2016 Spring Election

  • Darien Lechner
  • Deepak Sharma

Darien Lechner

Hello, I’m Darien Lechner. I’m a 4th Year Chemistry Major and I’m the other choice you have for President of the SFSS.

I am running for President out of frustration with the SFSS. Like many of you, I feel that the previous board has become disconnected from the needs of the membership. It’s time for a grass roots campaign to make the average students voice heard.

My platform consists of the following points.

On Sept. 22 2015, the Annual General Meeting was held. 437 undergraduate members voted YES to the BuildSFU project.
437 of 25,321 undergraduates gave the SFSS the authority to seek a $65,000,000 debenture.
Over the next 25 years, approx. 125,000 students will pay for the costs of the SUB and Stadium.

For a new an undergraduate student in 2022 taking 10 semesters for an undergraduate degree, this will add 900$ to their total costs. We are not living in a time of cheap post-secondary education. We face tuition increases every year. The board of directors seem to acknowledge this with their textbook campaigns and food bank programs. But seem to neglect this when signing off on a $55,000,000 debenture. (To my knowledge the $10,000,000 stadium loan has yet to be finalized with a financial institution.)

I want to make sure that financial commitments of this magnitude cannot proceed with a measly approval of 1.7% of the membership.
This question deserved to be a referendum vote.  It was not. The previous board did everything it could to make sure this vote did not make it to an online referendum. Instead the vote was held at Burnaby Campus, at 3:00pm on a Tuesday. Numerous concerns were raised to the board about class conflicts, and transit. They neglected them. Surrey and Vancouver were effectively ignored. I’m going to make sure this never happens again.

We need a fair system for everyone. That is my commitment.

Under my presidency I will reduce the cost of the BuildSFU levy for satellite campus students by 25%. I want to set a precedent that these unfair levies be eliminated entirely. It was a corrupt decision by the board to equally impose this levy on all SFU students for a completely Burnaby centric project.

Our transit is in jeopardy. We are going to be paying more for our Upass, and losing bus stops on campus. This is a complete failure. We need the SFSS to be focused on our transit needs.        I believe a transit committee should be formed with the purpose of representing the memberships concerns and working to save our bus stops.

Oh yeah, the annoying music in Convo Mall will end.

This election you have a choice that goes against the status quo.  It will be a lot of work, but a year from now we can have a more responsible, and representative society that is working for all undergraduates. But to make this a reality, I am going to need your help.

Thank you.

Deepak Sharma

Picture of Deepak Sharma

Picture of Deepak Sharma

My name is Deepak Sharma and with your support I am determined to serve as the next Simon Fraser Student Society President.

The role of President requires a vast range of experiences to ensure that they understand all facets of the organization. With my abundance of experience as a member of the board for these past two years, I can further ensure you why I am the most suitable candidate for this role. You can find few of my experiences as a member of the board for the past two years here.

As SFSS has a goal to enhance the student experience of all undergraduates at SFU, by contributing to the following four values; Academic, Financial, Social, Health and Well being. I am very fortunate to be leading a team of strong and experienced student leaders who have been contributing towards enhancing the student experience as current board members or as engaged members of the SFSS community. Alongside my team, my platform is focused on the following three pillars my team and I are following:

? Connected for Continuity

? Connected for Community

? Connected for Better Campuses

If provided with the privilege of serving as your President I will do the following:

  •  Pick up where the Board had left off in Governance reform
  •  Increase communication
  • Improvement of our grassroot connections and ensure members are active whether they’re new to SFU or returning students
  • More efficient reimbursement process
  •  Volunteer retention and database program
  •  IT infrastructure updated for the entire organization
  • Recognizing we’re a tri-campus university
  • Year round lobbying plan
  • Prioritizing transportation issues
  • Tasking management to conduct an 360 degree review of the SFSS by a third party organization
  • Implementation of the four remaining Faculty Student Unions
  • Working towards ensuring all members have inclusive access to all society resources
  • World Cafe Style outreach hours
  • With support of staff, working on a strategic outreach plan that goes beyond just the participation of members of the Board
  • Weekly student de-stressing events
  • Universal emergency food voucher program for all campuses
  • Constantly working alongside the overarching groups such as SUDS, Hi-FIVE, CJSF and the list goes on
  • Hosting a student interest group awards event where members aren’t just appreciated but also recognized for their contribution to the SFSS

I believe the role of President should be filled by one who has prior society knowledge and experience working alongside students with diverse backgrounds. With all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the past two years on the Board, serving as your President will be a natural transition for me.

At last, it goes without mentioning that I’m committed towards enhancing your student experience and ensuring each and every student is able to recognize the value of being a undergraduate student and member of the Simon Fraser Student Society. It’d be privileged and honor to serve as your next Simon Fraser Student Society President.

On March 22nd to 24th #VoteConnected and #Dee4Prez

*You can find additional information on my platform points at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ohktR5wyxlpHPJLcZ3h8JqBfeYwhD06ok7Rv11m2fWE/edit.