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Who is Arjan Mundy? Why should you care? Well, for starters, his contact information is below!

There are many things people look for in a leader and in an elected official. One recurring theme I seem to constantly hear from people is that they want their leaders to listen to them; for their voices to be heard and really affect change – contributing towards the plan gives those involved hope for a better tomorrow.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to prove that I will listen to everyone who approaches me, and to take all their views into consideration. This is what I’ve come up with:

  1. My phone number is 604-812-1582.

  2. My email is arjanm@sfu.ca.

  3. If you search the name “Arjan Mundy” on Facebook you will find me.

  4. Link to my Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1033721179975694/

Feel free to call, text, email, or message me anytime. My information is now out in the open, and I myself am open to anyone who chooses to reach out to me. The first step to proving that I will properly listen to everyone is to open lines of communication so I am able to listen to all of you.

Hi, I’m Arjan Mundy. My major is communication and my minor is philosophy; an absolutely horrible mix of subjects to devote yourself to. You see – I have this insatiable need to attempt to communicate everything in the best possible way imaginable, and I have the sometimes unattainable urge for everything to make logical sense once it has been communicated. I hope to represent you on the Simon Fraser Student Society Board as your Vice President External Relations.

What is Arjan Mundy’s Plan for the VP External position? Yes, he does have one!

If elected, I plan to utilize the VP External position to foster a sense of pride and community within SFU, and ensure that the valuable, innovative work done by SFU students is communicated to as many external groups as possible. All my efforts to accomplish this will be achieved through the following three broad ideals:

  • Support Innovation

  • Improve Communication

  • Engage Community

These are the three areas in which I hope to focus my time on with the remainder of my tenure at SFU. The following points, which I wish to focus on as your VP External, stem directly from an idea that revolves around the implementation of one, or more, of the above themes:

Support Innovation By Looking For Sponsorship

  • I will look for sponsorship around the Build SFU project (after consultations), especially in regards to the stadium, thereby lessening some of the financial pressure on student.

  • I hope to work with the university to find university sponsorship and also possible funding in whatever capacity I am able to in order to lessen some of the pressure put on by tuition hikes (especially for international students).

Support Innovation Around Transit Solutions

  • I will advocate for solutions around the issues students face with transit. I would start by looking at the new evergreen line that is in construction, and see if there are opportunities to lobby transit around student issues.

Support Innovation Around Making The Student Experience More Affordable

  • I will oppose international student tuition hikes as we have currently been doing so at the advocacy committee. I hope to work more in collaboration with international students as we proceed.

  • I will support the open textbook campaign in any way I can.

  • I will look at ways to allow the SFSS to lobby the government with the intended result of lowering the average cost of being a student.

  • I will do my best to ensure open communication to as many students as possible in any matters around these issues. I want students, at the very least, to be aware of what is transpiring.

Improve Communication Between Our Society And External Student Groups

  • None of us are as smart as all of us; open communication is the way into really striking innovation, and if I communicate exciting events from external student groups to as many SFU student as possible I firmly believe that our student body will be inspired to come up with some exciting new innovation.

Improve Communication Through Our Online Presence

  • I will attempt to make our website easier to navigate through. At the moment it can seem daunting and difficult to some students.

  • I will try to look into less conventional platforms that may reach students; like Reddit.

Engage External Communities With SFU’s Culture

  • I will support innovation within our school by engaging external communities with the SFU community. I hope to issue press releases and use any other means at my disposal to allow as much information about SFU trickle into as many external entities as possible.

Foster A Sense of Pride Within SFU

  • By virtue of supporting innovation, engaging community, and improving communication I hope to help foster a real sense of pride within our school that I see lacking in some students. We hear the myth of SFU being a commuter school all the time, and I personally do not think that is true whatsoever. There is a lot going on within SFU, and a lot to get involved in! I think the problem comes from difficulties with communication in light of all that goes on within our school. SFU can be cliquey at times, and it is often difficult to spread information beyond ones clique; I think the way to combat this is to advertise all we do, and all that is happening within our school not only to our students but also to as many external bodies as it would make sense to. By drawing SFU more into the limelight, and showcasing some of the cool stuff that happens within these halls, I hope to give every student a sense of pride that belonging to SFU should inherently come with.

Is Arjan Mundy qualified for this position? Well, he seems to think so!

I have the ability to work on and develop projects from ground up. As well as having the ability to engage with a wide variety of people with different interests and leanings, I have an interest in building supportive, cohesive communities, and am someone who loves to reach out and connect with people. I bring a high level of energy to this. I can grapple with multiple ideas – from the nitty gritty of implementation details, to broad strategic ideas, to always keeping a focus on connecting with people internally and externally.

Most of all, I am someone with a genuine interest on making SFU a better place for students with each passing year. The following experiences show all of this and have prepared me well to serve you as your Vice President External Relations:

· Student Senator (SFU Senate) *my term starts this summer.

· Student-at-large (Advocacy Committee) *I have represented the school on a few occasions;       most recently in Victoria for a lobby days event, and at the #saysomething campaign launch.

· Student-at large (Student Space Oversight Committee)

· President (Camping Club)

· President (Tau Kappa Epsilon)

· Communications Chair (Tau Kappa Epsilon)

· Team Lead (Fall kick off and Spring Jam concerts)

· Director of External Relations (SFU Fashion Week)

· Outreach Assistant (Build SFU)

The above is not an exhaustive list, and there are other external relation positions I have had outside of SFU.

Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to read my platform. Feel free to contact me at any time.

All the best,

Arjan Mundy


  • Arjan Mundy wants to be your VP External relations

  • He wants to prove he will listen to everyone who contacts him, so his contact information is above

  • He also wants to prove that he has a vision for what he wants to accomplish in that position

  • His vision revolves around his ideals of supporting innovation, engaging community, and improving communication

  • He wants to advertise a lot of what happens within SFU to the outside world in hopes of fostering a sense of pride

  • He wants to look into sponsorship to lessen financial burdens

  • He wants to ensure that the student body knows what is going on within its school and hopes to improve both traditional and online communication

  • He wants to make the student experience cheaper, and hopes to support initiatives that may allow for that; like the open textbook campaign, or the movement against the international students tuition hike

  • He wants to support innovation by letting the student know about cool things happening around external student groups in hopes that SFU students then make cooler things happen on their campuses

  • He wants to look for solutions around transit issues and lobby transit

  • He thinks he’s qualified

  • He hopes you’ll vote for him

Blossom Malhan

Hello SFU, my name is Blossom Malhan and I am running for VP External Relations because I believe I have the necessary skills and experiences needed to serve the student society and its members. I am a third year student intending on majoring in International studies and minoring in Business. Along with my political academic background, I have also been part of the BC Youth Parliament and have had the great pleasure of volunteering with many SFU clubs and events. I take great pride in our school and its’ goal to be the most engaged university in the world. Keeping that in mind I would like to focus on 3 main goals if elected as VP External Relations:Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.23.25 PM

Advocating for affordable education and raising student awareness by:

  • Providing vigorous support to our current advocacy campaigns such as:

– Getting students to sign the Tuition Petition to prevent an increase of 2% and 10% in tuition fees for domestic and international students respectively

– Supporting the Open Textbook Program Petition so that students aren’t forced to pay a ridiculous amount of money for their textbooks

  • Raising campus awareness about government policies that will affect us students by:

 – Spreading the word through internal networks and actively reaching out to student organizations who may be particularly affected by a certain policy change

– Taking an active role in communicating with affected student organizations and starting new advocacy projects to help and support any initiatives they may want to pursue

Improving transit commute by:

– Working with Translink to find effective short term solutions such as increasing the number of buses during rush hours so that no time is wasted on commuting to and from SFU

– Lobbying the provincial government to provide further funding to Translink for long term solutions such creating more efficient routes between the 3 campuses

Expanding the SFSS members’ network by: 

  • Reaching out to other universities and external organizations so that we can join forces when it comes to working on similar goals such as:

– Lobbying the government to prevent funding cuts for post-secondary education

– Supporting our members in hosting and attending conferences and events outside of SFU to improve our relationships with external organizations

– Working closely with internal student organizations so that their opinions and ideas are heard by the board and can be put into action to improve the student experience at SFU

Thank you for your interest and for reading my platform. I can assure you I am the right person for this job because I am a dedicated individual who works hard for what she believes in and as you can see above I have quite a few things I would like to tackle if elected as VP External Relations. I will proudly be the eyes, ears and voice of SFU and will no doubt rise up to the challenge every single day. Thank you once again for your support! #VoteREAL

Karan ThukralScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.35.48 AM

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” – Albert Einstein


Hi, My name is Karan Thukral and I believe in School Spirit. I am a fourth year Business Student specializing in Operations Management and Management Information System. I want to represent you as the Vice-President External Representative Officer.


I believe that changes happen only if we have a progressive approach towards the issues that challenges the status quo. Since, engaging groups are a major vehicle of change, I want to use the platform of SFSS in exercising the true potential of constructive collaboration.


As your VP External Relations Officer, I want to focus on three (3) key points:

1. Vendor Relationship Management – A Transparent Model

For long-term success of the student society, an external relationship management system is required to serve as a direct link between all the clubs, Departmental Student Unions (DSU) and Faculty Student Unions (FSU) with all the external parties including Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, Corporate Sponsors, Not-for-profit organizations and community partners.

A common shared platform which is driven by the idea of cross engagement and connection is very pertinent for building an enabling environment. This means that the envisioned Vendor Relationship Management will work in a manner akin to the SFU’s co-op scheme, where SFSS will play a facilitating role in helping clubs, DSU’s in linking them up with a pool of external organisations for potential help.

This could work flawlessly in procuring sponsorships and funding from external organizations. I want to work with President to create strong relations with Alumni, and develop a program where we can get access to external funding.

With this approach of collaboration with multiple external parties, I also want to create a sustainable lobbying program?that has the potential to a) collect feedback from students

regarding their concerns b) prioritize the current issues that are important for students c) work with the advocacy committee to make sure such issues are being taken care of.

Also, with the idea of sustainability being a key theme of my agenda, a?continuous flow of feedback?from both the ends will be implemented which will be instrumental in assessing the effectiveness of the system and its subsequent improvisation.

My goal through this approach is to create strong foundations for my stakeholders, and provide them a shared common platform, aiming for a valuable partnership.

2. The Engagement Seed- A Sustainable Approach

Simon Fraser Student Society has the true potential of providing a platform to the students, where they can truly engage with the world. However, most of the times it’s late for students to realise the real value of the student society, which one can only understand through a process of continuous engagement. The challenge here is to find multiple avenues where you can plant the initial seed of engagement in the earlier phases of a student’s university career.

This calls for an importance of working actively to maximise the level of awareness of the organization,which can only be achieved by working at grassroots level and strengthening our word of mouth communication network. One way could be by working with VP University Relations and the President to create programs in collaborations with our esteemed professors and faculty heads, where we can?start the conversations with students regarding SFSS?on the very first day of their first class.

Simultaneously, with the help of our strong outreach activities and well connected social media platforms, I want to create a sustainable model for increasing overall engagement of students not just with student society but with the community as a whole.

3. Empowering Student Leaders – A True Model of Engagement

Creating an inclusive environment, where every member is given equal opportunity to grow is necessary. In this direction, a transformative-sustainable approach is required to specifically targeting leaders in different communities. If elected, I want to work with VP Student Life and create an experience for all the executives of different DSUs, FSUs and Clubs which will eventually give them an opportunity to polish themselves as student leaders. Consequently, these student leaders will be inspiring students in their personal network.

I will increase the engagement by creating possibilities for external source of funding through strong network of alumni and externals.

The above mentioned relationship management program will play key role in helping me achieving my objectives in this regard. Correspondingly, I will aim at creating a synergy between my collaborative efforts and the engaged interests of the students.

Therefore, keeping an holistic and optimistic view, this targeted form of marketing will continue to inspire students in their community, which ultimately aligns with the main objectives of the student society


Over the past three year, I have worked diligently with different communities not only at SFU but also outside SFU. My involvement with the community includes:

  • Working at CJSF 90.1FM Radio Station as production assistant where I was able to make connection with various not-for-profit organizations and broadcasted their social ideas and interests across the Greater Vancouver area
  • Mentoring high school students as a mentor at Math4me Learning Inc. and working towards providing a motivational environment for the students to explore and help them to achieve their potential
  • Serving as an Orientation Leader at the Burnaby Campus, which gave me the opportunity to connect with students and understand their perspectives as new students.
  • Progressing from a festival volunteer to administrative assistant at Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration (VIBC) Society, gaining connections with various community partners, and working towards community engagement through Arts and Culture across North America
  • Completing an International Co-op in India gave me the opportunity to learn and work with people of different cultures. While overseas, I took on the initiative to successfully implement new IT procedures which increased the efficiency of the company’s operations.
  • Organizing SFU’s Got Talent as Logistics Officer in a much larger scale than previous years, showcasing the talent with 200+ attendees, over 50 auditionees and 1600+ online worldwide viewers. As a team, we were successful in creating a strong foundation for beginning of appreciation of talent at SFU
  • Serving as a VP-Finance at Pakistan Students Association (PSA). Being the first Indian to hold an executive position, I was successful in bridging the gap between the two communities as we collaborated with the Indian Student Federation (ISF) by the end of the term
  • Currently working with City of Surrey as part of a business course and raising awareness regarding the dangers of invasive plants and the importance of planting native species by hosting various community events.

Finally, studying Operations Management and Management Information Systems at Beedie School of Business, I am continuously learning the importance of building strong foundations, having a long-term perspective, and developing an inclusive and productive relationships within the organization through various business case studies.

My commitment as an engaged learner has been recognized and appreciated by the SFU Community and I have received the following awards:

  • SFU Beedie Dean Honor’s Roll 2015 & 2014
  • SFU India Student Mobility Award 2013
  • International Co-op Award 2013
  • Best Volunteer Award at VIBC 2013
  • Major Indian Entrance Scholarship 2011 ($11,000)

If you are interested to have discussions with me, have recommendations to improve my platform, please feel free to email me at kthukral@sfu.ca or contact me at 778.986.4815

Kathleen YangScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.26.11 PM

My name is Kathleen Yang and I am a fourth year Political Science student. I have an excellent track record of being committed to our SFU community. I currently serve as a member of the SFU Women’s Centre Collective, Chair of SFSS Council, VP Finance of the Arts and Social Sciences, and as a member of the SFSS Advocacy Committee.

The VP External Relations is in charge of coordinating the SFSS’ advocacy activities, lobbying government on student issues, and working with other student societies. I am running because I am experienced, passionate about advocacy work, and have a clear vision for what I will do in the position. As VP External I will:

  1. Lobby the Provincial Government for:
    •  Needs based grants and lower student loan interest rates
    •   Protection for students living on campus under the Residential Tenancy Act toprevent steep rent increases, undue evictions, and ensure minimum livingstandards
    •   More funding for the BC Open Textbook Program
  2. Organize On-Campus Advocacy Campaigns that:
    • Address sexual violence across SFU’s campuses through transformative justice approaches and educate students about positive consent
    •  Promote disability justice, alongside Students United with Disability Support (SUDS)
    • Increase awareness of free, open source textbooks amongst SFU Faculty members and students
  3. Work with Other Student Unions to:
    • Encourage students to vote in the Lower Mainland transit referendum
    • Mobilize students to vote in the 2015 Federal Election
    • Develop campaigns that benefit students across BC
    • Expand the SFSS’ Sexualized Violence Campaign across the Lower Mainland

I am a candidate with a plan and the experience to execute it. Vote Kathleen Yang for SFSS VP External.

Facebook: bit.ly/kathleen4vpx

Email: kay4@sfu.ca

Twitter: kathleen__yang

Instagram: k__yang2