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John Ragone

Photo of John Ragone

Photo of John Ragone

My name is John Ragone and I’m an Educational Psychology student working towards the secondary level stream of PDP. I truly want to see more resources and support given back to undergraduate students in our faculty because until this last year, there wasn’t much happening for us! That’s why I got involved. I sit on the faculty council as the undergraduate representative and I am President of the Education Student Association. This year I have led the organization of several education events, worked with the Health Advisory Committee to give  undergrad feedback to our dean regarding EDB’s upcoming renovations and have begun working on creating an Award for professional programs’ practicum to help pay for class supplies. As your potential future education rep, I want to do more of this.

Some specific goals regarding education students are:

  • Turn our departmental student union (the ESA) into a faculty student union for increased funding for our events and resources
  • Further develop and build the Education Student Association (ESA)
  • Create greater professional program support from the Student Society so that their fees benefit them directly

My goals regarding the SFSS as a whole:

  • Want to work with the SFSS to significantly improve the communication of SFSS resources and events to increase student awareness
  • Help with planning more collaborative events to further strengthen the SFU community.

If you believe in this vision, vote for me, JOHN RAGONE, on March 22nd.