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My name is Enoch Weng and I’m a 5th year triple-concentration (Finance, Human Resources, Management Information Systems) business student also pursuing a minor in Music. I’ve come to really love project management and working with non-profits in my degree, all the while still enjoying my passion for the performing arts, and I’m looking forward to hopefully serving you as your Simon Fraser Student Society President!

I believe that an effective leader is one who has the ability to draw people towards them, and through mentorship and shared visions raises more leaders out of their team. One of the reasons why I am running for President stems from my desire to draw more people into the SFSS, and to allow students like yourself to be empowered, and as President, I will be focused on ensuring your voice is heard, and that the direction of the Simon Fraser Student Society truly reflects your interests. My platform is focused on continuing the great work that has been done by previous Boards, as well as addressing current and emerging topics.

Increased Build SFU Communication and Dialogue

In light of recent issues involving Build SFU, I will pursue comprehensive consultations targeting all campuses and work with the Board to ensure that we give each student the fair chance to speak up and voice their opinions and interests, and host open dialogues between Build SFU and the students. I aim to work with the Build SFU on bettering communication, and hope to provide relevant information in a timely fashion to the students. I plan to also work with the Surrey outreach team and the Vancouver Campus to have more of a presence and to use a variety of methods such as boothing tables to reach more students at the respective campuses.

In addition, I will work closely with the Build SFU Working Group, Staff, and the Student Advisory Committee. I will also be looking into ethical sponsorship for the project. We need to make sure that each student is properly informed of all the right facts, and that the Build SFU project properly reflects the needs and wants of the student population. It’s better to do it right once, even if it takes a little longer, than to keep on reviewing it.

Governance Reform and Management Restructuring

One of the major changes to the Board structure that’s being discussed now, and one that I support, is that of dissolving faculty reps allowing faculty student unions to replace them. There is a lot of overlap between the two functions, and by changing the structure, we not only create a more efficient system, we also save over $100,000 per year by doing so. These are funds that can then go towards other initiatives such as bursaries, or the food bank program. I will also be working closely with the staff and board to improve and amend the bylaws and policies, in order to better reflect the current situation.

I believe there are more changes that need to be made as I’m sure much more money that can be saved by looking at current practices that may overlap. I hope to further explore this as your President.

Student Advocacy and Fostering Community

There are a number of great projects that I plan on continuing, and on bringing to the next level. I will be sitting on the Advocacy Committee, and will continue pushing for the BC Open Textbook Campaigns, which would open access to textbooks, whereby saving us students money, and giving equal access to everyone. I also will be looking into the tuition increase issues, especially around international students, and work on improving communication around the area.

I also wish to see an increased SFSS presence at the Surrey, Harbour Centre, Woodward’s campus, and will work with the board to promote events there. I envision the board working well with the Surrey Outreach Committee to provide additional support for Surrey students, as well as working towards establishing a Vancouver Campus Liaison/Committee.

As mental health and disabilities has been a personal issue for me, I aim to work with the advocacy and accessibility fund advisory committee, and continue to lobby for our university and student society space to be more readily accessible to students with disabilities, and to promote mental health wellness campaigns.

In light of the increasing financial burdens on students, I will look into increasing funding and bursaries, and aim to work with the board on lobbying the government for changes in the student loan structure – focusing on the introduction of an interest-free grace period, as well as lower interest rates.

My Experiences

I have been heavily involved within the SFU community for almost half a decade. As a current member of the Student Ambassador Program, I have helped volunteered my time for numerous events such as the Week of Welcome, President Andrew Petter’s Winter Warmup, and SFU Career Fairs. Some other roles I have held in the past include being:

  • An Engagement Peer Educator

  • Two-time BASS Frosh leader

  • Two-time BASS Mentorship Program Mentor and Team Lead

  • Elected as a Student Senator for SFU Senate’s 2015-2016 term

  • Peak Case Competition Coach for 1st and 2nd years

  • President for the SFU Recital Society, VP Finance for AIESEC SFU, as well as having been involved with and served as an executive for countless clubs and organizations including C-Link, CAC, SFU Hip Hop, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Power to Change.

Having worked as the VP Finance for AIESEC SFU, and now serving on the National Finance Team for AIESEC Canada (a million dollar non-profit organization, with 30 chapters in Canada), I come with a strong understanding of finance and administrative work.

I also have extensive project management skills from having hosted large-scale concerts, to helping host national leadership conferences. I have in addition worked closely with non-profits such as Children’s Wish, as well as having both played and coached for the Vancouver Trojans, which ties into my excitement for athletics, and for solid teamwork.

These experiences speak of my ability to accomplish what I set out to do, and also show of my commitment to bringing increased social life into the SFSS and to the SFU community. I believe that my “experiences” and fresh perspectives, as well as my passion to advocate on your behalf is what makes me qualified as a President.

If you’d like to know more about my past experiences feel free to connect on LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/enochweng

Also, please don’t hesitate to hit me up by email at enochwengmusic@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. I’m here to listen, and to offer support to you!

In closing, I’d like to end of with what I think is a fitting quote:

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.” – Lilo & Stitch

The SFU community to me is my Ohana –  a family full of life, and of excitement; a place where we can celebrate differences and enjoy each other’s presence. It is my dream to see our community continue to grow and build, and for you and I to work together to be a part of the legacy to come!

Johnny AetherScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.12.06 AM

Dearest SFU students, I am Johnny.  If elected to the board of directors as President I will make some concrete changes. In my opinion the levels of student governance are disconnected. There is too little communication between the Board and the Departmental Student Unions.  The presence of Faculty Unions mitigates this, but not entirely.  As a member of the LAN Party, it is my highest goal to see a more integrated and efficient SFSS.

This is not to say that our only mission is to improve communication. In general many students feel that the SFSS is unapproachable an alienating.  I am an outgoing person and improving the situations of those around me is paramount.  As such, along with my fellow LAN Party members, outreach will play a significant role in my presidency.  In my years at SFU I have been involved with my DSU and volunteered at Out on Campus, though I feel I could do more.  This is my last year at SFU and if I had to choose, my biggest regret would be not getting involved sooner.  However it’s never too late to get involved.

I feel that one of SFU’s greatest strengths is it’s many diverse communities, the preservation and enrichment of these is close to my heart.  Some of the people dearest to me have been met through student organized events.  To grow these communities, I intend to make it my mandate that support will be given to any group looking to host an event.  Whether they want to make it open to everyone, or keep it small and cozy.  This ties back to the focus of our slate; building and connecting networks to enrich the lives of all students.

There are more troubling issues with the SFSS.  In past years there has been dissent and inappropriate conduct from board members.  With me as president, the board would be something every student is proud of; not something only 1 in 3 is even aware of.  In addition the debacle surrounding Build SFU is unacceptable, that even one student felt they were not informed is a disservice to us all.  As president the mutually agreeable conclusion to this issue would be at the forefront of my mind.

On a more general note, the atmosphere of inclusivity at SFU could use some work.  As a member of the LGBT community and through my volunteering with out on campus, I’ve come to realize the struggles faced by many underprivileged groups on campus.  As president I will have an open door policy, if you feel that you are disadvantaged I will go to bat for you.  Never let it be said that the little guy doesn’t matter.

The LAN Party is the only party primarily concerned with enriching your life.  Through the promotion of events and the improvement of individual experiences, we know this party is the right choice for the coming year.  Expand your network; vote for the LAN Party and I as its leader.

Erik Hadekær

For more information please visit http://facebook.com/Erik4Pr3z or http://ask.fm/Erik4Pr3z

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.43.44 PMMy jobs plan includes ponies for everyone.  Retrofitting the university to allow 30,000 ponies across all the campuses will be a major jobs initiative and a huge economy stimulus – this is what the space improvement fund is for.  This plan will also lessen our dependence on foreign TransLink routes to and from campus.  We can harness the methane from the pony poop to help generate electricity and heat the campus, and a pony up the mountain would go faster than the 145.

I like the idea of semi-annual concerts on campus.  They’re a great outreach tool to bring high-school students to SFU.  But really, why are the board of directors planning them instead of the events planning committee?  That’s just absurd.

Furthermore, I must say that we’ve heard too much four-on-the-floor music at these concerts.  If we have beats on campus, I want them to be broken.  Amen to the break.

I am a family man.  My daughter suggested a way to improve the school would be to replace the trees with apple trees so that students could pick an apple anytime they’re hungry.  Also, teachers love apples.  This is in-line with my development plans for both SustainableSFU and the SFSS Food Bank.

I plan on sorting the departments into four main houses each with an animal symbol and colour.  I will then mandate a school uniform of capes and wands.

Never before have I heard so many elected officials of the students dodge issues using “Can you come talk to me about this in my office hour?” A technique clearly designed to silence the people they purport to represent, and change topic away from the pressing issues.  This is why I am proposing my ‘Appropriate Naming Policy’.  The policy is as follows:

-We will remove the word “Society” from our name.  This is because we want to be part of a larger society, not create a wall around ourselves isolating students from the real-world.

-We will use the word “University” to denote that we really are more than just average students.

-We will recognize Simon Thomas Fraser as the true great full-named explorer he was by using his middle name.

-And last but not least, we will NEVER abbreviate the one word that reminds us of who we are here to serve as board members: students.

-The society will move from being an unpronounceable group of voiceless fricatives to the much more appropriate: STFU Students

I will bring a Much Music Dance Party to SFU.

Raising international student tuition by 30% was an unjust thing to allow to happen without even a march or protest in Freedom Square.  I feel we need to right this wrong the only way possible now – raise tuition for all family members of SFU administration to match it in solidarity.

Our Board of Directors (BOD) routinely take on too many micro-management tasks, preventing meaningful things from being accomplished.  Despite having an unwieldy and increasingly redundant 16-member board, their large collection of hours are not capable of completing the managerial strategic planning we deserve.  If one needs proof of this I encourage the reading of the BOD’s public time sheets.  We need a much smaller board with more sub-positions of volunteers.  It’s time for an efficient SFSS.

Am I qualified?  These are some of the student-led organizations I have been a part of:

– Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (held two different officer positions)

– Founded SFU Music Students Union (served as both President & Treasurer)

– SFU Linguistics Student Union

– SFU Engineering Science Student Society (served as VP Services)

– Vancouver Pro-Musica (served as Vice-President, quadrupuled fundraising, threw many concerts)

– SFU Acoustic Engineering Club (Founder, President)

– SFU Linux Group

– BuildSFU Student Advisory Committee

– VIU Psychology Student Union

– VIU Choir


– CiTR Radio

– CJSF Radio

I like building the community of our University.  I have seen over twenty different Canadian post-secondary campuses, served over 60,000 students in an officer role, and founded groups that are still going strong years later.  I can do this.

It upsets me that only 10 of the 43 candidates in this election are women, yet the majority of students at SFU are women.  We need more appropriate representation in the student body. Most will get elected to govern by less than 4% of the student body; we can change that.

Kayode FatobaScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.09.36 AM


For my full vision & ideas please visit: http://goo.gl/pczDSX

Hi. My name is Kayode Fatoba. My movement is school spirit. Why? Because It makes SFU.

Mission:  To develop an engaged, transparent and accountable foundation for sustainable community building.

Table of Content

1)Brief Bio

2)My Achilles Heel

3) What I learnt as an Independent Candidate on the board

4) Goals

5) School Spirit Pillars

1) Brief bio

I might not be the President you want, but I’m the one you need! Coach Alan Koch of the men’s soccer team scouted me from Toronto, a Nigerian boy who grew up in Jane and Finch. There I had already made profound impact within my community, secured multiple awards and scholarships, selected as a runner up for MetoWe and even featured in a book with Obama. In getting to SFU the first thing I realized was how apathetic the community was. What else makes a school that’s the only NCAA athletic university, listed as Canada’s most comprehensive university, atop a breathtaking mountain that is filled with diverse, creative, and highly spirited students not feel inspired, involved, and borderline depressed? The answer is in our backyards. My movement is simple, I want to increase the confidence we have in our school by promoting a better sense of school spirit and pride. Guess that’s what makes me SFU to answer that question.


I’d advise you not to vote for me simply because I could have done a better job as Vice President of Student Life! The board got to me on multiple occasions where one instance resulted in me disrespecting my colleague. It was highly unprofessional. I solemnly use my office to hold an “office hour,” students usually call me once they arrive afterwhich they meet me around campus, we sometimes grab lunch or coffee while we meeting and discuss. Most students know I’m always around. I wasn’t used to the formalities of sending regrets for committee meetings, Shirin actually became my secret mentor towards my professional development. I’ve been late on multiple occasions, started noticing I’m the type of person who needs to learn how to tell someone I need to get to another appointment.  My ideas were too long term, I’ve learnt a great team helps rescaled them into a more feasible level, while holding on to the vision for growth and sustainability. I let students who leave the pub drunk sleep in the board office even though it’s against the rules. Red Cross complained that I came to their meeting uninvited, after apologizing, I started an internal process of asking the permission from student groups before attending their initiatives. I need to learn how to ask for help, I need to be efficient and articulate as i’m not always politically correct! I often disagree with the board go against status quo. Though I chair the events committee that’s throwing events and activities on campus I could do a better job in supporting each initiative. A large percentage of my proposals have been rejected or turned down, the creative director of the second annual SFU Fashion Week I hired quit as I wasn’t prioritizing her time within all my other commitments. With every feedback came opportunities for personal development. I constantly reevaluated myself and truly took these feedback to grow myself and find continuous opportunities to grow.

3) What I learnt as an Independent Candidate on the board

  • There needs to be a better spirit of collaboration to act on behalf of the membership. This means seeing the value in each other’s ideas and delegating it the appropriate office and committees.

  • The organization needs to develop an explicit Values Statement that fosters a better working environment that’s supporting as well as inviting.

  • There should be more communication and team development activities to learn about one another.


SFSS Reform

Not a major reform, but there’s a need for an HR position or Department within the society, we also need to hire an IT Operations specialist, someone with a good systems admin background  to help innovate the model of the Student Society in a way that sets the foundation for where the society is trying to go. The volunteer program would be the base with HR develop training programs as well as maintaining the infrastructure.


delegation and support are skills that should be part of being an exceptional my team, I want to support the organization and membership to to bring out their best potential, I’ve done this with all my initiatives. While I have great ideas I intend to accomplish, I believe part of leadership is mentoring your team to bring the best out of them. This means committee support, board support, clubs and departmental participation, employee as well as volunteer support and appreciation, and social advocacy (Transit, International Community, Affordable housing).

Internal Social Platform System

I would like to innovate our internal operations through the use of technology. From the experience of running a startup tech company, our society is too inefficient and in need of an enterprise resource planning software. This would allow the volunteer research I’ve worked with the communications office to happen, it’ll have an integrated financial infrastructure for the organization, whereby chairs of committees can view their budget without the wasteful paper process we currently have. We need to reduce organizational deficiencies and improve internal operations. This means securing our Membership Database which I’ve been advocating for with Pierre making great strides to securing this.
5) School Spirit Pillars


  • Membership discounts and rate – we should value members already paying into the society.

  • Invest in strategies that keep the community involved and up to date with what’s happening within the community

  • Promote Clan Events; Need to have a strong partnership with Athletics

  • Develop an integrated platform that connects both the online and satellite population

  • Provide ample support provided by SFSS towards ensuring student groups are able get the best out of their initiatives

  • Increase funding to clubs and DSUs; Granting committee is seriously underfunded

  • Integrate the community in large scale events

  • Segway board initiatives into their own programs (Integrate frosh week+Kickoff) or (membership appreciation events+Sendoff)  (Enactus SFU has more programs than the SFSS)

  • Integrate SFSS into SFU programing

  • SFSStv (based off IATSUtv) (60 Second updates)

  • Launch SFSS Blog, Instagram, Snapchat (External Relations + Communications)

  • Work to get SFSS welcome letter & Frosh information into SFU’s acceptance letters

  • SFSS Outreach team and program; We need pop up shops around all campuses


  • Reduce the use of in-camera(secret meetings); promote discussions&collaborations before meetings

  • Simplifying accounting & bookkeeping with VP Finance for membership

  • Recording and streaming SFSS meetings

  • Make meetings accessible for students with disabilities

  • Create line item to market AGM or SGM without Build SFU association

  • User Interface Redesign of the society’s platform

  • Develop accountability controls between Council and the board

  • Have explicit values that the Society stands by


  • SFSS Reform (We need an HR,  IT Operations Specialist, as well as Media Specialist)

  • Price Ceiling on student services

  • Transition events into their own projects (Government should not be throwing events)

  • Special club audit program to promote development, growth, and fund; some clubs can do more with half of the funds the society uses on it’s events. Can your club plan a concert with $40,000? The SFSS concert is about $80,000

  • Advertise community workshops & certification programs

  • Initiate Alumni committee & Board of Advisors

  • Expand our membership program(FIC&Alumnis) – Introduction of Membership Cards

  • Have and grow relation with external community

  • Develop strong lobbying program under Advocacy committee

  • Volunteer program & Membership Directory

  • There needs to be an accountable procedure in place for Build SFU

Zied Masmoudi

I am Zied Masmoudi and I am a fourth year student majoring in political economy. I am the current Vice President Student Services and I am running to become the next President of your student society.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.39.08 PM As Vice President Student Services, these are some of my achievements:

  • Successfully organized and hosted the Annual and Special General Meetings that have seen the highest turnout in the recent history of the organization
  • Successfully organized and hosted the largest event in the history of SFU: The 2014 Fall Kickoff and I am currently the project manager of the upcoming Spring Jam Concert (Don’t forget to get your tickets!)
  • Oversaw the implementation of the Enhanced Health and Dental plan and the switchover to a multi-tiered plan.
  • Managed the U-Pass program and worked on the implementation of Compass Card along with SFU administrators, Translink and various Student Leaders across the lower mainland.
  • Worked closely with the Build SFU department which is the biggest project of the Student Society.
  • Acted as the chair of the Commercial Services Committee and sat on various other committees such as the Financial and Administrative Services committee while managing to fulfill my day to day duties and working on multiple projects.
  • Took part in the process of hiring new staff members.
  • Worked with the Graduate Student Society and several SFU stakeholders on drafting the terms of reference of the Ombudsperson’s office.

During the past 2 years, these are some of the responsibilities I took outside of my direct involvement with the SFSS:

  • Executive and president of various clubs
  • Speaker in Council and Forum (Council) Representative for the Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS)
  • Undergraduate representative on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Curriculum Committee
  • Successfully organized and hosted multiple events on campus, including but not limited to pub nights, fundraisers, cultural nights, etc…
  • Arts Frosh coordinator (SASSQUATCH 2013)

As President of your Simon Fraser Student Society, I will strive to achieve the following:

  • Continue my support for community building initiatives such as large scale events and projects that will bring students closer to each other and empower the SFU community across all 3 campuses.
  • Work closely with management and board members to optimize the operations of the society through the following: strategic planning, defining a mission statement for the organization and investigating a governance reform.
  • Foster the relationship between staff and board members. The president of the society acts as the staff liaison and plays a key role in creating a productive and friendly work environment.
  • Create a body within the SFSS to support and empower international students. The recent increases in the international tuition fees demonstrated that international students at SFU need more representation and support.
  • Provide students with cheaper food options on campus. I would like to change the menu of the Highland Pub to include a $4.95 ‘For all food on the menu’ deal.
  • Continue my support for the Build SFU project. While the project is currently in an advanced stage, I will ensure that students are continuously consulted and included in the process of building the campus of tomorrow.
  • Provide support to our Faculty Student Unions to develop equitable governance programs in their respective faculties. I have played an important role in creating the first Faculty Student Union on campus and I would like to see that process go further by supporting the remainder of the faculties in creating their own student unions.

How will I achieve this?
I have a deep understanding of how the Student Society works and I have the experience needed to be able to implement positive changes. Not only have I demonstrated my ability to deliver results, I have proven my commitment to bring positive changes to the student experience at SFU. I will achieve these promises through my sense of responsibility, hard work, vision and leadership skills.
It will be my honor to serve as the next president of you Simon Fraser Student Society!
Should you have any questions, concerns or ideas you would like to share and discuss with me, please do not hesitate to contact me at zmasmoud@sfu.ca.
Finally, if you believe in what I stand for, please support my campaign: https://www.facebook.com/events/863979110311805/