Monique Ataei


My name is Monique Ataei and I am running for the Faculty of Environment Representative. I havemonique1_face had the privilege of being the faculty representative for what will soon be a year and I can continue to accomplish more with another new year.

I began with the intention of promoting faculty events, fostering a stronger community and engaging students on campus. I am happy to see that our faculty has been entertaining more faculty trips, educational seminars and social events than before I was first elected.

If I am re-elected for a consecutive year, I plan to continue what I’ve been doing best. I hope our faculty community spirit becomes even stronger and we will continue or organize more group events. Our team spirit will allow for more mutual success for all of us. There should be more opportunity for students from various departments within our faculty to share ideas, research issues and success stories.

A recent survey initiated by the geography student union found that many students complained about the lack of social activities and bonding time outside of the classroom. I plan to continue to alleviate classroom stress and increase inter-student relations with extra-curricular events and organizations.

With the help of DSU members and other key people I have already organized a trip for the faculty to Whistler, held a pub night that provided free beer and food, and held various faculty meetings.

With my re-election I will continue to grow within my position so that our faculty and students can grow as well. I was the GSU co-chair prior to my election so I have considerable experience.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at moniqueataei@gmail.com