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Raajan Garcha

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Photo of Raajan Garcha

Hello, my name is Raajan Garcha and I am running for the Health Sciences representative position in the SFSS elections this year. I am a second year student and I am passionate for advocating for our student body to #BridgeTheGap between an average undergraduate experience to an exceptional one by empowering the access and involvement of students. By increasing social connectedness among peers, individuals can get the most out of their education and achieve an expanding experience. I have attending numerous community programs, and have actively remained connected with the SFU community throughout my time here. I am devoted to bringing about my leadership skills and commitment to address the concerns of students at SFU and improve student life by providing confidence, involvement, and opportunity.

As a Health Science student, I have learned that maintaining the mental health of the students at SFU is a dominant and large scale factor in their success throughout university. Increased mental health commences from building strong relationships with your peers, faculty members, and large scale community. As a Health Science’s Representative, I want to inspire and influence students at SFU to engage in building these relationships through partnerships with clubs and community organizations.

If I get elected, my goals are to:


–  Collaborate with other faculties at SFU to help raise awareness about health issues and promote unity and interconnectedness not only throughout the Health Sciences faculty, but also throughout the many faculties at SFU.

– Increase the accessibility of Health Science’s students to volunteer, job and Co-op opportunities in the Health Sciences field by organizing job fairs and informational sessions to help strengthen connectedness and networking amongst the faculty. These resources include the administration of clubs solely focused on career and research opportunities.


– Making the Health Science Undergraduate Student Union (HSUSU) more readily accessible to the student body, and putting forth a diversity of events to increase involvement, socialization, and networking in the rapidly growing faculty.

-Work with students to hear what they want directly, and work to make the changes they want to see, while informing them and promoting their decisions, to work together to create a future for SFU where everyone strives to reach their utmost potential.


–  Establish strong and confident individuals by helping new students at SFU transition and succeed through continuous interaction to address their concerns about the structure of health science classes, providing mentorship programs through upper division students, and motivating student engagement so that these students are guided in the right paths.

– Increased scholarships within the faculty by diverting unnecessary funds to ones that would benefit students as a whole.

– Build awareness and support systems for current social and health issues, thereby increasing mental health amongst individuals.

Being a second year student, I will not only improve the lives of students at SFU throughout this year, but I will continue to do so over the years to come. For any questions regarded my platform, please email me at raajang@sfu.ca.