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My name is Salathiel Wells and I am seeking your support in my race to becoming the next Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Representative. I am an international student from The Bahamas with many years of experience in student government as Art Director, Vice President and President. Additionally professional work in the Offshore Banking Industry for some 8 months further adds to my skill set. The culmination of these experiences totaling more than five years ensures my adequacy in fulfilling this role to the highest of standards.

Currently a second year student studying in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), I have built a strong network amongst my colleagues within the SIAT community and forged a relationship with IATSU (the Interactive Arts and Technology Student Union). My involvement at SFU can be seen in the form of the following:

Member of the SFU Latin Dance Passion Club (LDP Club)
Member of the organization committee for the SIAT Formal (specifically handling design and decoration)
Member of the SFU Student Ambassador Program

Volunteering will be extended further to aid in the planning of the SIAT Frosh for the upcoming fall semester.

The pillars upon which I stand as a candidate for this position, are:

1.  Engagement- My primary goal as FCAT representative would be to actively engage the student unions within the faculty and have this engagement further transpire to the students these unions represent. A belief I hold fast to is that there is something magical about the FCAT community- ‘Words can empower, Design inspires, and Art has the ability to conquer all’. With this “magic” that this Faculty provides, my aim is to connect the various schools within the faculty to heighten collaboration outside of person’s respective disciplines. Providing such will afford a greater artistic expression by those involved, friendships to be forged, possible future business ventures established and so much more is possible from this faculty that is responsible for enhancing the creative economy. Personal observation has shown that persons within this Faculty feel connected only at one tier, and that is within their respective schools, and because they don’t feel connected to their faculty, they feel even further disconnected from the school (SFU), thusly through further integration and connection, persons can feel more connected to SFU by feeling more connected to each other.

The further establishment of FCAT as an FSU will further aid in establishing a greater sense of community throughout FCAT.

  1.  Transparency- I intend to have an open platform for engagement and suggestions. My idea of a successful representative is one that makes decisions informed from the community, and those who will be influenced by such decisions should equally know those decisions. Therefore my hopes are to always place the individual first in all decisions and events planned, so that these are done in the best interest of the majority.
  2.  Accountability- Thusly, I intend to be held accountable not only by my colleagues within the governing body but also my by the FCAT community at large.

The achievability of this platform will be done in 4 primary ways:

  1. Monthly meetings with the Presidents of all the DSU’s within the FCAT community. Such will allow for the FCAT Representative to be more informed of events, activities and opportunities within the specific Student Union
  2. Bi-weekly circulation of events, activities and opportunities to all students within the FCAT community via email
  3. Open social media platform, allowing all DSU’s to post and advertise events, activities and opportunities to the entire FCAT Community and the integration of a public Project forum within the community allowing FCAT students to form creative connections within the faculty for personal or school projects.
  4. Planning and organization of events for the entire FCAT community such as the reinstitution of the FCAT Formal.