• Juvina Angelica Silvestre

Hello  everyone,

My  name  is  Juvina  Silvestre  and  I’m  running  as the  next  Faculty  of  Communication,   Art and Technology  (FCAT)  Representative  for  SFSS.  I am  a  4th  year  undergrad   pursuing  my degree in  Communication  with  a  minor  in  Business.  I want  to  become  a   part  of  SFSS because  I believe  in  the  benefits  of  strengthening  student relationships   within  FCAT  and facilitating initiatives  that  help  them  transition  to professional   work  more  effectively.


Communication  and  Events  Assistant  ||  FCAT  Dean’s  Office

This  position  helped  me  understand  FCAT  on  a  much  deeper  level  –through  being   involved  and  having  a  voice  in  meetings  with  staff,  faculty  members,  DSU  Presidents   and  the  current  FCAT  Representative,  and  organizing  the  biggest  event  within  the   department  –  The  FCAT  Undergraduate  Conference  (UGC)  (www.sfu.ca/fcat/ugc).

Through  the  opportunity  of  being  the  main  organizer  of  the  event,  I  showed  how   capable  I  am  working  alone  and  within  a  team.  I  was  responsible  for  all  aspects  of   the conference  except  poster  and  program  design  work  (e.g.  student  outreach,   online/print promotion,  scheduling,  coordinating  with  student  presenters,  and   hosting  the  alumni interview  panel).  I  demonstrated  high  levels  of  initiative,   organization,  attention  to  detail, and  adaptability  to  new  environments.

In  this  Communication  position,  I  also  met  and  learned  about  the  concerns  and   success of  students  at  department/DSU  events,  on  FCAT  social  media  channels,  and from student stories  on  the  FCAT  Blog.

Platform  Social  Media  Case  Competition  2016  Operations  Manager

Platform  Social  Media  Case  Competition  2017  Chair  ||  The  Social  Media  Network   Club  (SMN)  at  SFU

For  two  consecutive  years,  I  was  the  executive  and  project  lead  of  an  intercollegiate   competition  called  Platform.  Leading  a  team  of  6  students  and  partnering  up  with  Mobi  Bikes,  we  had  30  competitors.


[Unite  FCAT]

The  FCAT  programs  are  spread  among  all  four  campus  areas  of  SFU.  I  plan  on   facilitating  initiatives  that  bridge  students  across  academic  disciplines,  specifically   by:

1)  Hosting  cross-­?departmental  events  that  are  fun,  social,  but  also  meaningful,  and

2)  Establishing  a  mentorship  program  for  current  FCAT  students  who  are  trying  to
switch  majors  within  the  faculty.    Students  who  are  in  the  process  of  transitioning  to   another  program  within  FCAT  will  be  connected  with  a  senior  student  from  that   program  to  help  them  adapt  to  the  new  community  and  campus  more  efficiently.

[Increase  Core  Course  Offering  in  All  3  Semesters]

My  goal  is  to  advocate  for  more  class  selections.    Especially  in  Communication  and   SIAT,  core  course  class  selections  are  limited  throughout  the  year.    Without  the  right   amount  of  resources,  undergrads  are  struggling  to  complete  1st-­?2nd  year  mandatory   courses  before  third/forth  year.

[Transitioning  to  the  Workforce]

I  hope  to  provide  further  opportunities  that  would  prepare  students  for  specific   professional  work  settings.  In  addition  to  organizing  FCAT  specific  workshops,  I  will   ensure  that  students  are  aware  of  the  many  events  available  to  SFU  students  in   general.

Thank  you  kindly  for  your  time!

If  you  have  any  questions  about  my  goals  should  I  get  elected,  please  do  not  hesitate to contact me via email at jsilvest@sfu.ca