Estefania Duran (estef.duran@gmail.com)


My name is Estefania Duran and I am running for the position of External Relations Officer. I am a third year Political Science student at SFU and previously attended Capilano University. I was born and raised in Mexico, however from the very first moment I came to Canada many years ago I knew this is where I wanted to be. My plan is to stay here in Canada and eventually work within the Canadian government, but first I must start with our school!

Many times I’ve heard complaints and concerns from students of matters that not only could, but also should be improved at SFU; unfortunately, many of these students have ceased to make an effort to be heard and just wish for their years at school to come to an end. It should not be this way, especially when many students end up with an absurd amount of debt just to attend SFU in the first place. Also, considering the unbelievable amount of time students spend on campus, they should at least be pleased with their experience. This is why I want to be ERO, because I know that change is possible if you have the right attitude, and believe me when I tell you that my stubbornness and perseverance will not let you down.

I am currently the Finance Director of the Canadian Political Science Student Association (CPSSA), and the Treasurer of the Political Science Student Union (PSSU), involvements that I believe will contribute to my performance and understanding of the ERO position.

Student Debt

When traveling to Victoria for the CPSSA annual meeting, I made a point of getting to know people from universities all across Canada, students who are very active in their communities and involved with unions at their schools. Having strong contacts from other universities will help broaden the horizons of SFU’s and will facilitate further networking and involvement with numerous schools; particularly when referring to student debt, a subject shared by all students no matter their institution, and a subject in which stronger external relations will surely be beneficial. Together with other schools, the pressure on Candidates to build Education friendly platforms can be much more substantial. Supporting the spirit of events such as “Unite for public education” will be of utmost importance for the continuity of the student society and its ongoing projects.

Promoting cultural Diversity

Living in a city like Vancouver, we all understand the importance of multiculturalism. I myself have always felt welcomed and this is a feeling I would like all students to share. Therefore I will not only continue to support events such as “World Cultures Day”, but also encourage and seek ways for students to continue to learn and appreciate other cultures.

Student community and the SFSS

I believe the SFSS has been doing great things for SFU, and I would love to be part of this great effort! Students deserve to be represented by their union, and this is why I want to do my best as External Relations Officer. I will stress good communication between the students and the SFSS, in addition to working as a liaison between the Society and other student unions. And if this speech doesn’t convince you, you should try my enchiladas!

Thank you for your support!

Feel free to contact me at: estef.duran@gmail.com

Brian Misera (bsm5@sfu.ca)

Dear SFU Students,

In case you’re not entirely sure, the External Relations Officer (ERO) has “contact with outside organizations including direct contact with the government and also [networks] with other universities and student societies around the country. …[The position] involves some flexibility in the projects the ERO chooses to undertake (http://elections.sfss.ca/society/positions/).” Having said that, my plan, if elected, is as follows:

  • 1) I want to organize regular free food events like the pancake breakfast (burgers, yogurt, juice, etc. – send me your ideas). There are simply not enough of them. My bigger long-term goal is to have discounted food options on campus available every single day. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of being treated like a customer on campus. Universities should be there for the students NOT for businesses trying to make ridiculous sums of profit off of us (the bookstore is the worst). This long-term goal requires large group, possibly country-wide demonstrations, which is very possible if everyone gets involved. That is why it’s so important for you to vote!
  • 2) I want to reduce fees for club memberships. I wanted to join several clubs but each of them required $100 plus just to join for the semester. I thought this was included in my outrageous tuition fees, but sadly I’m wrong. A plan needs to be developed so that more people are actually able to join clubs. Don’t you agree?
  • 3) I want to create a thriving campus life. This place is dead. I want to hold events that entice students to get to know one another, so that you feel at home here with a great group of friends waiting for you in every lecture. One idea I had was to start a “Be Incredibly Social” event at the start of each semester. Each participant has a sheet, with necessary information to be filled out about other people. You’ll be eager to go around campus talking to classmates and other students, and hey if everyone is doing it, this place starts to brighten up instantly. Plus, I would need further incentives so I would make sure great prizes are available, even if it means I have to hold a fundraiser on my own, I want this event to happen regularly. Does this interest you?
  • 4) Study habit events. Your academic success is vital to your future. Having trouble doing homework? Leave studying to the last minute? Well there should be workshops for that. I know these are offered, but these should be occurring regularly throughout the semester. In the long-run, I want to start an SFU student web forum where people exchange ideas, study techniques, etc. I think this would be very successful and it’s another place for us to interact with and get to know each other.
  • 5) Tuition. Yes, tuition hikes keep happening because we aren’t actively doing anything about it. The government can implement any tuition hikes it wants UNLESS we organize large group protests that clearly demonstrate that we will not accept these conditions any longer. As ERO, I can organize country-wide protests with other universities, and encourage everyone on campus to come out. It will require very little effort on your part. I simply need your support, because without you, these are just ideas.

Essentially, I want to make you are aware that we can make a huge impact on our well being. Going to school shouldn’t leave one penniless and stressed out. It should be fun and relaxing so that we can be as well. What better mindset to be in when we study? Come out, vote, be a part of progress.

Your hopeful ERO hopeful,

Brian Misera

Kevin Zhang (kwz@sfu.ca)

Advocacy .

Accountability .

Accessibility .

These are values that any ERO will agree unarguably.

Hello. I am Kevin Zhang and based on the above principles, I am running for SFSS External Relations Officer (ERO). The following is what I am committed to change:

  1. Increase education quality by reducing class sizes and allowing earlier registration dates. This can be done with stronger government funding.
  2. Better transit system. SFU students wait on average 30 years a day for buses to school. Over 90% of buses are late on SFU Burnaby campus. I am committed to lobbying Translink at its headquarter and making badges for students that say “you are late” to show to late bus drivers.
  3. Promote campus awareness of government policies that will affect all Canadians. As students of Canada’s #1 comprehensive university, we have power to say YES or NO to policies such as the Internet Usage Billing.

Here is how I will adhere to what I mentioned above:


  • Lobby government and political parties by inviting them to compete for SFU students’ support. It is time for the government to stop bullying students by cutting our education funds.
  • Lobby and push Translink to provide better transit services to students. Reducing carbon foot print is no excuse for sluggish services. After all, our time is just as valuable as the environment around us.


  • Help implement more effective and advanced cost management practices.


  • Open door policy: With more office hours in all 3 campuses, I will have a higher chance to improve student life.

Be part of the change. With your support, we will not only improve our quality of education, but also leaving a legacy for future SFU generations to share.