Nate Larsen

My name is Nate Larsen I am a fourth year Communications major. It would be an honour to serve my fellow students on the SFSS Board of Directors by acting as the eyes, ears, and voice of the Society. My experience as an ambassador with Canada World Youthbefore coming to SFU as well as my participation with the Canadian Green Building Council and SFU Football make me a worthy candidate for Executive Office.

One of my favorite clichés is that “It’s not about what you know, but who you know”. If elected as your External Relations Officer, my primary goal is to network and build stronger relationships with academic & community organizations, businesses, all three levels of government, and other universities. These relationships will help us gain momentum in current Advocacy Committee campaigns and lay the foundation for future endeavors like Build SFU. I am confident that these relationships will also foster a stronger sense of community on campus as well as bolster SFU’s reputation. We have such a golden opportunity here – let’s not miss it.

On a personal note, I want to spend my final year at SFU building a legacy that we can all look back on in 30 years and be really proud of. I love this school, I love all of you who’ve taken the time to read this, and if elected I promise you I will put my entire heart into this project.

James Hankinson

Community engagement, participation, and service are the foundations on which social sustainability and prosperity rely, and I am convinced they are the means through which authentic community is found.

As External Relations Officer my priority will be to help facilitate SFU students in findingways to become better involved within their communities through engagement and service, whether that be in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, etc. This will involve the establishment of strategic relationships between the Simon Fraser Student, specific SFU clubs, and non-governmental organizations/charities within the greater Vancouver area, creating avenues through which students can easily get connected, as we seek to engage the world and communities around us.

In the format of clubs day, I would work to host an event in which non-governmental organizations and charities from around the lower mainland convene upon SFU, hosting tables and taking time to discuss possible volunteer/work opportunities. Concurrently, I would work with fellow students to host informal dialogue sessions with professionals working for the social and economic benefit of others in the lower mainland. As External Relations Officer I would start an online journal through which students could submit papers and ideas about how best to engage with communities locally and globally, to improve our lives, and the lives of those around us.

In addition, I would further work with the student body to advocate concerns and liaison with external organizations and the government in benefit of student interest.

Stephanie Boulding

Hi there!

My name’s Stephanie Boulding, and I’m a second-year Econ/Poli. Sci joint major. I’m running for ERO on the Renew SFU slate, and I thought I’d take this space to let you know a little bit about me and why I think I’m the most qualified candidate for the position.


I come from a history of advocacy work, both outside and at SFU. Growing up, I was heavily involved in Interact, the youth arm of Rotary International, acting as an executive (and eventually President) of my local chapter for three years.

At SFU, I’ve been an active volunteer with the Rotunda groups, in particular Out on Campus (and to a lesser extent the Women’s Centre). I’ve overseen and run outreach and advocacy programs through these organizations, but it’s another set of advocacy experiences I want to talk about in particular.

Put simply: I am the only candidate for ERO with experience of sitting on the SFSS Advocacy Committee. This gives me an advantage over the three other candidates – part of the ERO’s job is to chair the Advocacy committee and steer it in a positive direction, both of which I feel myself fully capable of.

Over the last five months, I’ve taken a larger position on the Advocacy committee, and was a heavy volunteer with the highly successful Where’s The Funding campaign, especially during both the large on-campus events in both November and February. If you vote for me, you’re voting for my history and an experienced understanding of how to design and target Advocacy Committee events to the student body.

Campus Community

Too often we hear allegations that SFU lacks a campus community. While I personally don’t agree with this statement (the vibrance and strength of our clubs, DSUs and constituency groups, all of which I am continually impressed by, contradict it), I view as one of my priorities a thorough investigation into how to bring this sense of community to many of SFU’s students.

Whether that means focusing Advocacy’s lens to work better with (and coordinate more with) clubs, DSUs and other student organizations or just supporting large-scale projects to build community, you can bet that I’m the one for the job.

External Relations

Part of the ERO’s job involves keeping the Society and government, outside organizations and other schools on friendly terms. As a naturally outgoing and professional person, I’ll have no problem organizing these types of connections. I’ve already had some experience with this in being part of the Where’s The Funding campaign – I’ve got strong personal links with several other provincial student societies, and I know my way about the Legislature.

Renew SFU

I’m also part of the Renew SFU slate. As such, there are certain values I hold dear which I share with the rest of the slate; responsible government, the idea that all students should feel represented by their Society, the importance of intra-disciplinary collaboration and seeking out other students who want to create positive change on their campus.

Go over it again?

Gladly! To put it bluntly, I’m the best-qualified candidate for ERO. I have the experience in Advocacy, and I want to use that to represent the Society to the best extent. I have the skills to succeed in other environments with new exciting challenges, and want to use that experience to make SFU a more engaging community at all levels of commitment. Thank you for reading!

Meaghan Wilson

My name is Meaghan Wilson and I’m a fourth year English Major who is double Minoring in Psychology and Publishing, in addition to a Certificate in Rhetoric for my Undergraduate Degree. My educational journey has forced me to develop a multifaceted perspective that takes into account a variety of different factors when assessing any single question. Not only am I pursuing a Degree across faculties, but I am also a newly admitted member to Senate where I represent a vast majority of the student body.

My platform is as follows:

  • If elected, I hope to lobby the NCAA so that more SFU club athletic teams may garner NCAA status. Many of these teams compete and train at a varsity level despite that they are only funded at a club level. To support their pricey club dues, many of these athletes must work extra part-time jobs on top of both their academic and athletic responsibilities to SFU each semester. If these teams joined the NCAA they could only improve their already highly competitive standings.
  • I believe that the best way to improve a product is to contrast other similar such entities to seek alternatives. If elected, I will foster relationships with other student societies for the betterment of the SFSS. Nothing is perfection, and therefore everything can be modified. I wish to encourage relationships with other successful University student societies so that SFU students may receive the best possible experience.
  • “Almost every significant breakthrough is the result of a courageous break with traditional ways of thinking” (Stephen Covey). If elected, I promise to foster this notion by creating new alternatives to the traditional advocacy campaign events. I believe that being an active member of the campus community need not be an arduous task, but can, alternatively, be fun. It is through these events that I will help build a sense of community: SFU Pride. University involves both the social and academic worlds and can only improve when its members can advocate for its product. If SFU loves SFU then how could our brand, Degrees, not be considered gold?
  • If elected, I will increase the transparency because the SFSS is yours. Thus far in my campaign, I have proven myself capable of opening myself up to both the SFU community and the external web 2.0. I am using several social media forms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter so that I may engage with the student body regardless of my current geographical location. So that I may foster personal contact as well, I am “tweeting” my on campus locations so that students may speak with me directly.
  • And finally, while I do believe that protesting demonstrates a unified cause, I also believe that as members of the academic community we must learn how to rectify our issues with both diplomacy and grace. I believe that there are improved means to dealing with the issue of lowering tuition than simply proposing protests. Part of my campaign was to emphasize Marshall Macluhan’s quote: “the medium is the message.” If elected, I promise to use a variety of different forms of communication to promote change that integrates both the student body and myself into one effective message.
  • I believe that all aspects of my platform are interchangeable. Much like my Degree which emphasizes an interdisciplinary perspective; my platform requires the amalgamation of all issues to satisfy any single one goal. I would like to note, however, that if elected the key will not be to prioritize what’s on my schedule, but to schedule all of my priorities. I promise to schedule all aspects of my platform and address each one appropriately.

    We can’t count on a federation to stand up for us, we must elect an ERO who can represent the students of Simon Fraser University to higher office and one who can bring the student voices to external bodies. “You can’t stop the future; You can’t rewind the past; The only way to learn the secret is to press play” (Jay Asher). Vote Meaghan Wilson for ERO… Just do it.

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Imk69YPOn4
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/380044342005747/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/wilson4ero