• Jamie Zhu (Brighter SFU)

Hi everyone! My name is Jamie Zhu, and this year I am running to be your Education Representative on the Board of Directors for the Simon Fraser Student Society.

I am currently in my third year in the education faculty and am completing a triple minor in curriculum and development, early childhood education, and learning and developmental disabilities. I am extremely passionate about education, and I believe I have the attitude, skills and dedication to improve the student lives of those in our faculty.

This year, I am committed to providing opportunities for students to build and improve on the education faculty’s engagement within itself, Simon Fraser, as well as out with the whole undergraduate population.

I believe that SFU and the SFSS have the tools to help facilitate an active engagement that I believe many students crave. Entering a large University like SFU can be daunting for many new students. I would like to put into place a mentorship program for new students in our faculty to help them navigate this confusing time as well as start building relationships from the ground up. Mentors would be in charge of helping students select courses, provide insight about services on campus, as well as find and recognize opportunities to become involved in the faculty. Also, in continuing the great work of the current Education representative, I would like to further dedicate my time to work with the Education Student Association and faculty members in creating more of these opportunities for students and staff to come together and engage. As one of the smaller faculties, I believe there is a wonderful opportunity within Education to create a strong community. I believe that a well-rounded education is not completed purely with academics, but necessitates the building of lasting connections with both students and staff.

In the SFSS, I believe there needs to be a bigger push for students to recognize its role in governance as well as its potential to have what they need to enjoy their diverse student lives. I believe this can be accomplished through a focus on the SFSS’s role for new students during welcome week, and a more reciprocal relationship between board members – especially faculty representatives, and SFU students. I believe that apathy in engagement is a weakness on the part of our school and not the students. Through attendance and tuition fees, all people have equally valid opinions on the on goings of our school and it is a responsibility of the board that a more diverse set of opportunities are given for them to be heard.

I truly believe that Simon Fraser and the SFSS have what it takes to make the lives of students better, and as your representatives, we would be to be held accountable for making that change happen. I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to recognize and exercise the privilege we have to vote, because together we truly can make a difference. I hope to receive your support!

*remainder of platform omitted due to word limit*