Ayla Kooner

Hello Health Science friends,

humza khan presidentMy name is Ayla Kooner, and I am a transfer student currently entering my fifth year as a BSci student here at SFU. I’m going to be honest– I did not enjoy my first year up at SFU. Since then, my perspective has drastically changed. Being involved in events like Balding For Dollars, pumping up new HSCI students at HSCI FROSH, and organizing community partnerships for projects like the Angel Tree has shown me how amazing it can be to be a student at SFU.

For me, this campaign is about getting HSCI students excited and inspired to be part of this amazing faculty and school. University can be so much more than sleeping through morning lectures, obtaining a caffeine buzz for all-nighters and dreading the crammed bus ride up the mountain—you just need the right person to bring your interests to the table. As your HSCI representative, these are some of the issues I will address:

  • Strengthening the social connectedness of HSCI students by collaborating with HSUSU to create social events, like a HSCI Formal this year.
  • Increasing the accessibility of HSCI relevant volunteer and work opportunities by creating partnerships with the community, as well as faculty members of HSCI
  • Giving students stronger input on the availability and structure of HSCI courses, and ensuring that this input is heard by faculty. This would include addressing the issues of class availability, as well as the lack of intersession HSCI courses.

These are issues that we have been slowly correcting each year, and as your HSCI representative I will ensure that the energy behind this progress continues to create positive changes.

Contact me at aylak@sfu.ca