• Natalia Gretskaia

My name is Natalia Gretskaia and I am running for the position of Heath Science Representative. I am currently in my fourth year of study, doing a BSc in the life science stream within the health science faculty. My first year at SFU I found to be more like high school where I would come to class and leave after class, it was unfortunate that I did not get involved. However, in these past three years I have helped with a multitude of events around the Burnaby campus including Welcome day, Advocacy Committee, Free the Children, Information Evening and more.

First and foremost what I learned from being an active member of the SFU community was the exposure to many individuals that come from many backgrounds and the chance to listen to their concerns and reasons for being involved. I believe I have the network to understand what is important to SFU students, in particular Health Science students.

When elected my goals are:

– To advocate for SFU to divest completely from all investments that have anything to do with fossil fuels

-Improve the course accessibility of health science students in all years of study through talks with the faculty as well as providing more TA positions to open more tutorials

-To continue to support and encourage HSUSU to provide many opportunities for health science students to get involved in events that pertain to students interests

-To unite the HSCI faculty and establish a common goal that HSCI students can work towards and be excited about


  • Aarushi Sharma (Brighter SFU)

Hi everyone! My name is Aarushi Sharma and I am a third year student. I am running for the position of Health Sciences representative. Presently, I am the Health Sciences Council Representative of the Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union (HSUSU).

Ever since I decided to major in Health Sciences I felt the need to work harder and dedicate my time to our faculty. I began my journey by signing up for the Health Science FROSH as a group leader to welcome new first years. After that wonderful experience I was elected as the Health Science Council Representative. Furthermore, I am also heavily involved in the advocacy committee of the SFSS where we identify the concerns of the members of our society via surveys and ensure we address those through campaigns built around those pertinent issues. Also I am also a founding member of the SFU pre-dental club.

With that being said if I do win this position I believe it can be another opportunity for me to be able to better serve the members of our faculty through the interaction with SFSS and other undergraduates. I will be able to use my experiences that I am continually gaining within our faculty to apply to other organizations and student groups all over SFU.

If I win this role of Health Science Representative my main objectives would be to:

  1. Increase connection within our student unions and club and strengthen relations between students and professors. This is important in terms of maximizing accessibility in regards to opportunities available for our students, whether this is through increased marketing or holding more events to spread awareness through SFSS (e.g. promotion of HSUSU elections)
  1. Advocating for increased study spaces. Through numerous interactions with other students it has come to my attention that the Blusson Hall is a very spacious and quiet area not to mention, in my opinion, one of the most scenic areas of the Burnaby campus! However, the utilization in terms of lack of study spaces needs to be addressed.
  1. To maintain and build upon the events hosted by the Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union so we can improve the student experience within our faculty as well as outside of it. I would be working towards advocating and dedicating my effort to hold events such as:
  • Health Science FROSH
  • Career Speaker Panel
  • Angel tree Project (fundraisers)
  • Health Science hosted annual Gala
  • Health Sciences Career Fairs
  1. Improving mental wellness through:
  • Numerous destressing events especially during midterm and finals season
  • Ensuring that students are aware and able to access resources available to them.
  • Making the women’s centre services more accessible

Given the opportunity to be on the board I would be better able to advocate for our faculty and apply my experiences to the rest of the undergraduate society. Thank you for reading my platform and please vote for the candidates of our team #BRIGHTERSFU.

For any questions regarding my platform please feel free to email me at aarushis@sfu.ca