Christine Dyson

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My name is Christine Dyson and I’m running to be your Environment Representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society. I am a fourth year Environmental Geography student and I’m also working towards attaining my SIS certificate.

I am running because I care deeply about the faculty, university-relevant environmental issues, and student engagement as a whole.  My involvement within the SFU community includes the following roles:

  • I currently stand as Co-Chair for the Geography Student Union, which works to provide events and opportunities for students within the department

  • I have helped to organize events such as Career Nights, and Experiential learning trips which offer students opportunities to gain knowledge and experience outside of a classroom context

  • I have participated in the 7-minute majors program, which helps inform undeclared students about your program (in my case geography)

  • I currently stand as the President for the SFU Rowing Club, which is a growing team that year after year attends more competitive events and gains greater recognition

Being involved within the SFU community over the years in a variety of different roles makes me the ideal candidate for this position.

My 3 main goals as Environment Representative include:

  • Collaborate with all 3 Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) to create a more unified Faculty of environment. This includes having events where students can come out, meet one another and get to know their respective DSU’s and representatives.

  • Advocate for environmental issues that are relevant to all three campuses, and important to the student body. I want to ensure these issues are being readily heard and represented on the board.

  • Push for stronger input regarding courses, and ensuring this feedback is brought forth to the faculty. This would include addressing issues of course offerings and class sizes.

Additionally, I seek to accomplish these broader goals as a board member:

  • Assist the SFSS Board of directors and staff in encouraging greater activity in clubs and DSUs

  • Advocate for issues and events that will enhance students’ university experience

  • Create a better sense of community that fosters inclusivity across all three campuses

In the end, my job as Environment Representative is to ensure your concerns and ideas are brought forth and represented within the SFSS. If you have any ideas, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!


Thank you,



Deven Azevedo

This candidate withdrew on March 11th 2015