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Archit Bansal

Picture of Archit Bansal

Picture of Archit Bansal

Hi! Thank you for choosing to view my platform in order to make an informed decision for the up-coming SFSS elections.  My name is Archit Bansal, a third year student at the Beedie School of Business. I have had the good fortune of working with a wide array of student leaders and gotten the chance to know them over the process. My experiences have taught me that the following points need to be of top priority for VP External Relations officer.


1.Student Empowerment through

a) Lobbying the Provincial Government regarding student fees, grants and loans. 

Decreasing red tape during the process of acquiring funds and increasing awareness about their availability. Working towards advocacy efforts for helping international students curb the drastic increase in their fees.

a)    Advocacy efforts towards the BC Open Textbook program.

Open Educational Resources (OER) is essential for providing higher education to students in B.C. and has the potential to “result in millions of dollars of savings for SFU undergraduate students”.

2. Strengthening support for Contingency groups-

 a) Students United for Disability Support (SUDS)

Collaborate on a marketing proposal with the VP Student Life to strengthen the membership of SUDS. To carry forward surveys and present their recommendations I would ensure that the board backs them up.

b) Collaboration with Out on Campus Collective and Women’s centre Collective for        awareness campaigns and preventive measures against sexual violence.

There is an increase of reporting in sexual violence towards women over the past few months in Burnaby. I want women to be protected and prepared in a threatening situation.

3. Better communication with External organizations-

a) External Sponsorship for the Build SFU project.

Candidates in the past have made this claim, I am uncertain of its viability for “cost savings for students”, but will conduct appropriate research to determine the same.

b) New approach towards acting as a liaison to other student unions.

I would like to work on establishing a cross platform communication model with student unions across BC. This would help unite our lobbying efforts regarding student fees, grants and loans especially with the 2017 provincial elections.


1. Student at Large (Granting Committee) for the SFSS.

2. President of Humans of Mutual Engagement (H.O.M.E.).

3. Member of the Burnaby Board of Trade through the Access program.

4. Project Co-Lead at SFU Fashion Week 2015.

5. Marketing and Promotions officer at SFU’s Got Talent 2015.
Referendum Questions-

a) U-Pass B.C.

Vote yes to this referendum as mostly all students consistently use their U-Pass.

b) Schools Building Schools

The society firmly believes that money is currently being wasted by participating in this initiative. Hence, I support ceasing the collection and remittance of funds.

I am running for this position because I believe I represent what the students want and need.

VOTE for #Bansal4External and don’t forget to follow my campaign through-

FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/220735784947212/

Instagram: arch0786

Snap chat: arch0786

Complete mandate:


For questions, suggestions and concerns contact me via –

E-mail: abansal@sfu.ca

Phone: 778-988-4586

Christine Dyson

Picture of Christine Dyson

Picture of Christine Dyson


My name is Christine Dyson and I am the current Faculty of Environment Representative for the SFSS. Throughout my time on Board, I have had a chance to learn more about the society, develop and execute campaigns and identify areas for improvement. I have a clear vision for the VP External Relations portfolio and if elected will work towards the following:

Commit to cost savings for students

  •  Student discounts – Approach retailers surrounding SFU campuses to develop an SFSS discount program.
  • Sponsorship for the Build SFU project – With the building officially underway, now is the time to be outreaching for support.

Prioritize Provincial lobbying

  • Develop a strategy – With the Provincial elections happening in 2017, this is a key year for lobbying, and strategies are crucial to ensure we are continually voicing student needs.
  • Work with other student societies – To develop and implement cross campus lobbying efforts.

Advocacy that you care about

The Fall 2015 survey showed that less than half of students are aware the SFSS advocates for various services (view results here, http://www.sfss.ca/survey-results). I will seek to find new and exciting ways for increasing awareness surrounding advocacy initiatives by,

  • Campaigns students want – Direct outreach at all campuses in order to gain specific information on the unique issues each campus encounters.
  • Interactive and informative campaigns –  By providing ongoing, meaningful communication on the progress and content of all campaigns.

A more sustainable SFU community

  • Local food – Approach Chartwell Foods (provider to SFU Dining services) about offering a clearly labelled, local food option.
  • Reduce sale of plastic water bottles – The University needs to target the problem of waste directly by removing the option of purchasing non-reusable bottles.
  • Sustainable event guideline – Develop a checklist that groups can reference to ensure their events are held in a sustainable manner.

Expanding SFSS support for Vancouver and Surrey

  • Student price night – At local restaurants and bars surrounding both the Surrey and Vancouver Campuses, to offset the lack of SFSS food and beverage services available at those campuses.
  • Campus wide advocacy – Advocacy campaigns are relayed and hosted at all campuses, so that all students can participate and be informed.

Work with the Office of VP University Relations

It is important that both the offices of VP University Relations and External Relations work in conjunction to develop strategies that are consistent. I will do this by,

  • #textbookbrokeBC – Create a long term plan for the campaign that targets both the University and Provincial Government.
  • Divestment – Pressure the University to divest from fossil fuels.
  • Deferred maintenance – Pressure the University and Provincial Government to address deferred maintenance and create plans for dealing with future building maintenance.

While this list is not exhaustive, it does identify my commitments for the position of VP External Relations. Vote for the candidate that has proven experience and a plan in place.


More Information:

Visit: http://bit.ly/voteDyson

Contact: cdyson@sfu.ca