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Chris Ng (crng@sfu.ca)

As an executive for SFU UNICEF, I have come to be involved in dealing with internal as well as external matters such as organizing events, gathering sponsors, making meeting minutes, managing an e-mail account among many others.

Yet what has really opened my eyes is the lack of involvement between the members of the student groups/clubs and the SFSS. Moreover, students such as yourself who value communication, cooperation as well as coordination of the SFSS are unfortunately distanced with the society.

What I have to offer as your SFSS Member Services Officer:

  1. Bring fresh and diverse perspectives to the board
  2. Facilitate to bring the student-ran clubs into focus using the tools the SFSS offers
  3. Tap into the vast amount of volunteer power of the SFSS which has been very much underplayed
  4. Communicate effectively with students and groups alike

In doing these acts along with my profuse commitment in serving you, I offer you a chance to put your foot forward, to take a step and just jump into revamping what we all know to be the SFSS today into a society we can cherish and associate with. Cast a vote on March 22-24, take the leap.

For any questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone with the information below as well as joining and/or writing on the wall of my Facebook event titled “CHRIS NG for SFSS Member Services Officer (MSO)”.


Chris Ng



Lorenz Yeung (lyy3@sfu.ca)

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and consider me for Member Services Officer (MSO). I am a molecular biology/biochemistry major and a linguistics minor. Originally, I was an average student. I took four classes and worked part time as a cook to support myself. Then I started to volunteer and realized there was more to this campus. Through volunteering within my faculty I met amazing people who, just like everyone else, are serious about their academics, work part-time, but also take the time to build community at SFU. I have built strong friendships along the way and I have incredible memories of these times past.

I decided to take on the position of SFSS Science Representative because I wanted to see a continuation of large events that bring students together. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience the same things I had.

During my term as science rep, I have learned of more important issues affecting students. The SFSS provides other services such as the U-Pass, the handbook, and the student pub. I decided that these services are crucial to students and I went above and beyond my regular duties to maintain and improve them. Now, I am seeking re-election in order to continue this work.

The role of the Member Services Officer involves planning large-scale events while handling the administrative duties that are expected from an executive officer. I have demonstrated both of these abilities throughout my year as the science representative and I have enjoyed the experience.

I have organized two major events as the science representative: Science Frosh and Geek Week. I also completed the Science Community Initiative which aims to increase the number of volunteer opportunities within the faculty.

This year I went above and beyond my duties as a faculty rep by working on projects which have benefited the wider SFU community:

  • Renegotiation of the U-Pass contract
  • Implementation of the Highland Pub renovations
  • Preparation for the Food and Beverage Services (FBS) labour negotiations

In addition, in the Fall semester I put forward a referendum question asking for financial accountability from external groups on campus. The non-binding plebiscite was very popular and received support from 88.5% of voters! After much hard work, this project has culminated in memorandums of understanding between the affected parties.

  • Continued promotion and expansion of large scale on-campus events
  • Expansion of the popular SFSS volunteer program
  • Negotiation of the Food and Beverage Services contract
  • Finishing the Highland Pub project with a grand re-opening and new menus
  • Adding more affordable food options to the SFSS food services

Our first court date against the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is approaching and I want to work to prepare the board on this important matter. It is crucial that we have continuity on the board to settle this efficiently and diligently.

I have served the students in the faculty of science well and I am now ready to work for all students. Please consider my experience, dedication, and results when voting for Member Services Officer. Vote for Lorenz.