Natalie Cheung

This candidate withdrew on March 24th 2014

Shirin Escarcha

Accountability, Community, Excellence.

We are a group of motivated individuals who have a shared vision to collectively strive:

  1. To hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in all of our dealings as elected representatives of SFU’s undergraduate student body.
  2. To continue to build a strong sense of community on campus by hosting the highest calibre events possible for our students and supporting student-led initiatives that align with the vision of building
  3. To set the example for student societies across North America, by exceeding the standard and providing excellence in all aspects of the Simon Fraser Student Society’s mandate as listed in the Constitution.

for SFSS Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Representative

humza khan presidentShould I be elected: I will hold my colleagues accountable. What is best for the community will be my priority. Excellence is all I will strive for because SFU deserves nothing less.

Mentor || FCAT Mentorship Program
The mentorship experience originally matched me with Communication majors, some of which I learned to be individuals interested in other departments within the faculty as well. Through this opportunity, I was able to meet students from other departments within the FCAT therefore providing me with an understanding of some of their departmental concerns.

Executive Member || Canadianized Asian Club
From the very start of my university career, I have been part of SFU CAC – a club that emphasizes the importance of enhancing the student’s body university experience through a variety of social experiences.
Volunteer Team Officer || Simon Fraser Spring Sendoff
I hope to use my administrative skills to ensure a positive volunteer experience for all those involved.
Programming Coordinator || SFU Residence Life
As Residence Life’s Programming Coordinator, I aimed to provide further structure to the current event planning program within residence and support other student staff in their initiatives.

Community Advisor|| SFU Residence Life
The opportunity to be a community advisor introduced me to a wide variety of students at SFU which provided me with the best understanding of the composite of students who create SFU.

+Embodying the FCAT Name
The FCAT is spread among all three campus areas of SFU. I plan on facilitating initiatives that reach a larger demographic of the faculty such as cross-departmental opportunities including, but not limited to:
-More designated study areas for students primarily based at SFU Woodward’s
-Bringing SFSS workshops to the Surrey and Vancouver campuses
I feel that it is important to forge the importance of faculty awareness and engagement at the forefront of one’s university career. Therefore, I would like to host a banquet to end of all FROSH events that the FCAT’s DSUs host.

+Holistic Student Life
I hope to provide further opportunities to cater to the holistic wellness of the student body. I will ensure that the governing board understands the importance of hitting all the spokes of the wellness wheel—cultural, social, emotional, financial, physical, career, spiritual, mental—when hosting events for students.

The SFSS gained more momentum this year by making their presence better known to the student body via social media. As well as continuing this initiative, I hope to open more opportunities for students to vote for the types of workshops they want the SFSS to hold for them.
In my three years at SFU, I have grown to love the campus not only as a place of academia but that of personal and professional growth. All the endeavors I have undertaken in my time here are firmly rooted in passion – this passion will be my foundation in finding the balance to support my faculty and the student body as a whole. I am passionate about making SFU a stronger and more comfortable community as well as ensuring that my faculty embodies their identity as being in the FCAT – these go hand in hand in holding me accountable to ascertain equity with the FCAT and the student body in serving as their pillar of support.

Thank you kindly for your time!

If you have any questions about my goals should I get elected, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at sescarch@sfu.ca

Connect with me on Facebook via http://bit.ly/ACE-Shirin