Dhylan Verzosa

Dhylan Verzosa – nverzosa@sfu.ca Hello HSCI friends,

I’m a fourth-year BA student and honestly? I love SFU. I’ve been an Orientation Leader, Peer Health Educator and am currently a Peer Health Coach because I truly believe that SFU students Dhylan Verzosa - photo (1)and services are worth standing behind. I also love HSCI because HSCI students are engaged and have refreshing, innovative ideas.

So what I’m saying is that this campaign isn’t about me, it’s about you. I want to hear your ideas and help turn them into plans. From conversations with you, these are the issues I will tackle as your HSCI representative:

-Promote social connectedness by organizing more HSCI events and improving visibility of HSCI-relevant volunteer and work opportunities.
-Advocate for a student lounge by collaborating with administration and HSUSU, creating petitions and providing a forum for student input

-Bring printers in the computer lab
-Organize a career fair to better inform students of employment opportunities -Improve mental health on campus by promoting mental health services and resources

These issues have been on the table for a while, and we are gaining ground on them each year. As your HSCI rep, I will keep the momentum going on the progress that has been made and build better connections across our faculty.



Quinten Clarke

My name is Quinten Clarke; I am a 2nd year Health Sciences (BA) major and this semester I am SFSS Picturerunning for the position of Health Sciences Faculty Representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society.

My past experiences include volunteering and working with BC Children’s Hospital, in a research capacity, and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, in many clerical roles. As well I have volunteered with many community groups such as the Michael Cuccione Foundation, the Easter Seals, Variety, Free The Children/Me To We and on campus with Health and Counselling Services.

If elected my primary goal is to improve the accessibility and transparency of my work with the SFSS and to listen and address the concerns of health sciences students. I feel this of the utmost importance to keep health sciences students, the stakeholders, in these initiatives involved and informed in the decision-making process.

My goals include:

  • Improving the availability of common health sciences courses through faculty restriction and the creation of multiple sections
  • Promoting health science students input into the ongoing Build SFU project
  • Addressing the lack of scholarships for health sciences students
  • Organizing a faculty banquet to allow for socialization between health sciences students
  • The creation of a Health Sciences frosh to foster early friendships among health sciences students

We have seen positive changes in the last year within our faculty, if elected I would seek to continue this trend ensuring continued improvement in our faculty. If you have any questions or concerns regarding my platform or would merely like to chat, please email me at qkclarke@gmail.com and we can set up a meet.