Zied Masmoudi

ACE 2014

Accountability, Community, Excellence.

We are a group of motivated individuals who have a shared vision to collectively strive:

  1. To hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in all of our dealings as elected representatives of SFU’s undergraduate student body.
  2. To continue to build a strong sense of community on campus by hosting the highest calibre events possible for our students and supporting student-led initiatives that align with the vision of building
  3. To set the example for student societies across North America, by exceeding the standard and providing excellence in all aspects of the Simon Fraser Student Society’s mandate as listed in the Constitution.

humza khan president
I am Zied Masmoudi and I am a third year student majoring in political economy running to become the next Vice-President Student Services of your student society.

Coming to SFU and participating in campus life has enriched my life with knowledge, new friends, and an appreciation for the diversity of cultures that make up our unique student community. I want to be a leader who can call upon our collective spirit to co-create not only comfortable and supportive condition in which to live and learn, but experiences that we will treasure as we move forward and build our futures.

So who am I and what makes me qualified to work with you as an executive officer?

Since I joined SFU I have not only shown that I care about the students and the school, but I have proven myself able to lead from the front and to make a positive impact.

My involvement within the SFU community includes the following roles:

  • Executive and President of several clubs on campus (ASA, The 42…)
  • Speaker in Council for the Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS)
  • Forum representative of SASS
  • Undergraduate Student Representative on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Curriculum Committee
  • Arts Frosh Co-ordinator (SASSQUATCH 2013)
  • I currently sit on multiple SFSS committees, the most important of which are: Extended Health and Dental Plan, Student Space Oversight and Granting. Through these committees, I was able to voice student concerns and fulfill my duties as a Forum and At-large representative at the best of my abilities.
  • I have hosted and organized plenty of quality events. I managed to make profits out of these events while keeping the prices at minimum. I understand the financial difficulties that, us, university students can go through, and I believe that should not be a reason not to be able to unwind and have fun on campus.
  • I have been working with the Academic committee in SASS to help the Arts DSUs publish Academic Journals.
  • I am currently working on the establishment of a scholarship that will be offered by the society of Arts and Social Sciences in the near future.

If elected as your VP Student Services, I will strive to achieve the following:


  • Work with the FBS General Manager to keep reducing the deficits. Over $200,000 were saved this year, but more work is yet to be done on this issue.
  • While working on reducing the deficit, keep the prices at a minimum level and continue to subsidize the products offered by our Food and Beverage Services.
  • Start the process of the expansion of the SFSS services towards the Vancouver and Surrey campuses.

Extended Health and Dental Plan:

  • Work on expanding the Health and Dental coverage from one option (if the referendum question passes) to a tier system with multiple options where students can select and customize their health coverage based on their needs.

Clubs and DSUs:

  • Provide student groups with more online outreach through the SFSS website and social media.
  • Instead of seeking a private web host, I would work on expanding the SFSS web domain in order for the clubs and DSUs to have their sites with the student society: An online space that they can customize and easily manage.
  • Develop the Nuts and Bolts program in order to offer executives of Clubs and DSUs a more advanced training program that helps them expand their outreach and bypass the financial boundaries.
  • Work closely with the SFSS General Office and the DSU organizer’s office to increase the number of active student groups on campus and continue to support them with all their initiatives.


  • Optimize the internal operations of the society through implementing a new communications system that is both efficient and accessible. The SFSS is a large organization with several different departments, and the lack of an effective communication system can result in a lack of efficiency.

In a nutshell, my experience, vision, familiarity with what the position entails make me the ideal candidate for this position. I am a leader and a team player and, if elected, I will be honoured to serve as your VP Student Services.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas you would like to discuss, please contact me at:

E-mail: zmasmoud@sfu.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zied.masmoudi

Rahul Rajanala

humza khan president
Hello everyone. My name Rahul Rajanala and I am a third year Political Science Major at Simon Fraser University. I will be running for the position of Vice President Student Services at Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) and determined to voice for student engagement for both domestic and international students. For over 2 years, I have been involved significantly in students affairs for a Departmental Student Union (DSU) called International Students Groups (ISG) for SFSS, and as a forum representative for the SFSS committees such as Advocacy Committee, Commercial Services Committee, and Granting Committee. As a student of SFU and an international student, I have been involved in the student society body for the sole purpose to voice for a better academic and social life at SFU. In addition, I am familiar with the international environment, since I am raised in Hong Kong and contributed fairly in diverse communities outside campus. I am fluent in multiple languages such as Hindi and Cantonese and perfect as a liaison between most ethnic groups of the society.
If elected as the VP of Student Services, I will be involved in key issues concerning students, such as:

  • Upass BC Program: Traveling among different campuses, the upass program is crucial for students on day-today basis, allowing students to save costs on traveling expenses and have unlimited rides in all zones within the cities of Vancouver. As VP of Student Services, I will be working with the student unions, SFU and Translink on continuing advocating for a better U-pass program and assure for good transition towards the introduction of the new ‘Compass Card Program’.
  • Health and Dental Plan: As any university student, the health plan is offered to any student enrolled. As VP of Student Services, I will be closely working with the affiliated groups on the maintenance of the health plan and make sure students are offered with the services that fulfills a student’s requirement of a healthy lifestyle within the campus. In addition, I will also regularly update and inform students on the changes and amendments made to the their coverage.
  • Ombudsperson: To ensure all students are treated fair and just in academia, I will be working between Ombudsperson, SFSS, SFU, and the GSS to see to it that students are more aware about its services.
  • Emergency Food Bank Program: Given the rising costs of living and student fees, theemergency food bank program is important to students that are in short of food supplies. In order for students to have a well-balanced and nutritious life towards academia, I will be working with the SFSS and groups that will expand the program and support for those in the tight for the accessibility of food.
  • Enriching student’s experience at SFU: I will promote and amalgamate student life experiences among all diverse groups at SFU and create bridges among all SFU campuses so as to increase DSU and Clubs opportunities for all students. In addition, I will strive for an exciting and stress-free university environment.