be an honour to serve as your 2016-2017 Business Representative.

If you have any questions about my campaign please do not hesitate to contact me at ppachchi@sfu.ca.

Thank you,

Pritesh Pachchigar