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Hi  SFU,

My  name  is  Prab  Bassi,  I am  a  4th  year  Communication,  Art, and  Technology  (FCAT)  student   and I  currently  serve  as  the  FCAT Representative  for  the  SFSS  Board of  Directors.  Over  my  term  on   Board,  I  have  learned  greatly  about the  Society,  planning  and  executing advocacy  campaigns,  and   catering to  student  needs.  I  sit  on  multiple committees  which  have  enabled  me to  determine  areas  for improvement.

For  the  2017-­18  term,  I  would  like  to  serve  as  your  next  VP  External  Relations.  If  I  am  elected,   here  is  my  plan:

1. Advocacy  catered  to  student  needs
My  goal  is  to  host  meaningful  campaigns  which  students  explicitly  want.  This  past  year the   advocacy  committee  created  an  Advocacy  Survey  in  which  students  gave  direct  input in   issues  they  are  passionate  about.  I  would  like  to  continue  to  focus  future  campaigns on  the   survey  results  which  some  were  unaddressed  due  to  time  constraints.  Some  of the  internal   advocacy  campaigns  I  would  like  to  focus  on  based  on  the  survey  results are:

a.  Sexual  Assault  Support  and  Prevention  Methods

b.  Mental  health  and  wellbeing

c.  Safe  and  Accessible  Study  Spaces

d.  Consistent  Teaching  Assistants

e.  Provincial  Elections  and  SFSS  Elections

2.  Act  as  a  Liaison  for  external  student  groups

As  VP  External  Relations  I  would  like  to  strengthen  the  relationships  the  SFSS  has  with both  on-­campus  external  groups  and  off-­campus  external  groups.

a.    On  campus:  I  would  like  to  host  a  collective  bi-­monthly/monthly  meetings  with  all  of   the  SFSS  external  groups  on  campus.  The  purpose  of  such  meeting  is  to  establish  a   positive  relationship  between  the  groups  and  the  SFSS  for  future  agreements.

b.   Off  campus:  I  will  work  with  other  universities  to  create  a  stronger  presence  when   lobbying  for  common  advocacy  issues  to  the  provincial  government.

3.     Work  with  the  Government

The  key  person  that  I  will  be  working  with  is  the  Minister  of  Higher  Education.  My  goal  is  not   to  lobby  as  angry  demanding  students,  but  instead,  present  our  case  in  a  well-­researched   and  informed  manner  to  strengthen  our  presence.  I  want  to  present  the  SFSS  members  as  a   critical  group  of  individuals.

a.  I  will  continue  to  pressure  the  government  for  a  safety  plan  in  relation  to  the  Tank   Farm  expansion.

b.  I  will  work  with  the  U-­Pass  Student  Caucus  to  formulate  a  negotiation  plan.

c.  I  will  work  with  other  research  institutes  to  advocate  for  student  campus  rental  rights

d.  Open  Educational  Resources  was  one  of  the  top  needs  determined  by  Advocacy   survey  results,  I  will  launch  a  campaign  at  SFU  to  collect  empirical  data  to  present  to   the  Government  to  push  for  OERs

Ultimately,  my  goal  as  the  next  elected  VP  External  Relations  is  to  cater  my  work around the   actual  needs  of  students  in  a  cohesive  and  strategic  manner.  Although  my  list  is not all-­inclusive,  I   truly  hope  to  shine  a  light  on  the  issues  that  students  are  passionate about  to  create  a  Brighter  SFU.

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