• Braeden Alexander Peterson

Hello, all! My name is Braeden Peterson; I’m a fourth-year business student and I’m running to be your business representative on the board of directors for the SFSS.

I have a deep passion for business and care deeply for the direction that the Beedie School of Business takes. Beedie has continually fostered my drive and has not only expanded my visions of what I want to pursue but it has challenged my mindset on what I aim to accomplish. I want to represent you so that many more can have even greater opportunities that I have.

My involvement within SFU and externally has allowed me to develop skills and a clear understanding of the challenges that arise within organizations and how they can be approached and solved. I have had the unique opportunity to volunteer at SFU with Enactus, TEDxSFU, KINGames, and as the president and vice president of two student clubs respectfully. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer and mentor youth in the community, speak at high schools about entrepreneurship and success, and volunteer with other organizations such as the Lifesaving Society and sit on the board for the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Having been continual involved in the Beedie community, I understand the challenges that are faced. As your representative, it is my duty to understand your struggles and be your voice. The following goals, are my commitment to you to improve your education and your time as a student.

1) Transparency 
– Currently, there is a disengagement between the society and the students. I commit myself to fostering clearer communication between the society and the student body.

2) Funding 
– I will focus on increasing the number of bursaries for both full-time and part-time student, along with increased funding for external experiences to students.

3) Flexibility 
– I will focus on allowing better understanding and flexibility from SFU when students participate in external experiences. – I will focus on bringing forth ideas on how students can attend lectures, tutorials, office hours, etc., online, so they can create more opportunities for themselves.

4) Collaboration 
– I pledge to begin the shaping of a united university by bringing all faculties together through various events and initiatives.

With all Business students united, I will stand on this platform and fight towards creating a better future. SFU and Beedie have the ability to compete with the Top Universities around the world. With your support, I will be the voice that drives our success to a new level. As a University, the students are the ones that have that ability to create a change by raising their voices, if we stand united, we will distinguish ourselves and truly become the engaged university. We will create an impact that cannot be forgotten because we are all #BetterTogether

If you have any questions regarding my campaign, would like to express the challenges that you face or the changes you would like to see addressed, please feel free to contact me braedenp@sfu.ca.


  • Gini Kuo (Brighter SFU)

Hi everyone,

My name is Gini Kuo and I am running to serve as the next business faculty representative at SFSS. In my past two years at SFU and being involved in the Beedie community, I have gained a lot of valuable experience and fostered many meaningful connections. This year I have decided to run to represent the business students on the SFSS Board of Directors. My main goal is to continue promote the interest of business students and make these valuable experience more accessible to all the business students.

My involvement in the SFU community:

  • Director of Sponsorship for AIESEC SFU’s National Leadership Development Conference
  • Sales Representative for Enactus SFU’s Banner Bags program
  • Team Host for CaseIT MIS Case Competition
  • Vice President of Membership and Founder of Alpha Kappa Psi Chi Theta Chapter – Co-ed Professional Business Fraternity

My involvement at Simon Fraser University student clubs has given me many insights into the cooperation that takes place between the Beedie clubs and SFSS. After speaking with many individuals who have been involved in the Beedie community, I have identified the following key issues that I plan on addressing during my term as the faculty representative:

  • More collaboration space available for Beedie clubs
  • Clearer and more efficient communication and collaboration between SFSS and the Beedie clubs
  • Better understanding of the process of SFSS so the club executives can better cooperate with SFSS

I will be working with SFSS as well as the university administration to address these issues. Furthermore, I will continue to reach out to individuals in the Beedie community to receive feedback on how we can maximize the benefits of SFSS to Beedie students.

That being said, there are also a significant portion of the business students are not currently involved in Beedie clubs. I would also like to advocate for these students by increasing the accessibility and value provided by SFSS to these students. To achieve this, I will be working closely with the Business Administration Student Society to engage the business students in the opportunities available.

Thank you for reading my platform. Remember to #VoteBrighterSFU!