Moe Kopahi

Hello SFU students. My name is Moe Kopahi and I am running to be your nextIMG_2114
Member Services Officer at the Simon Fraser Student Society. My involvement with SFSS
started from the Departmental Student Union Level (ESSS, CSSS and MSESS) and after
participation in Forum, I ran in the SFSS elections and became a board member. I have been
on the Board of Directors of the SFSS for two years now, representing the Applied Sciences
Students. Having learnt about the SFSS, Services and its members over the past two years, I
am now ready to take a bigger role and represent all of the undergraduate students. During
my terms in office, I sat on multiple committees such as Commercial and Services, Events,
Advocacy, Faculty and At-Large (FARM), and Financial and Administrative Committee. I
have been getting familiar with the position and its responsibilities by working closely with
Humza Khan, the current Member Services Officer, as well as consulting with some of the
previous MSOs such as Lorenz Yeung (Current President) and Mona Law.

Along with my responsibilities as your MSO (which is overseeing the Services of SFSS,
efficient Forum Meetings and Board Committees) I will focus on three main goals:

Increasing Funding and support for Student clubs, Departmental Student Unions and Athletics groups
Through more efficient management and budget allocation, we will be able to
support more students clubs and DSUs in terms of funding and event initiations.
I have done several successful events, from Pub nights (TyDi, Halloween,
Welcome Back Week) to Barbeques, and other events, so I will definitely help
other groups to have successful fundraisings.

Advocate for a better Transit System
Public transportation to and from SFU has always been an issue. For example,
BUS143 (SFU-Coquitlam) does not run late on weekdays and does not run at all
on the weekends. The frequency of other buses (135-144-145) needs to
increase in the peak hours as well. This is achievable through proper
negotiation with Translink.

Support Social Events
There are several events happening at SFU each week and most of them could
have more attendees and support, such as fundraising, the Clan Games, Club
meetings and etc. I believe the lack of support comes from not enough
communication between different student groups at SFU and SFU’s general
populace. I will focus on increasing support for student events in terms of
finances as well as advertisement to other student groups.