Chardaye Bueckert


My name is Chardaye Bueckert and I am a third year Political Science Major and Legal Studies IMG_6010Minor. I am the current President of the Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS), SFU’s largest Faculty Student Union. I am also the Vice President, Finance and active member of the SFU Debate Society.


I want to be the SFSS External Relations Officer because my terms as Executives of SASS and Debate are ending in March and I am looking for a new opportunity to make SFU a better place for students. I have spent nearly two years volunteering at SFU, demonstrating that I am dedicated to working on behalf of my fellow students, and that I am interested in being ERO for more than a resume filler or a pay check.


More importantly, I want to be ERO because I am an ideal candidate. The External Relations Officer position is about being an advocate by petitioning government for student interests and working with other universities and external organizations, with the help of the Advocacy Committee. I am aware of the workings of student government and have a great deal of experience organizing and mobilizing other volunteers. My Political Science background has familiarized me with provincial and federal government, and my experience with debate has made me eager to speak up convincingly in any setting. Finally, this position has a wide mandate, requiring a driven and pragmatic candidate. My specific and achievable goals listed below demonstrate that my campaign is much more than buzzwords, and that I will use my year as ERO to meaningfully improve the SFU student experience.


More information about me, including a full volunteer resume, is available during campaign period (February 25, 12 pm to March 11, 11 59 pm) at the Chardaye for ERO Facebook Event or on Twitter @ChardayeforERO.


Increased transit at peak times and in neglected areas


We’ve all felt the despair of having a full bus fly past us, leaving us late for class and usually standing in the pouring rain. More buses are required during peak times. This problem is especially bad for the 145. Also, the 143 from Coquitlam does not run on weekends, frustrating students with weekend classes or exams. As ERO, I would obtain further feedback from students about what the major transit issues are, and with the help of the Advocacy Committee, lobby Translink to make improvements.


Reduced Student Union Building (SUB) cost to students through ethical sponsorship


There is a definite need for more student space at SFU, and the SUB will help address this problem. The SUB will cost $65 million dollars, paid for by a student levy which escalates by $10 per year. This issue is especially important to first year students, who will be contributing the highest amount to the SUB initiative. While the SUB is a great initiative, the cost to students can be reduced. I will work with the Build SFU Steering Committee, and consult University Advancement, who pursue sponsorship professionally, to devise a practical sponsorship strategy. The sponsorship pursued will have to adhere to SFSS Administrative Policy-15, Corporate Sponsorship, which lays down guidelines that prevent affiliations with companies that abuse human rights, harm the environment, etc. The SUB cost to students will be reduced, without compromising the values of the SFSS and the students it represents.


(AP-15: http://www.sfss.ca/sites/default/files/documents/SFSS_Policy_to_04-30-11.pdf).


Reduced textbook costs and more free e-textbooks


To say textbooks are expensive is an understatement, especially when purchased new. Aggravating this problem is a lack of free e-textbooks. While the BC Provincial Government recently released free e-copies of the 100 most popular university textbooks, this program must be encouraged and expanded. The SFU Bookstore is currently looking to make changes, and I will take an active role in this process to ensure student interests are represented as the Bookstore evolves. With the help of Advocacy I will also pursue the release of more free e-textbooks to reduce the cost of being a student and support eco-friendly alternatives to paper books.


Increased student engagement and consultation


While the words “engagement” and ”consultation” get thrown around A LOT at SFU, I will meaningfully pursue them over my term as ERO. For instance, did you know that 1000 parking spots on campus in G Lot have been lost? I want to know what you think about what we should do about it. Did you know that SFSS Board Meetings are open to everyone? I will continue to push for more transparency and to find out what students think about issues that affect them. Further, I will work to engage students with the SFSS through various initiatives, such as an International Democracy Day Event and ”Introduction to Student Government” workshops to address the sometimes intimidating process of getting involved.


Thank you for taking the time to read my platform!


If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at chardayeforero@gmail.com, and be sure to check out the Chardaye for ERO Facebook Event or look for me on Twitter @ChardayeforERO.



Tracy Luong

My name is Tracy Luong and I am currently the SFSS Health Sciences Representative. In this role, I Picture1successfully advocated on behalf of health sciences students for an online appointment system for advising (as opposed to drop-in advising) and have worked to increase skill development opportunities for student union and club executives (particularly workshops). I am also working to increase the Society’s communication with its membership through feedback surveys, and am a member of the advocacy and granting committees. Additionally, from my work on the Student Health Advocacy/Advisory Committee (SHAC), I am familiar with the concerns of students regarding social connectedness, mental health and the lack of a campus community. As a mentor for incoming health sciences students, I am aware of the variety of supports available at SFU.

From these experiences, I have in-depth knowledge of the resources available within the SFSS and outside it. As External Relations Officer (ERO), I will continue to build on my work this year, focusing on developing a communications plan and strategic vision for the organization, as well as establishing partnerships with other groups on and off-campus, where there is much potential for collaboration. I will also work to initiate campus-wide events and increase the advocacy efforts of the Society.

As ERO, I will focus on:

  • Developing a communication plan and strategic vision for the Society
  • Consulting our membership on the services and programs of the Society
  • Forming relationships with on-campus groups such as Sustainable SFU and SFPIRG and working with the constituency groups of the SFSS, such as the Women’s Centre and Out on Campus, to increase advocacy efforts of the Society
  • Continue developing skill development opportunities for departmental student union and club executives (specifically, building on the workshop initiative started this year)
  • Organizing campaigns (with an emphasis on collaboration with other groups) on student funding, transit and mental health and providing information to students on broader issues
  • Improve social connectedness by initiating events, connecting students with on-campus and off-campus opportunities to be involved, and advocating for mental health services on campus

This year on the Board of Directors has been eye opening and rewarding, but there is still more work to be done.

So choose Luong. You won’t be wrong.


Brian Misera

As External Relations Officer I will aspire to improve campus life. My plan is to:photo

1. Implement more social events so you can meet more students on campus in a friendly environment.

2. Organize more food events around exam times so you have a greater incentive to stay on campus and study.

I care for students’ wellbeing and success at SFU. A thriving campus life will make everyone feel more at home and happy.

Your hopeful ERO,

Brian Misera

Kayode Fatoba

External Relations Officer

My name is Kayode Fatoba and I love SFU. It taught me not only how to handle my liquor at social Fatoba, Kayodeevents but also that hard work, respect and integrity do not go unrecognized. I was awarded the TD Community Trust Scholarship for building a community run hospital in my village in Nigeria, establishing a free soccer program fully funded by myself to engage the youth in my rough neighbourhood in Toronto and working with the Toronto Police Department towards develop a better image and relationship between the police and numerous inner city neighbourhoods in Toronto.

My philosophy is that you can change where you come from if you don’t like it. I came to Simon Fraser University and realized there were numerous organizations competing to change the world. Therefore, I initiated iVOW to connect all clubs and individuals together. We were able to raise more than $10,000.00 for students such as Stephanie & James for Leukemia, Cancer and a fer other Causes. I was able to organize Club Mixers, Sandwich Drives, Hunger Protesting, Drought Relief, Christmas Soup Kitchen, Sweater for Change Campaign, and other protests that brought together the student body. Through iVOW I raised over $60,000.00 for a day long event to highlight Direct Assistance Network, to educational resources for young girls in Northern Ghana to attend school. The event featured a symposium with distinguished guests such as Johann Olav Koss, Andrew Petter and Clement Apaak amongst many others. We developed a working partnership with the Association of Latin American Students to host a day long soccer tournament. I was able to forge working partnerships with the mountain businesses such Club Ilia, Nature Gardens, Canada Post, Nesters, Booster Juice and a few others in the Burnaby Mountain Business Association, the SFSS, major university administrators like Peg Johnson, Tim Rahilly, Lawrence Reason, as well as major organizations on campus such as the Aids Awareness, World University Service Canada, Dzaleka Project and Engineers Without Borders, Womens Center, Out on Campus and a few others for an executive style dinner conversing about change while showcasing amazing individuals to inspire, communicate, and connect.

I initiated the African Student’s Association because of a need for a community due to the rapid increase in African students at SFU. A proposal was developed and all necessary stakeholders invited to vote on the delicate issues. Through ASA, we’ve been able to develop numerous events, which I played multiple roles in from Video design, to logo design, to budgeting as well as necessary tasks as the Vice President.

I coFounded SkyNation Systems Inc. a startup that has grown from 2 individuals to 11 and has a current estimated worth of $200,000. While in Toronto I worked with a startup called SnowJam (Campus Vacations) to provide employment for a number of students at SFU such as Kaleb Ross, who work hard in promoting excitement and community on our campus.
I am running for SFSS not just because I have up to 4 years of experience at the club and DSU level, but to create a portal that connects numerous employers, businesses & volunteer agencies with our campus, but also to provide strong, accessible, reliable, efficient and effective channel for students on issues such as tuition costs, student fees, facilities, academics, government funding, SUB, transit and increasing the level of programs we have that promote community in our university. For more info, please visit: www.kayodefatoba.com


As External Relations Officer my primary goal is to add a job category to the SFSS platform, and liaise with numerous employers and companies so that students can have an avenue where they can check for openings that are tailored to their respective degrees. It doesn’t make sense that we are working to get skills that will land us jobs to contribute to the economy and “career services” is practically hidden from students.

While I was able to bring a company from Toronto called SnowJam to SFU and give numerous students job opportunities, my belief is that there are more positions out there and I shall work to make sure that the SFSS becomes bettter than Monster.ca or other platforms in connecting students with employers. I will work to connect Career Services, Student Central and SFU in developing a more accessible avenue for both the training and search for career and employment opportunities.
As SFU continues to develop, more and more employers will start renting and negotiating contracts for business on the mountain, one of the major problems is that some of these jobs end up providing opportunities to workers from the lower mainland, as External Relations Officer, I will negotiate an increase in student position from these companies.

Through my partnership with the Burnaby Mountain Business Association I will work to initiate a series of privately funded community focused Scholarships that highlight individuals who are working to promote the image of SFU.

Continue with developments and work work to make sure all developments are communicated to the community.

The U-Pass is the most successful program we as students currently hold dearly above all. Almost all the students who do not pay their tuition on time make sure they pay their necessary fees to secure a U-Pass and it has even been widely adopted in major universities in Canada.

The current U-Pass agreement will expire March 2013, and as External Relations Officer I will work with other student societies from vancouver and British Colombia in developing a new three year U-Pass agreement, and find ways of helping students who misplace their U-Pass not to end up underserviced through the program.

I will work with the board in bettering the currently HDP we currently have.

Currently, I’ve been able to create strong connections with Schools Building Schools, World University Service of Canada, Dzaleka Project, Unicef, World Vision, Aids Awareness Network and a few others organizations that can help in facilitating ways of SFU students becoming better involved within our external communities. My goal is to take the idea of club mixers and connect numerous organizations and students with avenues for them to get involved through travel opportunities, volunteering and research opportunities as well

Yale, Princeton, Stanford, & MIT were some of the schools that Mark Zuckerberg had released Facebook to because they had a social platform that was specific to their school as worthy competition. While this is great for Zuckerberg to use in development of “The Facebook,” it also shows the importance of a social network in creating community and facilitating growth and school spirit. My goal is to create SFU’s first social platform: This means rather than just having conversations like those on Overheard SFU, Used Book Sale, Rate My Professor, Spotted Univeristy, and much more, we can develop our own private social platform that can help direct traffic to SFSS.ca

We have to build a stronger relationship between the Clan & SFSS because these entities are two most important facets of school spirit and our working together is critical. There are major athletic events that make it to the news and radio stations daily and my goal is to work with the Clan’s Athletic Association Group to develop strategies to increase media presence and participation in Clan activities & events. This will result in an increase in sponsorship deals and provide additional resources to develop our Clan’s talent pool Numerous friends of mine play on teams like Rowing that are not yet of the NCAA status, my goal is to work with the Clan’s athletic association group to develop strategies that can allow them to attain NCAA or even CIS status that will allow them more funding opportunities as they continue to represent our school.


While currently working for the election services, I’ve been able to learn a lot about the governmental system of BC and network with numerous students who are passionate about developing their province. As External Relations Officer I will serve governmental relations in lobbying, addressing and dealing with issues involving Simon Fraser University. As the External Relations Officer I will provide a strong channel for students on issues such as tuition costs, student fees, facilities, academics, government funding, transit and programs
Transit services are a constant problem for our university, either because of the long wait times, or because there is no way of getting off the mountain if one chooses to attend one of the amazing parties on campus. As External Relations Officer I will work hard for you so that we can secure funding and better service that connects the campuses.


Before initiating the African Students’ Association, I traveled to Toronto and visited the University of Toronto and York University where I spoke to the African Student’s Association of those schools in learning about their organizational structure, their constitution and much more. This knowledge was now brought back to SFU in which I was able to secure the constitution of these clubs to help in the development of ASA’s constitution.
As External Relations Officer I will work with other Student Societies in learning and representing students on issues concerning Universities across Canada and SFU policies. While SFSS is distinct from SFU, as External Relations Officer, I will continue to press that SFU includes SFSS in numerous decision making so that there can be transparency for the students on policy and governance.

As more viral videos will start testing the spirit of our university through our ability to properly represent SFU to the fullest to the external community lurking Youtube, my goal is to work in creating a fund as well as a system so students, who take their time in representing SFU’s participation in the recreation of popular memes can be properly assisted for a larger turnout. How we present ourselves through this platform is just as significant in the thousands of dollars SFU spends in bus advertisements and other forms. We should be able to compensate the individuals as well as promote the development of these initiatives to promote our campus to the fullest.
Next is to develop a way of promoting our local talents such as LUKE, Defunkit, SHAD, Dkay, Aaron Watkins, Ilhan Bond who are left working hard to promote themselves when other schools have open mics, talent shows, arts night and much more. As External Relations Officer I will work with events in BC such as Shambhala to promote the inclusion of an SFU nominated artist.

SHAD: AS External Relations Officer I WILL WORK TO BRING SHAD TO SFU.


While my role as External Relations will include advocating for numerous causes; from aboriginal issues to sustainability and tuition fees, I will make sure to communicate all developments with the student body and keep them involved. What I have learnt through iVOW is that there are numerous organizations that often overlap and the ability to bring these organizations together for a common cause might increase the ability to rectifying numerous issues. As of right now, the battle to lower tuition fees is still ongoing because countries such as Finland, Austria, Norway, Germany and Sweden have free educations and minimal student regulatory fees economy is good and their education is free? Why is it that Simon Fraser University is not part of edX, Coursera and other teaching platforms? these are some of the questions I hope to get answered as your External Relations Officer to let SFU measure it’s growth through it’s abilities to provide an educational platform not only to the immediate SFU community, but truly brand itself as literally “Engaging the World.”


The direction of SFU as a whole matters to all of us since it determines the worth and prestige of our degrees. As External Relations Officer I will work with the society to develop SFU into that symbol of greatness. Some students often get affected by the curriculum changes as well as other expansions or contractions on campus, it is important to communicate the transition of these changes to the students so that they are not majorly affected as some students are unable to pick classes for a whole semester. It is important to lobby options for these students either through written consent form the professor or through other other services that can be developed to address these issue.

Stephanie Boulding

Hi there!
My name’s Stephanie Boulding, I’m a third-year Econ/Poli. Sci joint major, and I’m running for your SFSS External Relations Officer. I thought I’d take this space to let you know a little bit about me and why I think I’m the most qualified candidate for the position.

I come from a history of advocacy work, both outside and at SFU. I’ve been a longtime member of Rotary International and its children groups, even running the South Delta/Point Roberts Interact group for two years before coming up to SFU.

At SFU, I’ve been an active volunteer with the Rotunda groups, in particular the Women’s Centre and Out On Campus. I’ve overseen and run outreach and advocacy programs through these organizations, but this isn’t even all the advocacy experience I have.

I have the most experience in advocacy of any candidate, and I feel that this makes me a greater candidate – part of the ERO’s job is to chair the Advocacy committee and steer it in a positive direction, both of which I feel myself to be fully capable of, having experienced them first-hand.
If you vote for me, you’ll be voting for experience and know-how in a way you just won’t get elsewhere.

If you take transit up the mountain, like the nearly 90% of SFU students who rely on their UPass, you know that things aren’t always perfect. If elected, I will lobby the provincial government and city of Burnaby to improve transit service up the mountain by introducing a gondola, which would be both sustainable and efficient. By Translink’s own admissions, a gondola would save nearly $9M per year, with additional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and travel time savings. But the project was scrapped due to lackluster support from city and provincial government. Let’s make a change that SFU can benefit from for decades to come, and build a gondola.

Campus Community
Too often we hear allegations that SFU lacks a campus community. While I personally don’t agree with this statement (the vibrance and strength of our clubs, DSUs and constituency groups, all of which I am continually impressed by, contradict it), I view as one of my priorities a thorough investigation into how to bring this sense of community to many of SFU’s students.

Whether that means focusing Advocacy’s lens to work better with (and coordinate more with) clubs, DSUs and other student organizations or just supporting large-scale projects to build community, you can bet that I’m the one for the job.

Unite the Campuses
For too long, the ERO has only been effective on the Burnaby campus, even though students from all of SFU’s campuses pay the student fees that make our Society strong. While understandable, I believe this is an oversight in serious need of correction. Accordingly, I pledge to do my best to make sure students from Surrey and Vancouver campuses have buy-in and are involved in future Advocacy campaigns, and that lobbying efforts for students seek to benefit all students, not just those in Burnaby.

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope I’ll have your vote when that time comes!