• Jimmy Dhesa (Brighter SFU)

Hello everyone,

My name is Jimmy Dhesa, I am a third-year Biomedical Physiology student currently serving as the Science Representative for SFSS. For this upcoming SFSS election, I am campaigning to earn your trust and support in becoming your next Vice-President Student Services. I am running with Brighter SFU, a team of experienced and hard working candidates.

Over the past year, I had the opportunity to work on many faculty initiatives. This includes working on successful events with the Science Undergraduate Society and personal projects such as the Science Mentorship Program. I worked on Board initiatives throughout my term with Strategic Engagement, Finance and Audit, Strategic Plan and Grant Restructuring and Guidelines committees. I actively engaged in Society campaigns including the General Membership Survey and Tank Farm Awareness. I consistently promoted student involvement, which led to many students joining clubs, student unions, SFSS committees, and running for the 2017 SFSS General Election.

If elected I will focus on:

U-Pass BC Contract

With the current U-Pass BC Program set to expire in 2018, I will continue current provincial lobbying efforts alongside the U-Pass Student Caucus to extend the program. I aim to assist in negotiating a U-Pass BC Contract with a long-term fair, fixed cost to provide students with stability. I will also lead the campaign of passing the contract through referendum. The U-Pass is one of the most used and important services offered by SFSS and its extension is top priority.

Health and Dental Plan Request for Proposal (RFP)

For the first time in over 8 years, the SFSS will be eligible for a competitive RFP process for its Health and Dental Plan. The goal of this RPF is to obtain bids for administering our Health and Dental Plan from insurance providers and brokers. This ensures the SFSS can select the best plan for its members. By going to a competitive RFP on the open market, we potentially increase benefits and lower cost.

Increase Efficiency and Quality of Services

For the first time at the SFSS we have collected both qualitative/quantitative data to evaluate our services. I was directly involved in creating these processes on the Strategic Plan Committee. Based on the received data, I will evaluate our services on an annual basis and use the data to increase or decrease aspects of our services. This lowers operating cost and increases quality.

Advocate for New Sustainable Services

Using feedback from our General Membership Survey, I will evaluate the aspects of the SFSS that students want to see most improvement in. Based on this and student issues/demands that arise through the year, I will advocate to establish new services befitting the mandate of SFSS.

Expand Services to Surrey and Vancouver

Our current services are Burnaby-centric. To proportionately allocate service funding, I spent time during my term analyzing SFU Activity Full-Time Equivalency data. This data estimates proportional funding for expanding services in Surrey and Vancouver.

Thank you for reading my platform and your interest. If you have questions/concerns, please email: jdhesa@sfu.ca.