Chardaye Bueckert

humza khan presidentMy name is Chardaye Bueckert, and I want to serve as your next Simon Fraser Student Society President because I believe in the power of the student movement and know we can accomplish great things together. I am a part of Move the Mountain, a student movement at SFU made up of people who recognize the SFSS could be serving all students more effectively.

We are more than buzzwords and empty promises. Here is what I and other Move the Mountain candidates will do to improve your university experience:

Put Money Back Into Your Pocket

As President, I will prioritizing responsible financial management of the $2 million dollar budget provided by student fees to get money back into your pocket. To do this we will push for the  creation of a part-time student bursary, put more SFSS funds into general bursaries and scholarships, work to expand the SFSS Emergency Food Bank Program for students in need, continue to push the use of free open textbooks, and increase childcare funding available for students sitting on SFSS Committees and Forum from $5/hour to at least $11/hour.

Connect & Empower Existing Communities at SFU

We will push for more funding for our hundreds of clubs and departmental student unions, allowing them to host more frequent and larger scale events to increase social life on campus. We will make representation of interests to all students a priority, including SFU Surrey and Vancouver students, international students, and athletes. We will prioritize expanding SFSS services and events to Surrey and Vancouver campuses. We will work with existing international student organizations to better provide for our international members. Forum, which is supposed to act as an advisory body to the SFSS Board, will meet more frequently and will be provided training each semester to empower representatives to better speak for their own communities and hold the SFSS Board of Directors accountable. SFU has an amazing existing social justice community, which the SFSS has been largely disconnected from in recent years. We will prioritize engagement in meaningful dialogue with the Rotunda groups (Women’s Centre, First Nations Student Association, Out on Campus, SFPIRG, CJSF, ACHSA). Finally, we will make the SFSS a place where everyone feels welcome and safe so that every student has the opportunity to participate.

Fight For Your Interests

The SFSS was created to unite students to fight for our own best interests and I plan to redirect focus onto this founding mandate. Students elsewhere in the world are the driving forces behind mass social change, and we at SFU have the power to effect meaningful social change in our communities and Canada at large. We are 30 000 educated, intelligent, and empowered people who share common interests. We will create a strong collective voice for students that will be heard by the university, government, and society. We will push for increased student input into SFU’s financial decisions, enabling students to more effectively advocate for fossil fuel divestment, the creation of a living wage campus, and more effectively oppose tuition increases. We will prioritize fighting back against funding cuts to post-secondary education from the provincial government which have caused tuition increases and deferred maintenance issues. We will improve transit by lobbying Translink about route specific issues, lobbying the provincial and municipal governmentsfor more funding, and work to mobilize students for the potential upcoming Translink funding referendum.

There are two main reasons why I am qualified to be SFSS President:

I Have the Experience and Track Record That Shows I Can Deliver Results for All Students

I have served in SFU student government for nearly 3 years. As the current SFSS External Relations Officer, I have shown my commitment to working for students by leading an active Advocacy Committee. I led the creation of the SFSS Emergency Food Bank Program and pushed back against SFU’s closure of the Food Bank, keeping it open for another term. I am actively working to reduce the cost of the Build SFU project for students through reduced financing costs and ethical sponsorship. I have worked closely with other organizations to lobby government on more affordable education and better transit. I also chair the Constitution and Policy Review Committee and manage all matters related to the UPass. I have additional experience in student leadership as the former President, Vice President Communications, and Secretary of the Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS), as well as the Vice President of Finance for the SFU Debate Society. This shows have the commitment, skills, and experience to be the SFSS President that will do what I say.

I Have a Plan for a Better SFSS Framework

The SFSS has amazing potential to help students, and we can make it better by implementing reform. As a current SFSS Executive, I have learned a great deal about how the organization is run and how we can improve. The SFSS often feels exclusionary: I will make the SFSS a more inclusive and safe place through mandatory anti-oppression training for all Board members and by introducing an internal discipline procedure. Many students do not feel empowered or represented by the SFSS: I will engage in a large scale student consultation process to see what students want from their Society. The SFSS must treat its staff better: I will implement a “Day of Dialogue’’ with the SFSS staff to try to improve relationships. Many students do not know where the SFSS spends its money: I will work with the Vice President Finance on regular, easy to understand financial reports to the membership. The SFSS Board of Directors is not representative of the student population: I will continually question systems of power and will try to reduce reflections of societal patterns of sexism, classism, and racism in the SFSS. There is a clear need for meaningful change, and I will be the President to make it happen.

I have many more ideas about how to reform the SFSS and would love to keep you updated through my Facebook page, “Chardaye Bueckert for SFSS President” and on Twitter, @chardayeb. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the Move the Mountain movement. For more information on Move the Mountain please visit www.movethemountain.net.

Vote Chardaye Bueckert for SFSS President March 25-28th for real change and better representation!

Brandon Chapman

ACE 2014

Accountability, Community, Excellence.

We are a group of motivated individuals who have a shared vision to collectively strive:

  1. To hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in all of our dealings as elected representatives of SFU’s undergraduate student body.
  2. To continue to build a strong sense of community on campus by hosting the highest calibre events possible for our students and supporting student-led initiatives that align with the vision of building
  3. To set the example for student societies across North America, by exceeding the standard and providing excellence in all aspects of the Simon Fraser Student Society’s mandate as listed in the Constitution.

humza khan president
My name is Brandon Chapman and I am currently the Faculty Representative for Business Administration at the Simon Fraser Student Society and a Programming Coordinator in SFU Residence. I am in my 4th year majoring in Management and Technology and I am leading a team of passionate, experienced individuals interested in enhancing the student experience at SFU. I’m running to become President of your Simon Fraser Student Society here at my home, Simon Fraser University.

My platform for the election is based on eight points. If selected as your president I will:

  • Work alongside the SFSS Food and Beverage Services (FBS) General Manager to build our outreach for FBS services (particularly the Highland pub) while continuing to reduce the FBS deficit.
  • Continue to strengthen the relationship of the SFSS with the rest of the campus community, particular Residence, Athletics, international students and marginalized groups.
  • To provide support to our Faculty Student Unions to develop equitable governance programs in their respective faculties and help them with supporting their respective DSUs.
  • Continue to lobby for our student society and university spaces to be more easily accessible for students with disabilities to ensure we are as inclusive as possible at all of our events.
  • To break down the university barriers to hosting student-led events on campus by working with university administration and our SFSS General Office staff.
  • Ensure extensive consultation with SFU students continues to happen as we move forward with the Build SFU project. My focus will be on ensuring that the right building is built for our students to enjoy for years to come.
  • Work towards increasing SFSS presence at the Surrey and Harbor Centre campus.
  • Our number one piece of feedback from the Fall 2013 Kickoff Concert was the lack of a beer garden. I am working towards a beer garden for the Spring Sendoff 2014.Our next big piece of feedback was for more varied music genres which, if elected I will deliver in the Fall 2014 Kickoff Concert.
  • Lastly, to lead by example and to empower my team to create the most memorable year at SFU possible for our students by working together on projects as a united team.

If you want to know more about the promises I made going in to my term and my performance so far, here are some highlights of my work as a board member:

  • Project Manager – Simon Fraser Spring Sendoff 2014
  • Marketing Coordinator – SFSS Fall 2013 Kickoff Concert
  • Build SFU Building Committee Board Representative
    • Board member of Events Committee
    • Sole board representative throughout selection process for structural, electrical and mechanical engineers
    • Worked closely with Build SFU staff during the Fall 2013 consultation process.
    • Represented the SFSS on a tour of student union buildings including the ones at Washington State University, University of Washington and University of Idaho.
    • Currently in the process of negotiating with SFU for pre-purchase of SFSS space to finance the project until we secure a loan.
  • Board member of the Events Committee
    • Hosted and helped with the planning and organization of countless events including Summer Day & Night party, Halloween Massacre and Oktoberfest where we saw strong attendance from our student body as well as revenue to the SFSS FBS.
    • Initiated and led a fundraiser for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
    • Created a team to lead and participate in the fundraising for SFU Relay for Life
  • Board member of Commercial Services Committee where I have fought to keep Wings Wednesdays cover free for our students and ensure that losses incurred by the SFSS FBS were reduced.
  • Provided support to the Business Administration Student Society throughout the year especially with regards to providing FSU support and funding assistance.
  • Chair of Hiring Committees for our current Social Media Assistant, and Minute Taker positions. Included in this process were probationary reviews where I worked closely with staff to ensure the needs of the employees were met and that the employees felt comfortable, both of these student staff are still working (extraordinarily well) with us.
  • Currently the board representative on the Registrar’s Search Committee as we actively seek to replace Kate Ross.

Highlights of my involvement in the SFU community outside of my board responsibilities include:

  • Programming Coordinator for SFU Residence Life since Spring 2013 where I oversee, advise and support large scale programming initiatives within the SFU residence community.
  • Initiated the Residence Life Service Learning Program: Zambia 2014 in which 12 students and 2 professional staff members will travel to Lusaka, Zambia to build homes for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Hosted the 2013 Residence Life Whistler Trip and 2014 Residence Life Whistler Trip in collaboration with the RHA in which 95 and 150 students attended, respectively. The increase in participation is reflective of my efforts to engage with the residence community and continue to provide opportunities for our students to be active members of the community. where residents can buy used items such as kitchenware by donation.
  • Helped revitalize The Attic project which is essentially a thrift shop in residence
  • Community Advisor for Residence Life in the 2010/2011 academic year.
  • SFU JDC West Case Competition Captain in the 2010/2011 academic year in which I led 50 business students to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to compete in the largest case competition in Canada.

Other relevant experience includes:

  • Attended the Royal Military College in the Regular Officer Training Plan program in Kingston, Ontario.
  • Worked full time on co-op for BlackBerry, formerly Research in Motion in Waterloo, Ontario.
  • Helped start and manage a charter fishing company in Tofino, British Columbia.

To summarize, if you would like an enthusiastic and dedicated person who would serve you with every ounce of my energy, then I hope that you support my campaign. I am not running because I aspire to be a politician, I am not running to get a future job out of my SFSS experience, I am running because I love this school and would want nothing more than to be a factor in its continuing growth. Even as a FARM member I have gone above and beyond my required duties, and I hope (if elected) to dedicate a year towards continuing to instil pride amongst students of this school, while building community as your SFSS president. I have demonstrated my leadership skills and wish to continue to build on the good work that previous presidents have done. I am determined that my team and I are the most dedicated individuals you will find in this election, and I promise that collectively, we will work harder for you than any board previous. I have the knowledge of the society, this school, and the community as well as the team to deliver on my platform. I would be honored to serve as your student society’s President.

For more information on my relevant work experience please visit me at ca.linkedin.com/in/brandonchapman99.

I would love to chat with you if you have any questions or comments for me. You can usually always find me on campus, or email me at bwc6@sfu.ca or visit bit.ly/ACE-Brandon to view my Facebook page.

Alexander Morris

Who is this Alexander Morris you ask?
(Try to get to know me, it’ll take 4 minutes)

Read slowly. Slower. Sloweeerr. Calm down. Slower. Ok. Perfect. I could tell you about my academic background. Or former employment that qualifies me. That sports team or club that you’ve heard of. I could tell you my age, music tastes, style of clothing or the people I spend the most time with. My hobbies and interests. I can make you feel comfortable enough to judge me as a person based on information and experiences that every other candidate provides. The truth.

You’re probably judging me right now.

Are you still reading slowly? I naïvely thought education was for the sake of education. It is not. SFU is a business. The ugly truth. You’re here to get a job. I’m not stupid. So give me a job as President. I know the problems and I know who to talk to in order to fix them. I HAVE A PLAN. I am not like other candidates; I naively think you care about the well-being of SFU and you’ll vote on March 23rd someone with passion and merit, not someone in a popularity contest. These words cannot exist without me writing them, but they mean nothing without a reader, which is you. Look at us working together already! Read this again, slowly. Angrily. Then read my platform. Help me make a difference.




The TSSU work action strike back in 2012 left us reeling without TA’s, late grades and frustration. Registering for classes with pre-requisites becomes that much harder when you haven’t “completed” a semester. Guess what? The collective agreement expires April 30, 2014. Right when a new SFSS board of governors enters. This chaos means a work action strike over the summer, which if not resolved, will create a very confusing back to school in the fall for new and returning SFU students. Critical contact with the Ten Tabled Officers, the VDLC and the University to reach a finer agreement will be my primary objective. As President, I intend to DO MY JOB.


Free Coffee Day Once a Week! BURNABY ALONE HAS 3 Renaissance, 2 Subways, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Higher Grounds, Nature’s Garden, the Boulevard, the Great Dane, and many more possible coffee locations; it is safe to say SFU has a caffeine craze. On those sleepy Mondays,
(every week), I propose all coffee locations give 11 random free coffees/teas/latte-espresso-
mocha-blasts an hour 8 AM till 11 AM. That’s 33 cups per location to increase awareness of our businesses and to increase busy-ness! Does this not seem far more possible to accomplish than false promises for free classes, halving tuition and cheaper textbooks? This is a small but very REAL PROMISE to WAKE UP our students to the very possible actions of a completely free education; take a baby sip and vote for Alexander Morris.


As a community, we are very much divided. There are 50 Course unions for 8 general faculties. There are over 178 Clubs. Many of these groups claim funding and still fundraise by themselves on top of that. You are paying money to divide people of 17 Christian Clubs, 4 exercise Clubs, electronic gaming, 4 card/board gaming, 5 for helping Students “achieve unity”, 3 doing SFSS’s job of media and social networking, etc. Many of these clubs and unions have less than 10 regular attending members; time to merge into something bigger, streamline groups so they can have an ACTUAL NOTICABLE IMPACT. After cutting out the excesses, it’s time to solidify these foundations. The creation of 5 jobs per Course Union, (paying $10 per session and let’s say, 5 sessions), won’t break the bank. Make one of those jobs responsible for finding PAYING positions in the OUTSIDE world that are in fact, related to your faculty or course Union! You came to SFU to help your career; vote for my job as President and I’ll return you a job five-fold! This is my plan for a greater community; not just promising outreach.


If you still are not satisfied, add me on facebook. Sfu connect with ama112@sfu.ca. Text me 604 812 1865. I want to meet you in person. You can ask any question. I will answer honestly. I need this job.

Marnie Slater

humza khan president Hey All,

My name is Marnie Slater, and I am running to be your SFSS President for 2014. The main reason that I know I will be an excellent leader for your Student Society, is that not only do I have knowledge of the University community, but I also have real- world experience working in many different facets of management and operations. Some of my previous experience includes:

  • President of my high school graduating class
  • Graduated BCIT with a diploma in Project Management & Economics
  • Running multi-million dollar construction projects as a Project Manager
  • Working as a Banquet Manager in various establishments with high-profile clientele, including Prime Minister Harper, our Vancouver Canucks, and Ducks Unlimited
  • Coordinating multiple annual events for the MS Society of Canada
  • I also was a train conductor with CN, if that helps sweeten the pot a little!

While that is just a small list of my accomplishments and experiences, what sets me apart is that I have a great vision for ‘big pictures’ and have always excelled in bringing together different departments and ensuring everyone is heard and acknowledged, which to me, is the most important role of a President. I am a rare breed, that has a passion for many things, including the sciences, the arts, AND athletics (have been an avid soccer player and musician since I was a wee lass), so this makes me perfect for a Presidential role in that I am a “Jack (rather Jill!) of all trades.”

I am currently studying Behavioural Neuroscience at SFU, with a keen interest in why people do what they do and need what they need, so with me as your President, I will be sure to take the time and make the effort to ensure every student with something to say will be heard, and if not directly acknowledged by me and my colleagues, you will be given a productive outlet for your comments and concerns regarding your University.