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My name is Larissa Chen, I am a 3rd year Health Sciences student and currently serve as my faculty’s representative to the Student Society. For the upcoming 2016-17 term, I would like to serve as your VP Student Services and I am running with a team called CONNECTED, full of dedicated individuals.

During my past term at SFSS, I was actively involved in my faculty student union group (HSUSU). I also had leadership roles in various large-scale events and projects (Fall Kickoff 2015, Appreciation Week, International Festival, BuildSFU). Additionally, I’ve gained experience with effective communications and marketing SFSS projects and events. I have also served on Senate this past year, as well as an involvement with SFU Health and Counselling.


1) Improve communication and promotion of services

  • Advocate for regular updates about SFSS services in engaging ways (ex. videos, classroom presentations, SFSS promotions team)
  • Increase awareness of resources students have access to & fund
  • Strengthen clubs & student groups’ understanding of efficient usage of services
  • Outreach to student groups, classrooms, faculties regarding important information & key deadlines (ex. Health & Dental Plan Opt-Out Date)

2) Consultation of current services provided by SFSS

  • Mitigate redundancies in SFU and SFSS services, as to optimize on all services available to students and promote SFU undergraduates’ interests & wellbeing
  • Out-of-office outreach & in-person and online office hours
  • Implement easily accessible process to receive feedback for those who are willing to provide it

3) Maintenance and improvement of SFSS services

  • Work to maintain the U-Pass BC program beyond 2018 by working with the U-Pass Advisory Committee (UAC)
  • Ensure the Health and Dental plan contract is renewed and lead the necessary referendum campaign
  • Work with SFSS staff to ensure that the focus of all services and contract negations is “Better service for students”
  • Update the Board regarding Food & Beverage Services with the CEO to support the General Manager in their mandate to reduce the deficit & run operational needs
  • Strengthen in-person services, but also prioritize an alternate online option

4) Strategic planning for sustainable and long-term goals

  • Ensure the position of VP Student Services is handled from a governance standpoint, not an operational one
  • Prioritize student interests, based on comprehensive consultation and survey data

5) Advocate for the creation of new services

Additional services I am interested in looking into will are:

  • Creation of peer-support network: Consult relevant groups with experience and generate a process to ensure it’s sustainable upon creation (ex. mental health wellbeing)
  • Sexual assault support programming: In continuation of SFSS’ commitment to look into possible services to fund a preventative and supportive sexual assault program, I will be advocating for protection of student safety on all campuses.

I aim to promote students’ wellbeing and interests through the existing services and seek new and effective methods to promote them. Thank you for your consideration! For questions, further information, please refer to bit.ly/Lari4ss #Lari4Services #VoteCONNECTED