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Prab Bassi

Picture of Prab Bassi

Picture of Prab Bassi

Hello everyone,

My name is Prab Bassi and I am running as the next Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) Representative for the Simon Fraser Student Society. I am a 3rd third year undergrad pursuing my degree in Communication with a minor in Business. During the past 3 years, I have engaged in a variety of different areas within the university. My current and previous experiences at SFU have given me the confidence to step up as your FCAT representative for 2016/17.


  • Events Logistic Manager of the FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2016
  • Chief Officer of the Surrey Campus Committee
  • Surrey Affairs Officer of the Surrey Campus Committee
  • Director of the Punjabi Student Association
  • Student-at-large representative of the Stipends Appeals Committee
  • Team lead for the Fall Kickoff
  • Independent Electoral Commissioner of the Fall 2014 Referenda
  • Student Representative of Joint Operations Advisory Group (JOAG)
  • SCC Representative of 2015 SFU Open House
  • SCC Representative of 2016 SFU Open House
  • Student Ambassador on SAP


As an elected member of the Board, my ultimate goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. My goals include the following:

1.     Engage FCAT as a whole

  • Unify all four FCAT schools in a holistic manner by hosting a FCAT wide Frosh for new students as attendees and current students as mentors.
  • Showcase FCAT projects throughout all three campuses.
  • Support our communication outlets such as the Peak and campus radio CJSF 90.1FM.
  • Increase FCAT summer classes.
  • Continue supporting all of our Student Unions within the different FCAT schools.
  • Take initiative in the development of the Vancouver Campus Committee and connect the satellite campuses to Burnaby.

2.     Advocate for more study space

  • Continue to advocate for the increase in Fraser Library Hours for Sunday into the upcoming year. My goal is to launch a pilot program during Fall 2016.
  • Continue to advocate for efficient study spaces on the Surrey Campus.
  • Continue to increase the presence of the SFSS on the Vancouver Campus and advocate for more study space.

3.     Increase the well-being on the Surrey Campus

  • I have started the discussion on creating a safer environment for people in need on the Surrey Campus
  • Establish a systematic relationship with the Women’s Center and the Health & Counselling Services on the Surrey Campus.
  • Increase funds for the establishment of a greater presence for the Women’s Centre and Out On Campus at the Surrey Campus.

Thank you friends, for reading my platform and I hope that you will consider me as a valid candidate for your 2016/17 FCAT Representative!

Have a wonderful day,

Prab Bassi

Questions: prabjitb@sfu.ca

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