Yun Oh

Hello, fellow colleagues!

My name is Yun Oh, current chair of Environmental Science student union, and I would like to let everyone know that I am running for the position of Faculty of Environment Representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society. I am currently a third-year Environmental Science student, with a concentration in the Water Science stream.

My platform for this election is to address the faculty of the environment to come together as a whole and there will be key components of change in a student environment, active community involvement, a collaboration between faculties, and better interaction between professors and students.

First of all, there will be major changes in safety for the students, where I will work rigorously to create an environment that is like home to students. I will attempt to also increase more gardens and connection with nature as well.

There will be more active community involvement to clean up streams, environmental seminars to enlighten them with environmental knowledge, and better community party to celebrate certain occasions.

More collaboration between faculties will be encouraged to plan bigger events that students can participate. As a promise, I will work on a trip for the students in the faculty of environments can participate. I would love to hear from Archaeology, Geography, Resource and Environmental Management, and Environmental Science for some great ideas.

Lastly, I hope to improve the communication and interaction between professors and students through events and gatherings. This will allow students to learn from professionals in the fields and also gain valuable insights into a future career.

The dream of faculty unification must become a reality and I ask all the talented individuals to lend a help. As a single individual, we cannot accomplish small feats, but as a united struggle to improve our school and we will no longer just complain about the life at Simon Fraser University.

Sincerely, Yun Oh