Tesicca Truong

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Hey SFU!

My name is Tesicca Truong and I’m running to be your Environment Representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society.

I am running because I care deeply about students, our university and about sustainability! I have experience representing students both within SFU and the greater community:

  • Chair of the Sustainable SFU Board of Directors, where I also sit on the Grant Allocation & Fund Development Committee, Governance Committee and Finance & Audit Committee
  • As an elected Student Senator, I spoke out in support and voted for the new Bachelor of Environment degree starting in Fall 2014 or 2015
  • Represented student voice on the Senate Committee onUndergraduate Priorities (SCUP)
  • Active member of the Environmental Science Student Union (EVSCSU) and served as the Interdepartmental Representative for the EVSCSU during Fall 2013
  • Appointed as the only undergraduate student on SFU’s newly formed Tasked Force on Flexible Education
  • As the youngest member of the City of Vancouver’s Engaged City Task Force, I organized a Co-Design engagement event for youth at Vancouver City Hall and co-created the Quickstart and Final Report.

My goal is very simple – to make SFU a happy campus! I intend to create a happy, healthier and more sustainable SFU by:

  • Creating a unified Environment Student Society by connecting the 3 DSUs to represent all students in the Faculty of Environment
  • Empowering more students by providing more opportunities for student leadership and organizing the first ever SFROSH (Sustainable Frosh) in the Lower Mainland
  • Advocating BuildSFU to design our Student Union Building to be leading sustainable buildings

Ultimately, my job as Environment Representative will be to represent your concerns and ideas to your student society. I am always open to chatting and learning more about you and your priorities.

Feel free to connect with me:

Tesicca Truong