Divine Wekwa

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 1.24.30 PMHi! My name is Divine and I want to be your next Health Sciences Representative. I believe I embody #Schoolspirit, the foundations of which are engagement, transparency and sustainability. As an international student within the Faculty of Health Sciences my primary goal for attending this university was finding the equation for community and using that to develop a greater capacity for social development and growth. “Health and Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.  This to me is something that SFU lacks, but I believe I can help make it better starting with the Faculty of Health Sciences. In this way, more community leaders can emerge to take our Faculty to greater heights and contribute to a better SFU community. I have a passion for health, fitness, environment and leadership. Besides my previous experiences as a student leader and volunteer, working with diverse organizations like Fraser International College (FIC), SFU, and SFU Recreation, I am an Emergency Volunteer officer, Event Coordinator and I even got time to secure the SFU passport to leadership certificate! I am ready and willing to effectively represent the Faculty of Health Sciences on the Simon Fraser Student Society Board (SFSS) with the aim of achieving the following:

  • Partner with the Health Science Undergraduate Student Union (HSUSU) and health related clubs to organize high quality events that will foster community among Health Sciences student. We need more social within our faculty!

  • Advocate on issues concerning Health Science students and those who take Health Science courses by maintaining interaction with students in the Faculty of Health Sciences. This includes supporting the activities of clubs in Faculty by promoting their student related events and activities.

  • Build on the existing platforms by past faculty representatives, especially the ones centered on enabling students to create change. This includes creating opportunities either through events or providing access to useful information that would enable students in the faculty make conscious efforts at making themselves better members of not just the faculty of Health Sciences but the SFU community. This is sustainable because it would empower student groups to continually grow their initiatives.

  • As a slate in the upcoming elections, we have a plan to partner with sky nations to create a database that would enable students in Health sciences and other faculties to get direct access to jobs that are related to their field. This would solve the puzzle among health sciences students where individuals are wary of the next step forward after completing their health sciences degree.


Let’s Do This! #schoolspirit

Larissa Chen

My name is Larissa Chen and I am running for the position of Health Science representative. Currently, I am the Lower Division Representative and Vice President Marketing for the Health Science Undergraduate Student Union (aka. HSUSU) and Secretary of International Justice Mission SFU (aka. IJMSFU).Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.14.02 PM

As I approach my 3rd year, I’ve noticed a few trends in regards to preferred HSCI events and common complaints whilst gaining experience in initiating, organizing and marketing events to fellow undergraduates. Right now, HSUSU is making a transition from a DSU (Departmental Student Union) to FSU (Faculty Student Union). I am part of the team facilitating the process to ensure its success, committed to opening a variety of resources for HSCI students and linking health-related clubs and organizations.

I believe HSCI students have the ability to strengthen our existing sense of close-knit community and become united through our passion of academia and career goals. Crippled by our reputation as a commuter school, most of us are inhibited by the idea that our school is boring. However, my SFU experience thus far has proven otherwise. I see great potential for the social life to improve through meaningful student engagement, with the goal to not solely better our school’s reputation nor ranking, but to genuinely interact with the student body and encourage people to be interested in one another.

If elected SFSS Health Science Representative, my main objectives and goals include:

1. Empowering and motivating HSCI students to engage in social activities and events through establishing a community by offering what HSCI students want, including:

  • Networking/career opportunities (ex. HSCI Speakers Panel, HSCI Career Fair)

  • HSCI faculty interactive events (ex. Lunch with Dean, Real Talk & roundtable discussions)

2. Initiating and continuing successful HSCI events and projects, as to establish a sense of tradition and to improve existing HSCI events. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Angel Tree

  • Sex Week

  • HSUSU Speakers Panel

  • HSCI Career Fair: Inviting a multitude of health-related organizations, associations and companies

  • HSCI Undergraduate Gal

3. Eagerly engaging with HSCI students regularly and representing the concerns and issues that undergraduates within our faculty have

4. Strengthening relations between HSCI students and professors, administrative staff and other members of our community

  • Faculty interaction with professors and administrative staff within HSCI

  • Strengthening relations between professors and students

  • Community engagement projects, putting what is learnt in HSCI classes into practice and to raise awareness of health-related issues within our community (ex. Senior homes, children’s hospitals, mental health facilities)

For any questions regarding my platform, feel free to contact me via email (hca94@sfu.ca) or visit me during my HSUSU office hours in BLU10911 (Wednesday 11:30-12:30) and I’d be happy to answer all your questions. Thank you very much for your consideration and support!

For more information, visit http://goo.gl/fcDj3o