Parteek Mann (parteekm@sfu.ca)

I am a political enthusiast, active in all levels of elections. From canvassing neighborhoods to being a scrutineer. I take great interest in the role of governing bodies in our society and as an SFSS member I hope to take an active role in Simon Fraser’s future. Being president of Forex SFU, and Canadian Stock United I have extensive experience in dealing with public relations and operational tasks.

I have dealt with many stressful situations in a calm manner, and communicated effectively demonstrating my great leadership skills.I created my own charity, Charity Tutors in 2008, which donates its proceeds to various societies in the community, such as the BC Cancer Foundation and the BC Children’s Hospital by tutoring younger children. I received certificates of appreciation from the BC Cancer Society and BC Children’s Hospital. I also received Certificates of Appreciation from MPs Sukh Dhaliwal and Nina Grewal for my generosity and community involvement.

  • President of FOREX Club
  • Vice President of Canadian Stock United
  • Experience in dealing with public relations and operational tasks.
  • Received Certificate of Appreciation from BC Cancer Society and BC Children’s Hospital
  • Received Certificate of Appreciation from MPs Sukh Dhaliwal and Nina Grewal for my generosity and community involvement.

My Platform:

  1. Make sure there is development on the Gondola project. As the president I will have the most contact with University Administrators, ensuring that my thoughts and ideas are implemented.
  2. Introduce more food vendors to Maggie Benston Centre Atrium.
  3. Create more social programs for students
  4. Creating a database in which students can find places to live close to campus, i.e. Univer-city. This ensures that even if student residences become privatized students will still have alternatives without having to spend more.
  5. Add more vendors on the Meal Plan, allowing people to diversify their food choices.

Jeff McCann (mccann@sfu.ca)

I believe in Leadership. I believe in Community. I believe in Accountability. I believe in getting things done and I believe in Simon Fraser University.
I am a 4th year Business student concentrating in accounting and finance. Last fall I played on the Clan football team, and I am currently the SFSS Treasurer. I bring diversity, leadership, and business sense through my past employment at a professional accounting firm, participation in athletics, and education. As an executive director this diversity has translated into fresh new ideas and dynamic problem solving.

My Mission:

Community: Community and culture are important aspects of post-secondary education and will be key components in my work as President. How do we accomplish this? More events, outreach through clubs, Departmental Student Union’s and Forum, and overall better communication between campus groups. Events like “Talk Green” that brings like minded campus groups together to talk about sustainability and social justice. I will promote membership in club’s and Departmental Student Unions as a means of increasing student involvement. I will encourage the development of a culture that supports athletics and acts as an affirmation that students believe in their university and their peers. The same mindset applies to arts, music, and business competitions. The list goes forever. Clan means family; let’s be the best and let’s do it together.

Leadership: I am charismatic and passionate about my work with the Student Society. My leadership strategy is a bottom up approach which focuses on listening to what SFU students want. I have developed the “Talk to Us” campaign that is a detailed action plan with the purpose of garnering ideas from students to open lines of communication to the board to have them recognised and implemented.

I will build and maintain relationships with University administration so we can work together towards a better SFU experience. My focus as President will be on achieving tangible results that benefit students on a day-to-day basis such as cleaner bathrooms, extended library and fitness centre hours, and more broad campus food options.

Accountability: Efficiency and transparency will be key focuses of the society under my leadership. As President I will implement more formalization around internal processes ensuring your dollars are working, and working hard. Documentation and organization will establish continuity between board turnovers so that long-term projects are achievable. I will better utilize Forum to maximize their advisory capacity therefore increasing communication across the governance structure of the Society. I will hold the board to a high standard of professionalism that reflects the multimillion dollar organization we represent.

Highlights of some of the projects I have spearheaded in four months as SFSS Treasurer:
I Led planning on the sold out Pub Frostbite event as the kickoff Pub night of the semester. I created the Pub Night Sponsorship program that allows groups to book the Highland on Thursdays without incurring security or printing costs. Since implementation every Thursday night is now booked for an event, this has not only increase involvement on campus but increased revenues in the Pub. I created the March 16th High Five a Stranger Day to increase community and interaction on campus. As chair of the Finance and Administrative Services Committee I facilitated the granting of over $60,000 dollars to clubs and DSU’s. I negotiated two leases to maintain food vendors on campus, standardized cheque runs, and created a new timesheet system. Most importantly I am currently in the budgeting to ensure every dollar of student money is creating the most value possible for the most students.

Thank you and I hope that you will support me for another term as an executive officer of the Simon Fraser Student Society.
Contact me via email mccann@sfu.ca or Facebook search “Support Jeff McCann for SFSS President”
Yes We McCANN!

Diego Reyeros (dra15@sfu.ca)

Fellow students:
After two years of being part of the SFSS, as Business Forum Representative during 2009, and as current Member Services Officer, I am seeking the position of President to bring solidarity and continuity to our student society.
It is key for this organization that the current projects and issues are not interrupted by the learning curve of inexperienced candidates in this position. I want to see more and better services for students, such as some of my initiatives that today are a reality for the SFSS: the development of our volunteer program, the upcoming SFSS Dental Clinic, the inclusion of the SFSS Directorship into SFU’s Coop Program, and many other ongoing projects.
If elected I will continue working to get the following projects in place:

  1. To support and empower your student groups:
    1. Ensure fair distribution of funds among student groups.
    2. Provide our Student Forum with more decision making power.
  1. Encourage cooperation between student groups and unions.
  • Develop your health plan:
    1. Develop a post-graduate plan, so even after you graduate the SFSS will look after you.
    2. Ensuring the permanence of the levels of coverage of the most popular services (dental, glasses, and chiropractor).
  • Ensure efficiency in your student society:
    1. Aligning the society’s priorities with those outlined in our constitution: Advocacy, and Services.
    2. Lobby and coordinate with SFU through my ongoing relationship with the University’s Administration.
    3. Reach an agreement over our collective agreements that both satisfy the society’s needs, and the requests of our valuable staff.
  • So, remember to VOTE, DIEGO FOR PRESIDENT!
    Join me on Facebook.
    Watch my message.
    Thank you.

    Colin Sharp

    This Candidate Has Withdrawn
    (the saddest day in election history)

    Talan Suleyman (talan2004@hotmail.com)

    Hello everybody, I am running for president of the SFSS for many reasons which are noted below.

    However, I would like to start by saying that I’m a regular student with many of the same wants and needs as the majority of SFU students. I am tired of rising tuition fees with less support than ever from bursaries and scholarships.

    Just like many of you, my debts are increasing and it worries me that when I complete my degree, that it will take years to pay off the debts. I am also tired of getting to the bus stops early but because of transit, ending up late for class, or if not late than cramped in an overloaded bus. The most annoying thing about translink is seeing the “Sorry Bus Is Full” sign as it passes you. I, just like many of you, want to enjoy my experiences in university with social gatherings and events which encourage networking and socialization.

    We work hard to maintain our grades and get an education, but everyone needs to enjoy there time at SFU, so that when we look back at our experiences in university it’s not only memmories of stressfull deadlines and exams. Please elect me as your president, so I can work towards fixing these problems and making SFU a more enjoyable environment.

    1. Financial support and campaigns for more government support for SFU, to help lower tuition or to stop increases in tuition fees.
      1. If elected I will advocate to the provincial government for more financial support for SFU, in an effort to help lower tuition fees or at least stop them from increasing.
      2. I will work closely with the school in an attempt to provide more bursaries and scholarships for student so that we can reduce student debts.
    2. More busses for SFU
      1. I will create a massive campaign towards translink in regards to the lack of busses for SFU students.
    3. More concerts and events
      1. I will bring more concerts and performances to SFU for all students to enjoy.
      2. I will create many new events around campus to increase socialization and networking.