Melissa Lee

Hi, my name is Melissa Lee and I am a third year Education and Psychology student, planning to go into the PDP program. I am currScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.45.03 AMently the Council representative for Education, an executive for the Education Student Association (ESA) student union, and sitting on a couple of SFSS committees, as well as volunteering for various events organized through the SFSS. I have found it rewarding to represent Education students in these contexts and would love to continue ensuring that all Education students in the faculty are well-represented, engaged, and informed.


The Faculty of Education is so diverse, with students of all ages, in various stages of their lives and of their degrees, in numerous programs, and across all three campuses. I believe that if elected, I would be a student representative who can clearly communicate with Education students in easily understood terms and advocate for their needs and interests. I want to leave SFU knowing that I have improved student life and made a lasting positive impact both within the Faculty of Education and the university as a whole.


  • Run social events more frequently for Education students to interact with each other

  • Support the Education Student Association (ESA) student union in recruiting new members and organizing events/projects of interest to Education students

  • Provide valuable opportunities to engage with knowledgeable PDP students, professors, and staff within the Faculty of Education

  • Foster more interaction between the Faculty of Education and other faculties, as well as with SFSS clubs and student unions


  • Promote opportunities to vote, advocate, discuss, and provide input/feedback on matters affecting all Education students and SFSS members

  • Assist with events, projects, campaigns, and initiatives for the SFU community, and advertising opportunities for Education students to get involved

  • Make sure that Education is well-represented on SFSS committees, Council, and the SFU community in general

  • Be approachable and easily reachable to any Education students who have questions, concerns, or thoughts they would like to share and discuss

    • Host office hours in the Education building at Burnaby and at the Surrey and Vancouver campuses, in addition to the SFSS Board Offices


  • Organize an email newsletter summarizing important events, news, and opportunities happening within the Faculty of Education, the SFSS, and the university

  • Create opportunities (ex. short web surveys, discussion/dialogue events) to ensure that all Education students are consulted on important issues and decisions

  • Be clear, concise, and easy-to-understand when sharing information and answering questions

    • Increase interest and awareness of the purposes and activities of the Board of Directors and the SFSS

  • Utilize the faculty’s social media platforms (ex. Facebook, Twitter) to improve outreach and engage Education students in an accessible manner


  • Plan career/networking fairs and academic info sessions for all Education students to attend

  • Contact organizations and schools in the community about work/volunteer opportunities available to all Education students, in conjunction with the faculty

  • Provide campus/personal enrichment opportunities, such as guest speakers, workshops, and conferences


  • Ensure Education students have a space of their own to study and collaborate with others (a larger departmental common room, priority for booking rooms in the Education building, etc.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at mla142@sfu.ca!