Humza Khan

My name is Humza Khan and I am currently the Member Services Officer (MSO) of the Simon Fraser Student Society. I am a 3rd year student majoring in Political Science and Economics, and I am running tohumza khan president become the President of your student society at SFU.

A quick summary of my term as MSO is listed underneath.

  • Managed the society’s health and dental plan. Today we have a new insurance provider with a lower cost associated per student while keeping all benefits the same as before; allowing the society to build a massive reserve fund to avoid price increases in the plan in the near future.
  • Worked with the Extended Health and Dental Plan Committee to extend our contract with Student Care.
  • Assisted the SFSS University Relations Officer with matters pertaining to leasing society space in order to provide an on-campus office for Student Care. This development allows students to interact in person with the company that administers their health plan.
  • Dealt with all issues relating to clubs and departmental student unions (DSUs) and encouraged them to be more active. Today we have a higher number of active clubs and student unions (collectively) than ever before and due credit must be given to the SFSS staff as well for achieving this.
  • Chaired Forum – hosted President Petter (for the opportunity agenda), Student Health Advocacy Committee, TSSU representatives (during the labor strikes), Student Care representatives (for consultation regarding the Health Plan switch), and Build SFU architects (for consultation regarding the student union building).
  • Chaired Events Committee – hosted an international artist (DJ Tydi) at the start of spring 2013 and delivered at least 3 other sold-out pub nights. Working towards hosting another international artist towards the middle of spring 2013. Formalized the pub event security and advertisement sponsorship packages.
  • Served on 7 other standing committees while managing the fixed day-to-day business set for my portfolio.
  • Assisted the SFSS President in drafting and reviewing a new Ombuds Office Joint Funding Letter of Agreement and the Shared Services Agreement with the GSS.
  • Hired various staff persons including the new Food and Beverage Services (FBS) General Manager in a bid to off-set the FBS deficit.
  • Successfully hosted the society’s Annual General Meeting.

My involvement within the SFU community over the last three years includes being:

  • Elected as a Student Senator for SFU Senate’s 2013-14 term.
  • Frosh Team Leader for the Society of Arts and Social Science.
  • Orientation Leader (twice) for the Burnaby campus orientation program.
  • International Student Mentor three times.
  • Responsible for charity drives for the underprivileged and towards building schools in third-world countries.

My platform for the upcoming elections is based on eight (8) key points. As president, I would:

  • Work alongside the SFSS Executive Director and FBS General Manager to significantly reduce the FBS deficit that currently stands at over $300,000.00.
  • Strengthen the society’s hierarchical structure and the rules and regulations it abides by.
  • Improve our grassroots connection with the student population at SFU by targeting all current and incoming students, encouraging them to get involved, allocating more funding towards our community outreach program and most importantly, by never turning down a student initiative without investing time, effort and resources into finding its feasibility.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to be more involved in the decision making process by consulting with them on any issues that would impact their lives or pockets. Community-based projects such as Build SFU and introduction of Faculty Student Unions are a great example of these issues.
  • Work with SFU administration and different departments (such as Meetings, Events and Conference Services (MECS), Facilities etc.) to better assist with student-led/focused projects. I want to pay special attention to our athletes (GO CLAN!) and introduce a new platform for dialogue between students and the university to meet the financial, social and any other needs of our membership that warrant attention.
  • Work towards increasing our presence at the Surrey and Harbour Centre campuses.
  • Lay down the framework for hosting a massive welcome back event involving international artists at the start of every fall semester. Personally, it has been a struggle so far to make SFU a more active and fun place but the signs are positive and such events are definitely possible.
  • Lastly, lead from the front and be a team player. I will encourage the entire board to tackle any issues together and deliver as a team rather than work separately in their comfort zones.

To summarize, I am the only SFSS presidential candidate with previous experience as an Executive member of the Board of Directors. I have demonstrated my leadership skills and my vision of improving social life at SFU through the various positions I have held over the course of my three years at SFU. Not only am I determined to bring forth a positive change, I also have the understanding and knowledge of the society to deliver upon the eight (8) points listed above. It will be a pleasure and an honor to serve as your student society’s President.

If you have any ideas about how to improve student life at SFU, questions about my campaign or if you would like to help out with it, please do not hesitate to contact me at humzak@sfu.ca or www.facebook.com/HumzaKZ. For more information, check out my Facebook campaign by searching for “Humza Khan for SFSS President!”

Sarah Veness

The role of the President of the SFSS is to lead the rest of the Board through the year and encourage them to work on projects that matter most to SFU students. Through my experience onC_IMG the Board this year as the Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology Representative, I have learned the necessity of collaboration among directors, students, staff and the SFU community at large. My campaign is not full of empty promises, I understand the role of President, and the larger role of your SFSS and intend to focus my year on the following:

Increasing Student Space

Student space means different things to different students, it demands a balance between study space, recreation and athletic space, spaces to perform, create, eat, meet new friends and everything else that fully encompasses your time at SFU. We are a school split among many campuses and three unique cities, the energy of the SFSS needs to be dedicated to creating new student space on all campuses but more so making the most of the space that already exists.

I have been involved with Build SFU this year on a number of committees and am thrilled at the opportunity it poses for all students, past and present of SFU. The Build SFU team will be kicking consultation into high-gear this year and I will work closely with the General Manager as well as the rest of the Board to ensure the Build SFU project directly reflects what students want from their student union building. I will also ensure the consultation process is handled in a way that students in all faculties and all campuses are able to participate, because whether you’re on campus one day a week or five days a week your opinion matters.


The most important experiences I have had at SFU have been outside the classroom, as the Communication Student Union President two years ago, and the FCAT Representative with the SFSS this past year I have seen firsthand the struggle students face in understanding how to start a club, run an event, secure funding, voice concerns, raise advocacy issues, or just generally volunteer with the SFU community.

There are hundreds of ways for students to get involved on campus with the SFSS and I will work closely with students and staff to open up perceived barriers, the SFSS is yours, you pay your student fees and you should have a say in how your society is run, I promise you that when I am elected my door is always open, my cell phone is always on, and your email will get a response within 24 hours, because if you don’t vote for a transparent society and a President that takes your concerns seriously, what are you voting for?

Visit my campaign page for more information: “Sarah Veness for SFSS President”
In the meantime, let’s talk – sveness@sfu.ca @sarahveness #letstalkSFU www.sarahveness.com


Nickolas D. Haley

The job of a President is to be a compass for the council they lead.Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 2.59.25 PM
A President provides direction in the form of setting a course for
policy, and he/she accomplishes this by always remembering
whom they serve; the student body of Simon Fraser University.
My Personal Philosophy
It has always been my personal philosophy to think of what is best
for the whole without leaving the individual behind, and it is that
philosophy that will guide me as your President.
I hold the belief that people elect not positions of power, but
positions of service. To elect the SFSS Board of Directors is to elect
your ultimate advocates whose sole purpose is the vigilance of the
security and the quality of educational experience of the Simon
Fraser Student Body. As such, it is not just knowledge or
experience that is the hallmark of good leadership (although that
does help); it is the ability to listen, adapt, and compromise for the
sake of serving your electorate in the best possible way. I fully
commit to this line of logic.

About Me
I am a Political Sciences and Criminology student here at Simon
Fraser University with a strong commitment to fairness and
advocacy for the student body. I believe in a strong, informed, and
active student population with both the ease of comfort and the
vivacious independence of life that the university experience offers
them. I have been on the Boards of Directors of many different
things over my life ranging from community special events to lobby
groups to public transit. I have experienced many different roles
from handling money to leading an entire organization, as well as
being on the outside looking in. I understand the need for
cooperation between government and those who elected it, because I know that community involvement in government does
not end when the polls close.
The Issues
There are so many different issues affecting the Simon Fraser
University Student Body, so this list cannot be exhaustive. The
following are just a few that I plan on tackling if elected President:

•Further promotion of Multiculturalism at all campuses
•Enhancing cooperation with faculty and staff to create the best
learning atmosphere possible
•Facilitation of the transition to the Compass System for students
who require the use of public transit
•Nurturing and working with student-led initiatives such as Build
•The representation of the Surrey and Harbour Centre Campuses
within the SFSS
•Student dept awareness and Counter-Attack