2016 Fall By-Election

Supreet Malhi

Hi friends!

My name is Supreet Malhi, and I’m a 4th year Environmental Science student running for the position of Environment Representative.  I am also a photographer, Ultimate player, hiker, avid pun-lover, and I coach youth sports.  My previous experience working environment-related jobs coupled with my above passions have made me truly fall in love with the environment, nature, and the outdoors.  Therefore, I strongly believe I can make a measurable and impactful positive difference in students’ lives so that everyone can fall a little more (or a lot more!) in love with the environment.

My platform is simple, addresses students and student needs, and exists on three pillars: INVOLVE.  INSPIRE.  ENGAGE.

Involving students is a powerful way to address environmental issues.  We’re the ones who will be impacted tomorrow by the decisions made today.   Therefore, I believe students from all faculties and unions should be involved when it comes to the environment, and I plan on having constant engagement with students about environmental issues on campus and beyond.  This will allow students to arm themselves with the knowledge they need about to participate in dialogue about everything from the mountain pine beetle to oil tank farm expansion, and many more environmental issues.

Since “the environment” is such a large entity, finding something you’re passionate about is inevitable, but I understand that it can be daunting.  That’s why I would like to build upon the “Involve” pillar by offering students opportunities to try new, environment-related activities.   I will be advocating for organized nature walks, hikes, snowshoeing, volunteering opportunities, projects with environment and conservation organizations, and chances to work and play in the environment.  I strongly believe because those opportunities can inspire our entire student body to enjoy, protect, and be involved within our broader community, and within our environment, as well as contributing positively to the health and well-being of all students.

Involving and inspiring students will hopefully lead to engaging students in topics of the environment.   I envision students bringing their ideas forward on how to make SFU more environmentally friendly.   If all 24,000 of you come knocking at my door with your ideas, I want to hear them all.  Protecting the environment is a team effort, and for that reason, I will do everything within my power to bring the Faculty of Environment DSUs together, and have them engage with each other and the greater student body.  Working together across campuses and across faculties to generate ideas will be integral to achieving Simon Fraser University’s 2021 Sustainability Goals, while simultaneously making a positive difference in the world.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this.  I would like to finish with a request for your help: I will be running a paperless campaign, and so social media will be integral to my success.   Please follow me on Twitter (@bambimalhi), on Instagram (@supreetmalhi), or, add me on Facebook.  Remember: Voting takes place from November 15 to November 17!  I look forward to engaging with you!

Thadoe Wai


My name is Thadoe Wai, and I am running for the position of Faculty of Environment Representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society! I am a fourth year Environmental Science student, specifically in the Water Science stream.

Simon Fraser University has established a set of goals as part of its institution-wide Sustainability Strategic Plan to step forward to an eco-friendly future. I am running as Environment Rep because I wish to help bring this vision into reality.

Throughout my time at SFU, I have been involved with the student community in the following roles:

– Co-Chair for the Environmental Science Student Union, in which I have taken up other roles before such as secretary (Fall 2014-Spring 2015), and SFSS Council Representative (Spring 2016).

– Relations Committee Member and as a peer educator in training for EMBARK, a non-profit student society which aims to bring about sustainable entrepreneurship at SFU.

– At-Large Representative for The Peak’s Board of Directors (Fall 2015-Spring 2016)

As current co-chair of the Environmental Science Student Union, my course of action is to work with members of the other DSUs to help enrich the experience of the Faculty’s student body. This includes organising field trips, cleanup projects, and other activities and events where students can connect and learn together.

My goal as Environment Representative is to instill a stronger sense of community at SFU, improve the flow of university life, and nurture a student body that welcomes all hearts and minds. My course of action as Environment Representative is –

– Support SFU in achieving the 2021 sustainability goals proposed in the SFU Sustainability Office’s new Strategic Plan

– Improve cooperation amongst the four DSUs and build a thriving and unified student body within the Faculty of Environment

– Address potential environmental concerns across all three campuses to safeguard the health and wellbeing of members of the SFU community

– Improve insight with regard to courses pertaining to the Faculty to help students in their academic progress.

Overall, as Faculty of Environment Representative I wish to serve members of SFU to the best of my ability, and voice your ideas, concerns, and opinions to the Student Society. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: